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6 Best Social Media Streaming Platform in 2023

Social media streaming has created a boom in 2023. Many organizations, individual creators, and other users develop different types of content and try their best to get viewers’ attention. Do you want to promote your brand online? Do you want to connect with global audiences? Live streaming can be a beneficial way for you. In this blog, we have compiled the best social media live streaming platforms of 2023 that can be helpful in getting you more audience attention than ever.

Social Media Streaming Platforms

Here is a comprehensive list of social media channels that can be helpful in hosting successful live streaming.

1. YouTube

Is YouTube live streaming free? Does YouTube charge for live streaming? – These are the questions that come to mind when you think about going live on YouTube. The answer is YouTube is a totally free live streaming platform. You can live stream anything, such as an event, teach a class, or a workshop.

YouTube stated that they get over 2.5 billion monthly logged-in users. Also, YouTube experts share that you can increase your subscriber count by 40% with weekly live streaming.

It offers features and functionalities that help handle live streams and communicate with attendees in real time. Moreover, you can use a webcam, mobile, or encoder over YouTube to go live and connect with global users.

Beginners can go live with a webcam or mobile as it is quick and has a lot of excellent options. However, encoder streaming helps to share creators’ screens, broadcast gameplay, or more. You can connect multiple cameras, microphones, and other hardware to manage an advanced live stream production.

The Downside of YouTube: You may get stuck in the revenue share policy of YouTube to start video monetizing.

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2. Facebook

Facebook is the biggest platform among all the social media platforms and got 1st rank as the world’s most active social media platform. It has a number of approx 2.934 billion monthly active users. Live streaming is in trend on Facebook.

You just need a page, group, profile, or event to go live. Furthermore, you can use your mobile, desktop, or other devices, as well as a camera and a reliable live streaming platform.

It offers live stream scheduling, recorded live streaming video editing, live chat, monetization options, analytics, and more.

The Downside of Facebook: Limited Streaming Time and restrictions on monetization

3. LinkedIn

You may get surprised to find writings, clips, and live videos shared on LinkedIn by influencers, brands, and other specialists. Furthermore, the truth is LinkedIn has now become a materialized content composition medium from being a professional networking site. Even the audience on Linkedin has 2X buying power of the average web audience.

Not everyone can go live on Linkedin. You have to request based on LinkedIn Live Video Access Criteria. Furthermore, you can become a LinkedIn live broadcaster only if you are a member or your page has received access.

Also, you can achieve 100% success by following the right tips & best practices for your next live event on LinkedIn. It offers: an advanced live stream schedule option, stream into an event, test, generate auto-captions, stream live broadcast on profile background photo, ability to comment as a page, restrict specific viewers from commenting and reacting, and trimming option for video.

Numerous users search for differences between LinkedIn Live and Facebook Live to decide what they prefer for their brands. Hence, it depends on the target audience and brand goals.

4. Twitter

You can know whatever happens across the globe on Twitter, from breaking news to major live events. It has 237.8 million active users on a daily basis. In March 2021, Twitter discontinued Periscope from their platform. However, you can still live stream on Twitter directly from theory profiles without restriction.

It offers a Media Studio Producer that allows hosts to formulate top-notch broadcasts using some exterior sources. Furthermore, it includes the top live streaming platform, video tools (camera), audio tools (microphones), and hardware encoders for live streaming. Also, it supports iOS and Android with the desktop device to watch Twitter live streams.

Furthermore, Twitter live authorizes you to add a co-host by sending an invite to your friend before the event. Streamers and audiences can use live chat as the interaction function throughout the stream. Also, every broadcaster can only monetize their stream if it fulfills the eligibility conditions and advertisement guidelines of the Twitter platform.

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5. Twitch

Actually, live streaming started to serve the gamers that expanded in the 2020 boom to other ways. Twitch is a must to acknowledge when we talk about live streaming on social media. It has 30 million active users with content views of 71 million hours daily.

Anyone can host live streaming on Twitch and even replay the previous broadcast. Hence, all the participants can use different emojis, manage audience participation with bots, and receive subscriptions or gifts. You can use diverse ways like subs, badges, gifted subs, emotes, donations, and ads that can be helpful in monetizing your live videos.

You should consider Twitch if you are a gamer. Also, you know that there are various people who want to get more and more content. You can also earn a significant number with Twitch. However, you have to become a qualified Twitch affiliate or partner.

6. Instagram

Instagram is not just an app to share numerous photos with family and friends. It has now become a way to get on-demand and live videos from global celebrities, brands, and influencers. Also, it ranked as the 4th most popular social network by several users.

Be a brand or individual, Instagram has captured 13% of live stream viewers among all the social media platforms. Moreover, streamers can get various opportunities to share different types of content via Stories, IGTV, and live videos, and even send notifications to followers to join and view.

Your live stream will be saved on IGTV so that viewers can watch it later. Also, you can use the live chat feature and invite the audience to join your event. You can use in-stream ads and donation badges as a monetization option between the $0.99 to $4.99 range.

How Can Social Media Streaming Be Used for Events?

The above-mentioned are the most trending and popular social media streaming platforms. By leveraging their live-streaming feature, you can host any type of event with a very basic setup. That consists of several components, and fortunately live-streaming doesn’t require extensive knowledge. To ensure that you have a successful live-streaming event we have broken down the simple and easy steps that can help you.

Define Your Goals and Intentions

The first step before you start using live-streaming is that you should be clear about your goals and intentions. Whether it is to expand your reach or gain a new audience, it is important that you figure out what end results are you seeking. Figuring this out ahead of time can help you plan accordingly so that you can host seamlessly.

Craft a Plan

After determining the goal of your event live-streaming you can start thinking about a proper strategy and event plan. Which includes the matters such as where the event will take place, what is the agenda, which speaker, artist, influencer, etc. you want to include, how to promote, and so on. Gather your team and discuss the event plan to understand better and enhance the overall experience.

Pick Your Streaming Platform

As already mentioned above, the most popular and trending social media streaming platforms. You need to decide which is the most suitable for your event live-streaming, as there are a few options available. Moreover, do your research and find out the platforms where you can target the potential audience. Because each of these platforms is suited for different content and audiences.

Multi-Stream Your Event

It is not necessary that you can only stick to a single platform, you can choose to invest in a software or service provider that can help you multi-stream over different platforms. This will effectively increase your reach across different platforms. Moreover, consider the following features that can help to search for and leverage the right provider.

  • Multiple sources for visuals and audio
  • Customization of backgrounds, graphics, captions, overlays, etc. to your event live-streaming
  • Integration with other live video feeds from different locations
  • Editing your streams
  • Streaming from multiple platforms simultaneously

Set Up Your Equipment

The success of your event live-streaming relies on the quality of the equipment you use. It is necessary to know what kind of equipment to use for you and your audience’s needs. This is necessary so that you can provide the best quality of audio and video for an immersive experience. Make sure that you use the best quality equipment and most importantly your camera and microphone.

Check the Connectivity and Reliability

Having a stable internet connection with high speed can enhance the event’s live-streaming experience. Because unreliable connectivity with low speed can result in low attendance. You should look and check the reliability of your internet connection because it can play a major role in the success of your social media streaming.

Do a Test Run and Host Your Live Stream

Set up all the gear and equipment before starting your event live-streaming and run a test or trial of the event. This is crucial before your big event goes live with the audience because you will get to know that everything is working properly. In case there are any problems or issues with any part of the setup, you can ensure to make them work properly. Also, you will get to know the reliability of the live-streaming service that you have chosen and all the equipment.

Why Do You Need Professional Support For A Seamless Live-Streaming Event?

There are various advanced features and functionalities that you can not get with the free version of social media live streaming. That is where the role of a professional live streaming service starts. Here is a comprehensive list of elements you can get with professional support.

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1. Parallel Streaming on Multiple Platforms

You do not have to take out time to stream on different platforms. Now, you can go live on various platforms simultaneously with the multi-streaming provided by the top social live streaming services. It simply connects all your social media channels through your account and makes live streaming go on various platforms.

2. High-Quality Streams

You can get better quality live streaming as many online event platforms offer Content Delivery Networks. Furthermore, it can be helpful in ensuring high-quality content, availability, and performance of your live streaming on various social media platforms you want.

3. Third-Party Integrations

There is always room for improvement, and everyone has different needs. That’s why the online event service providers offer external tool integration. Furthermore, it can be helpful in getting encoders, mixers, CRMs, interaction tools, networking tools, and other devices.

4. Reach Wider Target Audience

Every social media platform has different kinds of users. If you choose Facebook, you may miss the Instagram people, or if you use Twitch, you may miss the LinkedIn users. Hence, with the best live streaming service, you can reach a global audience of different ages, gender, community, interest, and more with just one live streaming event.

5. Use a Wide Variety of Content

On different social media platforms, you need different types of content. Hence, you can get more freedom and better opportunities to share numerous content via your event only with a reliable live streaming platform. For instance, you can use pre-recorded content, multimedia, pictures, text, live chat, and more.

6. Easy and Convenient to Use

An average person does not have to learn any technical terms for live streaming. It just requires the relevant video and audio equipment, an internet connection, an encoder, and a trusted streaming platform. Furthermore, there is no rocket science in using a professional live streaming service.

7. Analytics Tracking

You can get a detailed report of your live streaming from start to end. Furthermore, it will help you know all the comments, likes, time spent, and every other activity of your audience.

8. Multi-Device Streaming

You can host, and your audience can access the live stream from any device without hassle if you pick the right live streaming platform. For instance, you can use a laptop, PC, mobile, Tablet, iPad, etc.

9. Ad-Free Streaming

Your audience may feel distracted by unrelated ads that can spoil their experience. Hence, you will need a live streaming service provider who can make your streaming ad-free. Also, some solutions offer white-labeled services where your audience gets your name in your live streaming from the first click to the last.

10. Video Monetization

You can make a way to earn a little with your live streaming. Furthermore, the viewers have to pay per view or take a monthly subscription to watch your live streaming events. Also, you can integrate some sponsored ads into your live streaming, which can be helpful in earning a small amount of money.

11. 100% Privacy And Security

These live streaming platforms can save your event and data from any cyber threat or attack. Furthermore, it protects your complete data from piracy and ensures 100% privacy and security for hosts, attendees, and everyone connected to the live streaming.

12. Customer Support

You can get 24/7 support from technical experts who stay online from the start to the end of your event. It can be helpful in solving all the troubles right away.

13. Cost-Effectiveness

You have to take a paid version of many social media channels after a short time to access a lot of advanced features. However, the live streaming service providers can save you from such troubles.

Best Live Streaming Features Provided by Dreamcast

Dreamcast is one of the best live streaming platforms that add seamless features to your social media streaming event. Hence, here is a comprehensive list of add-ons you can get with our solutions.

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  1. Live Chat: Audiences, hosts, speakers, and everyone at the live streaming can chat in real time.
  2. Emoticon Reactions: Everyone can share their experience and reactions to the emojis impressions.
  3. Like and Comment: Audiences can like and comment on any live session with just one click.
  4. Live Audience Interactivity: You can invite the user to the stage and let them converse in real-time.
  5. Personalized Ticker: Share various updates, changes, reminders, announcements, and other essential information with audiences using the customized ticker. It pops up on the attendee’s screen and appears at the top so they can see clearly.
  6. Branded Logos: You can add numerous logos of your and your sponsors or partners’ brand. Furthermore, it can be helpful in displaying diverse content and promoting your brand via your live streaming. Also, you can get the white label feature to remove all third-party branding.
  7. Branded Frames: You can create frames around your speakers to display and develop a more impressive screen for live streaming.
  8. Countdown Timer: You can use the countdown timer at various sales, registration, landing, and other pages. Furthermore, it will be helpful in creating a sense of urgency among the audience that can lead to a purchase or registration without hassle.
  9. Unlimited Streaming: You can get endless time for streaming, which can be helpful in going online for as much time as you want.
  10. Third-Party Integration: You can boost the engagement, communication, and networking opportunities in your live streaming with excellent integrations, for instance, WhatsApp, Zoom, MS Team, Google Meet, etc.
  11. Real-Time Archiving: Even your late-comer audiences can know the complete concept of your live streaming with real-time archiving. With this feature, your viewers will be able to rewind and watch the live streaming from the start without hassle.
  12. Internet Connectivity Solution: The professional live streaming platform will help you avoid any lagging or hindrance during the webcast with high-internet connectivity.
  13. Customer Support: You can get help from the 24/7 technical experts who will be online throughout your live-streaming event.

Summing Up

It can be tricky to pick a live streaming solution that can help you increase your worldwide reach. Every streamer has different needs, features, audiences, and technical aspects. Your requirements may not fit in someone else’s choice. Hence, always remember to find your own live streaming solution keeping your unique needs into account. On the other hand, you have Dreamcast with a multistreaming facility for you.

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