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Event Photo Booths – Ideas, Tips, and Everything You Need To Know

Events are becoming a huge part of marketing. A lot of markets use events as a marketing tool because they are beneficial and offer various advantages. Event planners and organizers must create fun and interactive events and event photo booths are a great way of doing it. Photo booths are becoming popular because they promote engagement during an event and there are various types of photo booths available from the party photo booth to the instant photo booth. They are flexible and you can use a photo booth for any occasion.

Incorporating pictures and photo booths in your event can create a long-lasting impact on your audience with photo booths you can build a strong image of your brand. In this article, we will be discussing photo booths in detail like photo booth ideas, tips, tricks, and benefits of using a photo booth in an event.

Overview Of Photo Booth

The photo booth is a fun and interactive way of engaging your audience. These booths are machines that take photos. Event planners like to use these photo booths at parties, events, and other such occasions. For instance, if there is any event you can add a photo booth to that event, and with that organizers will be getting some amazing pictures of their audience that they can display at events, or they can also have a photo wall. There are different types of photo booths available for different events like a selfie photo booth, iPad photo booth, portable photo booth, etc.

Event Photo Booth Ideas

There are various ways in which you can enhance your event by using photo booths. Here are some of the photo booth ideas that will elevate your upcoming events.

Event Photo Booth Ideas

1. DIY Photo Booth

If you want to offer a more improvised experience with photo booths you can go for DIY photo booths. There is a lot that you can do with DIY photo booths. But setting up a DIY photo booth will require a sufficient amount of time. DIY photo booths are not a quick solution, you will have to figure out everything from scratch when it comes to DIY photo booths. Although these photo booths require more time, planning, and effort they can be a big hit at any event.

When your attendees are aware of your DIY photo they usually get intrigued by it and they are likely to take more photos and experience the photo booth differently. Yes, DIY photo booths can be challenging so you can take help from event companies that will help you in setting up your booth. With the help of an event management company you can create a DIY booth keeping your audience in mind, it will be unique and customized just for your audience.

2. Augmented Reality Photo Booths

Attendees love augmented reality photo booths, they amaze them. With augmented reality booths attendees engage with photo booths more than they do with the usual booths. With these reality booths, audiences can get virtual 3D props on their images.

The guest engages with these photo booths and the audience controls their own experience with the booths. These augmented-reality photo booths are becoming trendy. It is great for promoting technology at your events and these booths also allow users to be creative with their photos. With these photo booths, you can make the audience create content around your brand.

3. Personalization

Personalization photo booths are also famous for events. These are the booths in which the event organizer offers different props that are related to the theme of the event and that can be used for social media postings for instance a social media hashtag, or people like wigs, glasses, hats, masks, etc.

Event organizers can also have some brand-related stickers and props.

With personalization attendees can participate in photo booths using the props they like, they are simple to set up because organizers just have to create a backdrop for the photo booth and they have to manage all the proper rest. Participants of the photo booth can pick a prop according to their preference.

4. Green Screen Photo Booths

The next event booth idea that you can use for your event is green screen booths. These booths are easy to set up and with these booths, organizers can be creative with their photos.

These booths are simple and have green backgrounds. Participants can click the picture in front of that background and later they can add any background to that image.

Green Screen Photo Booths

For instance, an event organizer can add an event venue in the background of their participant’s images. These green booths are affordable and can suit all kinds of events. These green screen booths also have the scope of using props. Participants can decide on the theme, use props for the pictures and add background.

5. QR Code Photo Booths

With technology being the center of attraction for most events, event organizers and planners can also use QR code-based photo booths. They can add a touch of advanced technology to the event. QR-based photo booths are modern and add a unique and different touch to your regular photo booths.

These QR-based photo booths can ease the process of sharing photos after the event as the participants of the event can directly share their photos. It is the smartest and fastest way of clicking and sharing photos through a photo booth. This QR-based photo booth can also offer pre-registration for photo booths. It reduces human involvement in the photo booths which saves time and resources for other event tasks.

6. Social Wall

Social walls can be an interactive tool to use during the event. The social wall displays the content that your audience has posted on different social media platforms and the social wall also displays the images from the event. The social wall is connected to the photo booth at the event and displays all the images, videos, and other content recorded and captured by the audience at the event.

A social wall is one of the most powerful tools to use during the event. It can help with the marketing of the event and it also encourages participants in the event to take part in different activities of the event. With the social wall, a live photo display can take place at the event.

7. Digital Mosaics

Digital mosaics is a photo booth trend for large events and corporations where a lot of attendees will be participating. These mosaics display a lot of images together. For instance, a lot of individuals take pictures in the photo booth for display, and digital mosaics are used to display all the pictures from the photo booth together. It is like a large screen that displays all the pictures from the photo booth.

With digital mosaics, organizers can be creative and can use them for branding also. With digital mosaics, it becomes easier to gather all event pictures of the participants at the same place.

8. 360 Photo Booths

Recently 360 photo booths are becoming popular. These 360 photo booths let organizers capture a high-quality photo or a 360-degree video of the attendees.

For 360 photo booths, participants have to stand on a platform that has cameras around them. The platform will move in 360 degrees and the camera will capture photos or videos from all angles. These 360 photo booths are unique, these photo booths can create a unique experience for the users. This 360 photo booth is perfect for event planners and organizers who want to offer something different or who want to market their event uniquely. These 360 photo booths are relatively new in the market. So it might be a little tricky to use it but if you will incorporate these 360-degree photo booths in your event it can be a big hit.

360 Photo Booths

Event Photo Booth Tips & Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks for the event photo booths that might help you with your events.

1. Choose The Right Photo Booth

As you know there are various types of event booths available in the industry so it becomes necessary to choose that one event photo booth that is perfect for your event. For selecting your event booth you have to consider various things like the audience preference, your event venue, and the budget of your event. All these factors can influence your decision regarding the event photo booth.

Before you select or think about any photo booth for the event, create a list of your requirements, think about the features that you are looking for in an event booth, and set a budget and then you can look for the event booths. But test all the event booths before you select the one for you.

2. Location

Another tip that you should know regarding the event platform is placement or location. The placement of your event platform is crucial so give it a proper thought before deciding on any location for your photo booth at the event. Choose the right location for your photo booth. It should be the center of attraction for your event. As you are setting up a photo booth for marketing and engagement, the photo booth should be located at a place from where it can attract an audience.

Make sure you set up a photo booth somewhere near the entrance of your venue because if you will set your photo booth somewhere at the end of the venue or at a place where most of your participants will not even look at the photo booth. So the location of your photo booth matters a lot. Set your photo booth at a location where it can grab the attention of almost all the event participants.

3. Provide Attendees With Digital Props

Digital props are a great way of engaging your audience with photo booths. Photo booths have various features and some photo booths also offer digital props where you can click images in real-time by adding digital props. A brand or an organization can use an event hashtag brand image as an event prop but that is mostly for marketing for fun and engagement organizers can offer other event-themed based digital props. With these props, the audience can create their photos in a fun and creative way and later you can display them on a larger screen.

Provide Attendees With Digital Props

4. Setup Real Time Display

The real-time display will give you an idea about the audience engagement during an event plus it will also encourage the audience to take part in photo booth activities. This real-time display can be beneficial for various events. The real-time display is a powerful setup, participants love to see their pictures on a live screen and it is perfect for promoting marketing. Photo booths can’t display images that are taken by the participants so many organizers have started using real-time displays. It is simply a large screen that can be connected to any large screen to display a live feed. On that screen, all the images from the photo booth are displayed either horizontally or vertically.

5. Don’t Skip On Analytics

For any event analytics are crucial and if you are setting up an event booth you should analyze the insights of the event. You can connect the photo booth either with your event platform or you can use the real-time display to track the analytics of the live event. But it is a good idea to keep a record of your photo booth so that you can analyze how your audience interacted with your event and you can also keep track of the footfall with the help of analytics.

Don’t Skip On Analytics

6. Focus On Lighting

Lighting plays an essential role in photo booths. You can set up a photo booth at a place without proper lighting. For photos, lighting plays a major role so start a photo booth with proper lighting facilities so that your attendees can click some high-quality pictures for the event. Make sure your photo booth setup is perfect, choose the right kind of camera and proper lighting for the photo booth.

Benefits Of Installing Photo Booth At Events

Here are some of the benefits of using a photo booth at an event.

  • No matter what type of photo booth you are planning to use in your event all of them provide a networking opportunity. With a photo booth setup, it can become a little easier for your audience to interact with each other. The photo booth at your event can be a conversation starter for many attendees at the event. Most of the participants of the event are there for networking and photo booths can help in doing that.
  • Photo booths are beneficial for event marketing, with the help of photo booths organizers can market their brand, product, or service. Organizers can play the pictures of their participants on social media platforms or they can also use large screens in the venue for displaying brand and photo booth images.
  • Setting photo booths is cost-effective. Various event planners offer photo booth services so the organizers of the event got a lot of options to select from. The event organizer can get photo booths on rent for hours or days according to the requirement of the event which makes these photo booths economical.
  • It is easy to set up a photo booth for an event. The DIY photo booth can be time-consuming other than that most of the photo booths are easy to set up. An event management company can help in setting up a photo booth for the event effectively and it is not even time-consuming.

The Bottom Line

Photo booth trends are the reason why a lot of event organizers and brands have started using photo booths at their events. The photo booth is a unique and creative way of engaging the audience. With photo booths marketers can work on building a better image and photo booths can also attract a lot of audiences.

From setting up a photo booth by DIY to using a 360-degree photo booth at an event you can experience photo booths at your event. Photo booths can provide real-time diplay that can help with analyzing events in real-time. With photo booths organizers can also integrate social media that can help in promoting the event on social media platforms.

Photo booths are fun, and interactive, helping in building connections among the participants of the event. With engagement, social media shoutout photo booths can promote your event. It is an effective marketing tool.


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