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Creative Ideas for Your Next Facebook Live Event Streaming

Facebook introduced Live video to its platform in 2016. As digital events and online working are now the norm, Facebook live is playing an important role in order to share information, spread awareness, and promote products and services. 

Facebook live is Facebook’s powerful tool that allows people to broadcast or Livestream in real-time. Many event marketers are including Facebook live streams in their marketing strategy. Because this marketing strategy allows businesses, brands or organizations to connect with the target audience, build relationships and create trust. So should you go live on Facebook?

The answer to this question will depend on your resources, goal, and brand. You need to start using Facebook live streaming if you want to grow your audience and brand. If you are thinking of starting using Facebook’s live streaming option, consider the following approaches to get started. Here you will find the best tips and tricks for conducting live streaming in order to boost your brand. 

Top Facebook Live Stream ideas

Host a Q&A

Hosting a Q&A session is the easiest way to get started with FB live. It is essential because it helps to get feedback on your performance and generate content. You can use this session to understand what your audience wants to know or learn. If you are looking to increase engagement with your audience, conducting a Q&A session can be an ideal option for you. 

You can post a request in advance for your fans to leave comments with the inquiries they are most curious about. So that you can plan and respond to these inquiries when going live. In another case, you can answer your followers in real-time with a live Q&A session. This live Q&A format might also help readers feel more engaged than they would with a pre-recorded video. A creative and interesting Q&A session can improve your business relationship.

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Host an Engaging

Read-time Game

In order to engage and entertain your audience, you can conduct a real-time game during your Facebook live streaming. For instance, you can offer four pics and one-word games, a word search quiz, etc. You can also use interactive tools that offer ready-to-use game templates. In order to get maximum results, you can combine contest formats and games. This combination can help you to get a lot of comments and help you to entertain your followers. This strategy can help you to hold your audience in your live stream and improve engagement.

Teach Your Audience to Do Something

A free and live educational program can help you to improve your brand value. Teaching your viewers how to do something is the best and most valuable thing you can do for them on social media. Offering value in everything you do is the important rule in developing content for your viewers. 

For example, Dunkin’s donuts used Facebook live streaming in order to explain how to make an easy valentine’s day treat. It was an amazing and simple way to grab the attention of the audience and build a larger audience.  

Host an Engaging LIVE Stream

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Make an Announcement

Facebook is the best place where you can share, announce or promote your product. If you are announcing something interesting or sharing any breaking news, your audience will listen carefully and pay more attention. So this strategy can help you to boost the engagement rate. For instance, Apple conducts brand awareness events in order to announce the launch of a new product.  Examples of announcements you can make on your Facebook live streaming session:

  • An office move to a new location
  • Renovation of your space
  • Changes in your company’s leadership
  • New service or product launches
  • About new policy
  • Breaking news in your industry

Host a Contest

It is true that everyone wants to win something. Contests allow you to make your live streaming more interesting and allow participants to win rewards or points during the live streaming session. Contests are becoming more popular and essential in social media marketing with the rise of social media. It’s an old marketing strategy utilized by event marketers in order to maintain audience engagement. 

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To give your viewers an opportunity to win a prize, ask them to leave comments. Use a random tool to select the winner. Or you may ask viewers to respond to a query and reward the person whose response you value the most. Examples of Facebook live contests include:

  • Lottery
  • Pick a Number
  • Spin to Win
  • Trivia

Conduct Interviews

Having the opportunity to speak with industry leaders face-to-face will be appreciated by your audience. An informative and quick interview is an ideal option to engage your viewers. By conducting a live interview, you can demonstrate the transparency of your company. 

The best technique to increase your audience is through interviews. It’s likely that when you interview someone, they’ll share it with their audiences as well. In simple words, reaching out to a new group of people who share your interests will result in more clients. You must take your connections and goals into account when choosing who to interview. Conducting live interviews requires resources, research, preparation, and the best communication skills. If you don’t know how to conduct an interview, you can also hire an expert for this. 

It’s possible to combine and use any of these Facebook Live streaming ideas. Consider what might be effective for you and then do it. Live videos can be intimidating, but you will get better at them as you practice. You must be yourself when live streaming in order to connect with the audience. In order to engage your audience, establish a connection and conduct a successful live stream, consider these Facebook Live ideas. Are you struggling to conduct a Facebook live streaming? If your answer is yes, Dreamcast can be an ideal solution for you. We are a top-rated and trusted live streaming service provider. We allow event organizers to boost the interactivity in their live stream by offering different engagement tools such as live chat, emoticon reactions, live comments, and more.

Host an Engaging LIVE Stream

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Host an Engaging
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