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Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform – To Make Your Business Leverage


With the change in current dynamics, marketers and businesses have selected to move the events online. It not only helps them to reach potential audiences from remote locations around the globe but resulted in increased ROI, better accessibility, accelerated sales funnel, and boosted the growth of the business as well.

An event that is organized or hosted online in a virtual space is known as a virtual event.  It allows you to reach your potential audiences without any geographical limitations. The audience can join in from the comfort of their own space rather than gathering to attend in-person events.

Hybrid events have become immensely popular with time. It is an ongoing event that takes place in a physical venue and can be attended by live audiences online over the internet.

Virtual events and hybrid events have become the first choice of marketers in today’s era. However, virtual event management has become an integral part of any organization. Therefore, carrying out events in a virtual space helps to boost the pan presence of the brand or business via interactive tools like chats, polls, discussions, etc. Learn more about – what is virtual events?

If you have not yet opted for virtual or hybrid events, it’s time to go virtual. Start your virtual journey by selecting the best virtual event platform that delivers memorable experiences. Dreamcast allows you to host endless virtual events thus connecting with global audiences.

Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform For Immersive Experiences

Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

It offer you endless possibilities to host your event online in a digital sphere. Hosting virtual meetings, conferences, Annual general meetings (AGMs), career and job fairs, trade shows & exhibitions, talk shows, and many more have become much easier with virtual event platform. It incorporates a variety of tools that deliver the same value of in-person events via digital experiences without any compromise.

An online address for your virtual events is safe, secure, and flexible which allows you to host ample events online, thus keeping your privacy intact. It gives you the power to customize your virtual/hybrid events and meet your business goals. Basically, it helps you in reaching and connecting with your audiences around the globe.

Extend your event reach, drive better lead generations, maximize ROI & boost interactions via interactive tools. Dreamcast virtual event platform is supported by dedicated 24*7 customer support to carry out your event seamlessly right from the registration to tracking and measuring the analytics at the end of an event.

It helps in recreating the face value experiences of in-person events by facilitating you to enter the auditorium to join the virtual event. It helps in enhancing audience experience by engaging them interactively via Q&A sessions, live polls, group chat, and one-on-one networking. Hosting Virtual events on a virtual event platform gives access to the audiences residing in any corner of the world. Thus, they can join in from any browser or any device and be the part of an ongoing virtual or hybrid event. Here are some important tips for hosting a successful online event.

To know more about the virtual events platform, Let’s get started!

Create Your Virtual Event Walkway

Find opportunities

In-person events hold an aisle for event attendees to enter and fill up the necessary information & buy tickets. A virtual event platform offers you to create your virtual event walkway that matches the in-person event corridors.

It allows your event attendees to come online and do certain things the same as physical events, to access the ongoing virtual event. It allows you to do the following:

  • Allow attendees to sign in and set up the profile
  • Select the session you wish to access
  • Buy a ticket to attend a special session
  • Waiting lobby for guests 
  • Visit the sponsor booth

Host Company’s Virtual Meetings, Webinars & Conferences

Virtual Events Services

A virtual event platform allows organizations to host online virtual meetings and conferences. It allows you to invite speakers and participants from around the world from their remote locations under one roof in a virtual space. Virtual meetings and conferences are hosted over the internet in real-time with enabled commenting. It can be accessed on-demand by the attendees who missed out on the event, to gain valuable information, thus taking a digital experience a step ahead. It allows you to do the following:

  • Access sessions Agenda-wise
  • Register to attend the session/ meeting/ conference
  • Host Live meeting/conference sessions
  • Organize On-Demand Sessions
  • Host Live Q&A sessions
  • Organize Live Polling
  • Host presentations
  • Host keynote sessions

Virtual Event Networking

Communication is Key

A virtual event platform offers endless networking possibilities thus facilitating interactions just like in-person events. It allows attendees to access other attendees of the event therefore resulting in sending them meeting requests, calls them for in-person or group chat sessions, and exchange business cards online. Attendees of the event can interact during any session. Some features that make networking possible are:

Live Chat Feature
  • Allows everyone to access the attendee list
  • Conduct virtual meetings and conferences
  • Exchange Business Cards
  • Chat rooms
  • One-on-one chats

Host Virtual Job and Career Fairs

Virtual Events

A virtual event platform allows you to host a job and career fair to capture the top talents around the globe, thus accelerating hiring. Organizations can host a virtual career fair remotely and empower job seekers thus engaging them virtually.

Here are some features that make it easy:

  • Accelerate applicants with Virtual job boards
  • Real-time interactions with applicants
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Virtual onboarding
  • Group chat rooms
  • text/audio/video chats

Virtual Booths and Expo

Virtual Events, Trade Shows, Expos & Exhibitions

Virtual booths and expos allow sponsors & exhibitors to showcase their products and services online in a virtual space.

A virtual event platform allows them to market their products and services by hosting online trade shows and exhibitions. However, sponsors can offer product collaterals and other details to audiences globally.

Here are some features that allow sponsors to network with online attendees:

  • Access to Exhibitor/Sponsor profile
  • Host product/service collaterals
  • Upload videos market products
  • Live chats

Key Features Of The Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform


A virtual event platform comes with distinctive features that help in hosting any event virtually, thus maximizing the event reach globally. The virtual event platform is a one-stop solution for hosting any type of virtual event be it a meeting, conference, webinar, trade show, or a talk show, and drive positive outcomes. From offering interactive tools such as chats, live polls, discussions, etc. to webinars and unbeatable customer support, Dreamcast virtual event platform caters all. Also, check this complete guide to virtual events.

Here is a list of some distinctive features:

#1. Technology Consultation

The virtual event platform offers world-class 24* 7 backend customer support right from the start of the event until the event ends to resolve audience queries.

#2. Flexible and Modular

The virtual event platform is flexible and modular giving you the flexibility to host an end number of events online in a virtual space. Basically, it delivers digital experiences to the attendees and offers networking possibilities via group chats or one-on-one audio/video/text chats.

#3. Turnkey Solution

Right from the registration to measuring the success of the event, everything is carried out online on a virtual event platform. In short, it is one complete solution for all your virtual events related needs.

#4. Personalization

Organizations are enabled to personalize their virtual events on the virtual event platform by sending the link to the attendees they wish to join their event. Basically, it adds on the feature of personalization with your event attendees.

#5. Accessibility

Virtual events hosted on virtual event platforms are accessible to audiences residing in any part of the world. Virtual events are mobile friendly thus allowing audiences to access the virtual event from any browser or a device.


In conclusion, virtual events are taking off in the current times at an expedited speed. If you have not yet planned to host a virtual event, It’s time to move your events online on the best virtual event platform and boost your business funnels.

Dreamcast is your one-stop platform for presenting seamless & interactive solutions for VirtualEvents, Hybrid Events & Webinars. Connect with your audience globally & experience the joy of going Virtual.

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