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What is a Virtual Event?

With the recent global crisis caused due to COVID-19 resulted in cancellation or rescheduling of various events around the world. As we move ahead with the changing times, a sudden shift towards virtual events has been witnessed. Virtual events took the momentum in recent times. A large number of organizations and businesses are opting for virtual event solutions to carry out their events online.

We have observed in our conversations with clients the first question that pops up is what is a virtual event? How does it help? And how it can be useful for our event? Nowadays, most businesses have become familiar with virtual events. But there are still some left who are not aware of the benefits of virtual events.

Virtual events have replicated in-person events by hosting an event online on the best event platforms. Planning to host a virtual fair, trade show, conference with a global clientele, or launch a product or service through a digital hybrid event, virtual event solution comes to your aid. Basically, hybrid events allows you to host an event from the comfort of your own home while sipping a cup of coffee. A strong internet connection, laptop, or a smartphone is all you need to stream live on the virtual event platform . It helps in captivating your potential target audiences globally.

In this article, we have answered a few of the frequently asked questions revolving around virtual events. If you have not yet started your journey with virtual events, now is the time. Kick start and sync with the latest ongoing trend of virtual events, which is here to stay.

What are virtual events?

Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

A virtual event is an event that is organized online in a digital environment on the virtual event platforms. It helps in reaching millions of people around the world at a time, irrespective of geographical location. Audiences can enjoy digital events online from the comfort of their own home irrespective of the remote location. If you have attended a virtual conference from your office desks or experienced a hybrid event from home, all are the part of digital events. In recent times, virtual events have become a crucial part of any organization to carry out the events successfully. Here is a complete guide to virtual events.

Can we host any event virtually & how?

The answer is YES!

Virtual AGMs

Virtual event services allow you to host an arsenal of events online on the best virtual event platforms. Whether you are planning to host a job or career fairs, host a conference with business partners or clients residing in any corner of the world, organizing trade shows in a virtual space, launch a product or a service, carry internal team meetings online, and so on, all can be carried out digitally in a virtual space. Virtual event solutions come with endless possibilities to host a variety of events online. Replicating the expectations of a physical event into a digital one and making you achieve your set goals is the utmost motive of a hybrid event.

Why host a virtual event and what benefits it serves?

Virtual Events

Virtual events come with various benefits that help any business or organization to leverage. When compared to physical events, virtual events help in bringing a larger segment of audiences under one roof virtually. With hybrid events, the barrier of limitation of space, capacity, and location has been resolved, thus making the event much more interactive and fun. A cost-effective and time-efficient measure is much more accessible than in-person events. However, it can be shared on various social channels, resulting in better reach and expansion.

Virtual events help in delivering memorable experiences to remember in the long run. It helps in boosting interactions by enabling real-time commenting. The valuable suggestions/feedback of audiences are taken into consideration thus resulting in better engagement and generating better leads and revenue.

What are the features that made virtual events interactive?

Virtual Events and B2B Marketing

It entirely depends on the type of event you are hosting. Mostly virtual event platforms come with a polling feature, incorporating it amid the presentation engages the audience and gain their opinions as well. It even allows you to hold one-on-one interactive sessions via Live chats and video conferencing. Live webinars and presentations, enabled real-time commenting, well-integrated social media platforms, etc. are some of the effective features that make virtual events interactive. Virtual event solutions offer endless possibilities without any limitation on the interactions.

Can we track our virtual event?

Virtual Meeting Solutions

Virtual events are easily trackable right from the beginning to the end of the event.  Trackability is one of the biggest advantages of virtual events. As you plan to host an event virtually, the members who registered to attend the event, who attended the event and who missed out, who logged in at what time, any actions performed by attendees during the event, and every activity right from the start to post-event has been recorded. It helps in delivering valuable information. Apart from it, measuring the success of the event becomes much easy when compared to in-person events.

Which business can host an event online?

Virtual Conferencing Meeting

Starting from the Corporates to universities to brands, all hold the same purpose to communicate with their audiences and build a bond with them by engaging them interactively. Virtual event solutions are effective for carrying out internal as well as external events. Whether you want to host a virtual fair for job/career or virtual trade shows and exhibitions to connect with the global audience, host university lectures, organize a digital conference with business partners or clientele or host internal team meetings virtually, all can be carried out through virtual event solutions on the best virtual event platforms. It not only saves your resources but overcomes various limitations of time, location, and space.

Any business can plan to host an event virtually, thus reaching audiences in any corner of the world. A virtual event not only boosts your audience attendance at the event but surges the business revenues as well.

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