PharmaLytica Virtual Expo Connect

The special edition of PharmaLytica Virtual Expo Connect powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform was a massive hit.

The event provided all the world-class facilities and networking opportunities that closely replicate the essence of Live physical exhibition venues.

The event was attended by 4000+ attendees with 458+ attendees spending > hour. The virtual attendees from different countries from all over the globe participated in the event. Dreamcast curated a perfect virtual event platform and amalgamated the most exuberant features for a 2-day virtual expo conclave that enabled exhibitors to showcase their product offering globally to an extensive audience.

Top highlights offered by Dreamcast virtual event platform:

  1. Provided customised spaces and booths that enabled exhibitors to display all products virtually.

  2. Offered business networking opportunities and enabled exhibitors to have 1:1 conversations with their customers via live audio/video calls.

  3. Empower sharing case studies, brochures, PPTs, disseminate white papers, and any other informative material with customers.

  4. Offered seamless navigation throughout the event to make user journey smooth and hassle-free.

2-day conference organised by the virtual expo focused on API ingredients, pharma machinery, and packaging and Lab, Analytical and Cleanroom. The conference provided the latest news about the latest trends among consumers, an overview of the latest innovations and industrial solutions, challenges, and tools that all professionals must deal with to stay in the marketplace.

The event achieved all the applause and appreciation from attendees and was a grand success. Dreamcast has closely worked to curate a perfect customisable platform basis the event requirements. Along with delivering a seamless event, Dreamcast bought virtual attendees from all over the world to be part of an astonishing virtual event and delivered immersive experiences. We are proud and humbled to offer our platform for the special edition of PharmaLytica Virtual Expo Connect, thus adding another feather to our cap.

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