IIW Virtual Convention X Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

IIW virtual convention powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform was a grand success with its most amazing and engaging features that kept attendees hooked for longer.
The 2-day virtual event grabbed attendees’ attention instantly and delivered breathtaking event experiences! The most engaging features offered by the platform delivered enthralling real-life event experiences to attendees. Thus making a virtual convention bigger and better than ever before. The team of experts at Dreamcast closely worked with IIW and delivered immersive event experiences one has ever experienced. The event gained a phenomenal response from attendees and acquired a lot of appreciation and accolades. The virtual event was accessible to attendees right from their home comforts thus resulting in boosting event attendance.

Dreamcast is extremely proud and thrilled to curate a virtual platform by amalgamating the most brilliant and enthralling engaging and networking features for the 18th IIW virtual convention 2021 that best suits the event requirements. Our team of experts closely understood their requirements and offered them a platform that closely recreated live physical event experiences in a safe and secure virtual space. Dreamcast offered every possible feature that helps in elevating the event experiences and enhancing the value. Thus delivering seamless event experiences to all the participants.

Key highlights of virtual convention hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform includes:

Immersive outdoor walkthrough and easy navigation for a smooth user journey.

Fully customized dynamic lobby area with custom virtual avatars & clickable touchpoints for life-like event experiences.

Convention Centre Auditorium for hosting engaging sessions & Service Project Halls Poster Rooms with downloadable information.

Experience zone with local activities hall, Bazaar, selfie booth, global dances, and virtual India tours.

Information desk for any technical help during the event & briefcase to bookmark sessions or documents.

Local Dances, Virtual India Tours, voting guide, and much more.

The local activities hall included exciting activities to engage attendees effortlessly with the event. Right from offering yoga, cooking classes, saree draping to Bollywood dance activities have been offered in local activities halls to boost excitement and attendee engagement. Additionally, the bazaar area in the event comprises multiple stalls, and a selfie booth was installed in the event offering attendees a chance to get clicked with branded frames and take memorabilia back home. Thus resulting in elevating event experiences and engaging attendees effortlessly with the event. Altogether the virtual event hosted on our platform received immense appreciation from all the participants and was a massive hit adding another successful event to our bucket list.

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