Brands & Entertainment – Hybrid Conference by Dreamcast

Brands & Entertainment’s first edition of the hybrid conference was held on 1 and 2 June 2022 at Taj Lands End in Mumbai. This Create & Collab initiative saw the active participation of various stakeholders from the industry.

The exclusive conference was around branded content, media, marketing, entertainment, and a lot more. They aimed to coherently blend the connection of brands with the myriad sectors belonging to the entertainment industry. There were tons of ad agencies, artists, content creators, influencers, and many other brands from different industries.

This hybrid conference had both in-person and virtual mode attendees who can connect and interact with each other throughout the event. So some attendees enjoyed the physical event, and others joined it from their homes and offices across the country. However, it included a 2-way interaction between virtual & in-person speakers, like Online to Onsite, Onsite to Onsite, and Online to Online.

The audience enjoyed both days with the live hybrid speaker keynote sessions, eight-panel discussions, six brand stories, five fireside chats, four workshops, four keynotes, artiste showcases, three path-breaking campaigns, and a networking lounge. Be it online or on-site users, they had the option to schedule meetings with all the speakers & attendees.

Users had a great time, as they got the online registration support through Third Party API Integration powered by Dreamcast. So, everyone was able to register online and enter the event venue without hassle.

Even the virtual attendees registered online and joined the event via virtual mode. They accumulated a very well-designed and easy-to-access interface for the hybrid conference platform. Participants can use and explore the varied workshops, conference halls, and other provinces effortlessly.

Also, the event included various virtual exhibitions with exceptional functionalities on the virtual platform. Every show had its brand representative virtually available throughout the event to connect and answer the queries of the visitors.

A mobile app was also generated for the attendees to log in and undergo the entire event at a better stage.

Brands & Entertainment – Hybrid Event Platform by Dreamcast

Users had a fabulous time as there were incredibly awesome features and functionalities, keeping the audience engaged and the event interactive. Let’s explore the major elements of the virtual event platform in detail.

Top-Notch Functionalities That Created a Seamless Audience Experience

1. A Well Defined Home Page
As soon as an attendee login they will reach the home page, welcoming the users and showing all the options they can explore at this event.

2. Get Solutions at Information Desk
Raise queries and get solutions in real time from the experts reaching the information section at the event platform.

3. Get Informed in the Notification Section
The audience will be able to get all the live event updates, announcements, changes, and other information in the Notification section.

4. Check & Edit Your Details At Profile Section
Attendees can create their profiles to log in to the hybrid event. Also, you can check it over the Profile section at the event as well as edit it if required to change any data.

5. Connect with Anyone Via Chat Section
Both the online and on-ground attendees can connect with each other in real time using the Chat option. It will be an easy and seamless way of interaction.

6. Get Detailed Information at Schedule
Get a complete list and details of the incorporated sessions in the schedule section. Use filters and get valuable information on All, Live, Upcoming, or Completed sessions without hassle. Also, you can learn about the workshops and the main conference room with a Room filter.

7. Bookmark Sessions and Check at My Agenda
Audiences can bookmark all the sessions they would like to watch later in the event. It will create a sorted list at the MY AGENDA session. So, users can find all the information in one place.

8. Go to Attendee List to Make Friends
Both online and offline attendees can connect and become friends with each other in the live event. Check their profile and send them a request to become friends. Also, request business vCards and get them as soon as they approve them.

9. Learn About the Speakers
Reach the speaker section to understand the speakers and their sessions or get vCards. Become friends and share opinions and ask questions throughout the event.

10. Add Things to Briefcase for Anytime Access
Get unlimited access to your Connections, Meetings, Schedules, etc., category-wise. Select Category and get the detailed data as:

  • My Meetings
  • My Schedule
  • My Connection
  • Bookmark Exhibitor
  • Bookmark Document
  • Bookmark Video
  • My Business Cards

11. Learn About Partners
Anyone can know about the event partners by reaching the partner wall.

12. Submit Your Suggestions at Feedback
Attendees will get a chance to share their opinion and feedback about the event with the organizers via the Feedback section. Users can share experiences and needs so the organizers can understand their needs and try their best to cater to the audience in the upcoming hybrid event.

13. Enter Conference Hall & Workshop Room to Get Started
Enjoy your preferred sessions by entering the conference hall or workshop at the allotted time. Also, get various engaging and interactive features, such as:

  • Ask Question: Both in-person and virtual attendees can raise their queries in the Ask question section and get solutions in real time.
  • Know More: Get valuable content, documents, and other essential information in the Know more section.
  • Live Polls: Vote for your chosen option provided in the live poll question for a fun experience.

14. Browse All the Exhibitors via Hybrid Exhibition
All the on-ground or online attendees can reach the exhibition section and learn about the event exhibitors by exploring their booths.

  • Use filters and choose your desired exhibitors booth
  • Get detailed data, contact details, videos & documents
  • Click on the booth representative’s profile and access various information
  • Interact with chat functionality
  • Schedule a meeting, or request their vCards

Enhancing Mobile Event App for a More Professional Hybrid Event Experience!

Dreamcast has built an immersive experience for the organizers and offline and online audiences. Users can participate and endure the entire event via this Customized mobile app.

Let’s Explore the Core of the Event App Quickly!

  • Seamless Interface for Better User Experience
  • Well-Managed and Editable User Profile
  • Workshop & Conference Room to Reach the Sessions
  • Offline & Online Attendees’ Name in Attendee List
  • Prospect to Request Vcard, Commune Via Chat, Meeting Schedulers
  • Attendees Can Find and Explore Their Connections and Other Details with My Connection.
  • Feedback Option for Attendees to Share Their Event Experience and Opinions
  • My Meeting Tab So Audiences Will Be Updated About Their Upcoming Scheduled Meetings

The hybrid conference was a blast that created a great buzz in the market. Users were able to watch every session, even on their completely occupied days, with real-time archiving. Dreamcast made it easy to connect and create a better experience for both the on-ground and virtual attendees.
Pivot to Dreamcast and organize super-engaging, powerful, and seamless events, be it virtual, hybrid, or in-person.

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