India’s 1st Largest Virtual Health Care & Hygiene Expo 2020

India’s one of the largest 1st Virtual Healthcare & Hygiene EXPO 2020, organized by FICCI was a step towards a new beginning in the new digital era.
The virtual expo was a 5-day event to encourage pharma and healthcare players to come forward and become self-sustained. The event was organized by FICCI and was supported by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India. Dreamcast curated a perfect platform with the most promising and innovative features to deliver an outstanding virtual event.

Dreamcast closely worked with the team to amalgamate the most engaging features for the event. The virtual exhibition and conference was an initiative by FICCI to promote the entire health sector with an aim to make India a health care destination in the near future.
The virtual expo entails a stellar lineup of exhibition booths from the leading names in the healthcare and medical industry starting Apollo hospitals, Pfizer, Branson Ultrasonics, ACG and many more.

Some Top Highlights of the Event powered by Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform:

Created a Pre-Meeting Scheduler that enabled exhibitors to schedule a meeting with the attendees before the main event.

Curated Customized walkthroughs and booths to deliver immersively branded experiences to attendees.

Audio-video call functionality that enables exhibitors and attendees to communicate with each other in real-time.

Created a Module to change the real-time branding of the auditoriums for the sponsor sessions.

A seamless Inaugural Session by doing produced remote live streaming.

Individual backend for each exhibitor that had separate reporting for their own booth.

Virtual Healthcare and hygiene expo 2020 was a successful virtual event and received a phenomenal response and appreciation from attendees along with a lot of media coverage. Dreamcast is more than thrilled and proud to deliver an amazing virtual event that encouraged private pharma and medical players to outshine and adopt the new ways of transforming Digital India.

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