Conferences Webcasting

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Webcast your large as well as small-scale conferences to enhance your outreach and accessibility seamlessly. Perfect to stream workshops, conferences, panel discussions, and more.



    Virtual conferencing has now become a crucial component in many companies and organizations. Whether it is a business conference, a meeting or even a conference to Youtube, virtual conferencing serves all. With the crack of dawn each day, the number of internet users increases and that is a great benefit for brands and corporates as they can use it as an opportunity for broadcasting special events and live streaming solutions. This real-time engagement helps the client to understand the intricacies and also harbors trust and reliance.

    In today’s time, the Internet is definitely one of the most powerful tools for carrying out communications all over the world. With the increase in its popularity, live video streaming has become a trendsetter among the masses.

    Live video conferencing services have emerged as a powerful force when it comes to corporate events. Thus with this novel way of communication, the sharing of knowledge, data and the like done inside the four walls can now be extended and shared with people all over the world. Live streaming conferences are highly accessible and can even reach people residing in remote locations. This has not only made business communication a lot easier than before but has also added to its economic benefits. People who are not able to personally attend conferences also get a chance to witness the events through live streaming conferences. This service is becoming increasingly prevalent in the business world today.

    Pioneers like Google have realized the future of virtual conferencing and have also delved into the universe of conference live streaming solutions. Apart from letting one keep up with the world, chat, or connect with their friends, Google+ also allows one to live stream your audio and video from your computer to your viewers through real-time streaming via Hangouts. Webcasting for conferences, streaming media conferences etc. Can all be done through this service. At a time, it allows up to a total of 10 people to connect via video on any smart device.

    Fulfill all your broadcasting needs with Dreamcast as your preferred and trusted partner. We strive to make our users experience the best live streaming conferences and events. We offer tailor-made virtual events and virtual conferences according to your specifications on the best virtual conferencing platforms. With our experienced team, we aim to manage virtual conferences wherein, the entire process will be managed to help augment your communication and hold in the market. Along with that, the system requirements, network related problems, and other micromanagement will be taken care of. All you have to do is, stream with ease.

    We at Dreamcast aim to provide flawless live streaming, virtual conferencing, YouTube streaming, webinars and the like among a host of other services according to your needs. Dreamcast is associated with various companies and content providers for private screenings, conferences, corporate events, music concerts, educational purposes and the like in all major cities of India like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad to provide full HD quality. We provide end-to-end support to our clients by setting up multi-camera production services, making sure that their event is streamed live hassle-free.