Enhance your reach beyond classroom

Expand your reach to connect and grow your community globally. Dreamcast offers live streaming solutions for education enabling students to access sessions at their convenience. 



    Live streaming services have now become a crucial component and almost indispensable in the world of technology. It is also coming up with newer ways to be incorporated in other spheres of life. Be it corporates, personal events or live streaming for education, this novel method has seeped into our lives for the good. With every new day, the number of internet users for watching visual content is on the rise and using video streaming service for the education sector is definitely a ‘billion dollar’ idea. Live educational video streaming and live education broadcasting is a great engagement tool and can educate, share knowledge, and conduct training programmes all with the help of just this one service.

    In addition to that, the educational event can reach out to remote areas and help spread knowledge to the masses. Children or adults with physical disabilities can also benefit from such an option. These live streams can be accessed through smartphones, laptops, computers and practically any smart video gadget. All one needs is a strong internet connectivity. Creating a presence in the world of education with live streaming services can be done in the blink of an eye. Live streaming can be used for medical education, engineering, humanities etc. And can also be experimented with other fields. One can hold workshops, lectures and the like and teach many people at one time without the need for a physical space. In fact, it helps in being frugal and using resources economically. The future of educational institutions and communities relies heavily on live streaming, webcasting, and broadcasting to spread information and knowledge which in turn enables to build a larger space for exchanging ideas, opinions, and experiences in real-time.

    The educational system in our country has witnessed a transformation since the advent of the internet as a tool for communication and learning with the student population. Students find themselves better equipped when it comes to researching information and also connecting themselves with students from all over the world, with the help of internet. Live streaming services have helped leave a profound effect on them an has also helped in engaging more students than usual. The reusability factor adds to the benefits as students can watch and rewatch content according to their needs and convenience and be better prepared for exams, tests etc. Webcasting has broadened horizons for learning and has steered the field of education into a more interesting and engaging direction. The internet has a plethora of options for kids as well as adults to learn and webcasting sews it all together.

    We at Dreamcast aim to provide flawless live streaming, YouTube streaming, IP based live streaming and the like among a host of other services in full HD quality handmade according to your whims and needs. Dreamcast is associated with various companies and content providers for private screenings, conferences, corporate events, music concerts, educational purposes and the like in all major cities of India like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. Webcast with ease with Dreamcast!