LIVE STREAMING The Launch of Xiaomi 32 MP Selfie Camera Phone

Xiaomi’s 32 MP Selfie Camera Phone Launched via Live Stream Across 5 Distinctive Platforms

To create an exciting buzz in the market, we took our live streaming to tremendous heights and seemed it across five distinctive social media platforms with the assistance of our proficient camera equipment and steaming crew.

This was the first time that Xiaomi opted for an Instagram live! And, as expected this change in their strategy boosted the market appearance and online visibility in no time. The brand received extensive love from around the globe that resulted in 31000 views in total. Moreover, the concurrent live viewers rose up to 1300!

Dreamcast curated a breathtaking live stream that consisted:

  1. A 4 camera set up that facilitated the creation of a picture in picture view (PIP). This was streamed live across all the various social media platforms.

  2. A pre-created PowerPoint presentation was also displayed alongside the participants to facilitate their experience and make it a memorable encounter.

  3. Dreamcast’s re-streaming services proved to be extremely convenient as the internet usage stayed limited to 15 MBPS for the entire event.

  4. Undeniably, the entire live stream was a tremendous milestone for Xiaomi and a huge success as the live videos clogging went to 14.80 million views within a span of 4-5 days!

Dreamcast was delighted to host live streams across platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. This event received worldwide admiration that gave Xiaomi the much-needed social transition with the utmost ease.

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