The Great Place To Work For All Summit 2021 2-Day Virtual Summit on Workplace Culture

The Great Place To Work For All Summit 2021 was the coveted gathering of business leaders aiming to create a great workplace culture.
With time virtual summits and conferences have gained immense popularity and reached a precipitous height by delivering quality content effortlessly. We are proud to announce that The Great Place to Work For All Summit 2021 was hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform. However, the event received a phenomenal response and was a grand success.
The virtual summit aims to consolidate a community of business delegates comprising CEOs, CHROs, business professionals, and key decision-makers from various industries who are dedicated to building a substantial and encouraging workplace culture. Additionally, the summit
unrivaled incomparable opportunities for business leaders to grasp knowledge and connect & network with other businesses delegated from diverse industries who have adequately created great workplaces that helped in delivering formidable business performance

Dreamcast successfully curated a holistic virtual environment to take the Great Place To Work For All Summit 2021 onboard virtually. Our team of experts transited the live summit into a virtual venue effortlessly thus delivering exhilarated experiences to virtual attendees. A leaderboard has been integrated into the event that helped in engaging attendees while motivating them to take several actions during the event and lure in more points. A win-win scenario for both attendees as well as organisers. Parallel sessions are being streamed in breakout rooms simultaneously during the summit. It has received phenomenal virtual attendance thus contributing in making the summit a grand success. The virtual summit allows business leaders from all over the world to partake in the summit and share their expert knowledge, inspiring stories, and valuable insights with others seamlessly.
After every session, the quiz was organised in the auditorium to keep the participants engaged and motivated. Dreamcast facilitated organisers to push feedback forums after each session in the auditorium to gain valuable attendee insight and do justice to a stellar virtual summit consisting of global business leaders, professionals, and speakers. The main highlight of the event was the ultimate customisation as per the brand image and AR photo booth experience for attendees.

Top highlights of the event powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform:

The quiz was organised after each session in the Auditorium to keep attendees engaged.

Feedback after each session in the Auditorium allowed attendees to share their insights.

Parallel sessions are streamed in Breakout rooms simultaneously.

A Leaderboard was integrated for attendee engagement.

Music in the lobby to create a holistic and immersive ambiance.

AR Photobooth for attendees to get clicked with branding images.

With the shift in event formats, certain things have become critical for organisations. They are looking for effective ways to get engaged with employees, clients, and delegates in a remote working virtual environment, foster meaningful connections and build resilience while re-structuring the business models. The great place to work For All Summit 2021 powered by Dreamcast, enabled business professionals to network with global business leaders who have successfully created high-performance workspace cultures that motivate employees to be at their best.
Dreamcast is extremely proud to state that this virtual summit was a grand success. The exuberant features amalgamated by Dreamcast delivered immersive experiences while enhancing the holistic virtual environment that achieved incredible appreciation from business leaders around the world.

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