The World of Weddings India’s First Wedding Virtual Show Platform

We are extraordinarily excited to announce that Dreamcast partnered with The World of Weddings for India’s First Wedding Virtual Show Platform.
There is no denying the fact that this virtual show reached unfathomable heights of success and was able to deliver quality content effortlessly. Our experts successfully curated a holistic as well as an immersive environment that delivered an exuberant experience to all the virtual attendees. It allowed participants from every corner of the world to engage in an informative environment and gain valuable knowledge with the utmost ease.
This virtual show received an ample amount of appreciation from every participant. The main highlight of the event was the ultimate customisation and dynamic lobby experience. The organisers were able to modify each and every aspect according to their brand’s image and successfully curated an environment that catered to their expectation.

The convenient features offered by Dreamcast were put to the most effective use that helped the organisation to develop a perfectly engaging environment. Features like DIY buttons as well as icons names helped exhibitors and sponsors to create event-specific shortcut icons. These immersive icons facilitated individuals and helped them in seamless navigation.
This was India’s first-ever wedding virtual show platform that was exclusively powered by Dreamcast. It consisted of four major interactive sections that left the virtual attendees awestruck with amazement. This virtual event platform comprised a magical walkthrough that was creatively designed with numerous entirely customised auditoriums with specific designs and features.
With the help of Dreamcast, organizers were able to host this virtual event with the main agenda. This agenda was to enable numerous individuals to gain valuable insights and information regarding the wedding world. In order to deliver the most immersive virtual session platform, brands inculcated special features like ask me a question, know more as well as live polls. This boosted the engagement as well as attendee attendance of our virtual events. Moreover, participants were able to get all their doubts cleared within a span of time. But wait, that is not all! Organisations effortlessly experienced a class apart networking tables, multiple engaging exhibition stalls. It enabled them to have a customized design as well as captivating tabs. They also incorporated special features to suit the brand’s prerequisites.

Some exuberant features offered by Dreamcast virtual event platform includes:

Customisation and Dynamic lobby

DIY Buttons

Seamless Navigation

Live Polls

Ask me a question

Networking Tables

The virtual show also consisted of an extensive networking lounge that empowered all the participants to communicate effectively. This particular feature enabled the participants to experience an environment which is similar to the physical events. This is so because it allowed them to communicate freely with the access of audio call as well as video calling features.
This virtual event empowered individuals to access distinctive information. These formats included online contacts and groups to join for networking. This basically referred to as one platform that provided multiple options to take your event from good to great! This virtual event called effective participation as well as positive reactions from a number of social icons.
Dreamcast is extremely proud to have partnered with such an exuberant organisation. We are grateful that our highlights and features were able to create an immersive environment that curated India’s First Wedding Virtual Show Platform.

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