Rotary Mantra DTA 21-22 Powered By Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

District training assembly 2021 hosted by Rotary Club of Mumbai West Coast took place virtually on Dreamcast virtual event platform.
Due to the ongoing pandemic, the district training assembly 2021 took place virtually this year. The event was hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform. District training assembly for the rotary year 2021-22 was training for all Rotarians who are looking forward to strengthening their skillset and grasp new ideas and best practices. The event consisted of the most relevant sessions that kept attendees engaged for long hours. Thus, delivering enthralling event experiences to attendees and making the event bigger and better.

Dreamcast is more than proud and humbled to offer its exuberant platform with the most immersive and marvelous features for the Mantra DTA 21-22. The team of experts beautifully consolidated every possible feature that helped in uplifting event experiences and delivered breathtaking event experiences to all the Rotarians. Right from offering a custom virtual event set up to the most engaging features in a virtual landscape, Dreamcast offered every possible solution that uplifted the event value.

Key highlights of the event hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform includes:

Custom lobby area to deliver seamless event experiences.

Customized characters or virtual avatars matching the vibe of physical events.

Auditorium with engaging features like Clap, hoot & ask a question to keep attendees engaged.

Exhibition area with custom virtual booths for attendees to interact directly with booth representatives.

Photo booths to boost attendee engagement by allowing them to get clicked at the event.

Fellowship Lounge for attendees to network with other participants of the event in real-time.

The Rotary Mantra DTA 21-22 powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform was a grand success with the immense response and appreciation it acquired. Right from offering a networking lounge for attendees to interact freely in a visually captivating virtual space to breakaway rooms and multiple rooms with third-party integrations for seamless communications and much more, Dreamcast offered every possible custom solution that does not create hindrance in smooth networking and training virtually. Thus making the event bigger and better and adding another successful event to our bucket list!

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