Oman Food Safety & Quality Virtual Conference 2021 A 2-Day Virtual Event Powered By Dreamcast

A 2-day virtual event by Oman food safety & quality hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform was a grand success with all the appreciation and response it received.
The global virtual conference 2021 by Oman Food Safety & Quality was powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform. With the ongoing situation of the pandemic, hosting a virtual conference has become the need of the hour. So, Dreamcast was there to take the conference onboard virtually and curated a perfect custom virtual platform by amalgamating the most brilliant features that best matched the event requirement. Altogether, the virtual conference was a massive hit and delivered breathtaking event experiences to attendees.

The team of experts at Dreamcast closely understood the event requirements and offered the best possible solutions that best match the event requirements to recreate physical event experiences in a virtual space. We completely took the responsibility to offer a 3D virtual venue set up that helps in enhancing brand value and offered the most engaging features during the event that hooked attendees for longer hours. The easy navigation facility made it easy for attendees to navigate throughout the event whereas complete technical assistance at the event made the user journey seamless. Altogether, the virtual conference closely replicated live physical event experiences in a virtual space phenomenally. Thus making it a truly global experience.

Key Highlights of the virtual event hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform:

Dynamic lobby with custom virtual avatars to replicate the essence of physical events.

Networking Lounge for attendees to connect with other attendees and have interactions in real-time.

Auditorium with the agenda, Live polls & Ask a Question feature to keep attendees interested in the sessions.

Exhibition Halls with custom virtual booths.

Exhibitor finder feature where the list of exhibitors is displayed. One can select from the list and connect with the exhibitor they want.

Feedback forms to gain attendee’s opinions before they leave the event.

Oman Food Safety & Quality hosted a 2-day virtual conference with the assistance of Dreamcast. We beautifully crafted a marvelous platform with enthralling features for the event. Right from offering a live discussion room with “ask a question” functionality to enable attendees to ask their questions to complete professional assistance to information desk with conference agenda to the custom environment, Dreamcast offered every possible feature that recreated the essence of physical conferences in a digital environment. The virtual conference hosted on our platform is another hit event enhancing our work portfolio!

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