Live Streaming: Launch of MG Hector Plus

The Latest Car Launch Of MG Hector Plus Was Marvelously Streamed On 7 Distinctive Profiles On 4 Major Platforms With The Best Class CDN Consoles Offered By Dreamcast

We were able to swiftly stream the entire event in high definition quality that resulted in a world-class experience for all our virtual participants.
This astonishing event was non-disruptively live-streamed on various platforms given below:

In order to seamlessly carry out this extravagant live stream, we utilised the top-notch technology that included a 4 camera setup. Our experts as well as specialists constantly monitored each and every aspect of this live stream carefully in order to avoid any inconvenience. This supreme teamwork led to a gratifying live stream across all the different platforms.


  1. The online event was seamlessly streamed on 7 distinctive profiles

  2. 4 camera set up to efficiently cover every aspect of the exuberant live stream.

  3. Dreamcast streamed the entire event in 12 Mbps of internet speed that enabled everyone to participate effortlessly.

  4. A breathtaking result with a whopping 10.5 million views from all platforms!

Furthermore, we added an engaging twist to our live streams by using engaging videos along with name astons in real-time during the stream. But, that’s not all! We were successfully able to accomplish the target and stream the entire event with just 12 Mbps of internet speed.

This was a huge milestone because any other platform would have easily taken it to around 42 Mbps of internet speed and that would’ve undeniably burnt a huge hole in anyone’s pocket.

The live stream event was a huge success, thus, it was able to attract a wide audience in no time. Moreover, our humongous efforts paid off as the live videos attracted a whooping viewership of almost 10.5 million from all platforms!

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