Hybrid event for Route Mobile’s IPO Listing Ceremony with BSE

In this generation of tech freaks, a tech-savvy hybrid event for Route Mobile’s IPO Listing Ceremony with BSE was hosted successfully on Dreamcast.

This was one of the most unique hybrid events that targeted extra-ordinary aspects of a virtual as well as a physical event. This hybrid event boosted the brand’s image and lured in unbelievable success for them in a very short period.

Dreamcast has amalgamated all the key features that are essential to curate a perfect hybrid environment. This facilitated all the physical participants as well as the virtual audience to seamlessly enjoy the function thoroughly. This hybrid event platform saw numerous on-ground participants that were delivering their valuable knowledge to a global audience.

The organisation also incorporated several virtual speakers that shared their precious insights and vital information with the virtual attendees. There were also a few in-person individuals present to experience the event, whereas the rest of the attendees were present virtually with the help of an immersive hybrid platform designed by Dreamcast.

Proud to be associated with BSE for a Mobile’s IPO Listing Ceremony to deliver a seamless hybrid event platform.

There is no denying the fact that this is one of a kind hybrid event that effortlessly rendered marvelous features and engaged a larger audience in no time. The brand received ample amounts of appreciation overtime and received positive reactions from individuals all around the globe.

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