India’s Biggest Music Fundraising Showcase- Art Matters

Dreamcast was proud to host & facilitate India’s Biggest Music Fundraising Showcase: Art Matters.
All the talented individuals exhibited their enchanting skills and captivated the virtual audience within the twinkling of an eye. This immersive, as well as holistic environment curated by Dreamcast, encouraged effective participation from every individual. This event was a humble urge from all the virtual attendees at a global level to help the artists during the tedious times of this pandemic.
This exuberant virtual event undeniably turned out to be a huge success with the real-time support of our experts. Dreamcast amalgamated all the key features to create one incredible platform that empowered numerous individuals to flaunt their skillset. The organisers lured mind-boggling reactions from all the attendees. Individuals were facilitated with the mesmerizing platform that provided them with innumerable facilities. This uplifted the entire ambience of this virtual music fundraising show and helped organisers to host a memorable event like never before.

450+ Artists as well as 70+ Acts

Virtual attendees from every corner of the world showered this event with unfathomable appreciation. We saw a participation of more than 450+ Artists as well as 70+ Acts. The main motive fueling this virtual event was to spread awareness regarding the struggles faced by tremendously talented artists during the Covid-19. Organiser, exhibitors as well as the sponsors, wanted to raise sufficient of to support the talented artists. Fortunately, with the facilitation of Dreamcast, we were able to raise a laudable amount that satisfied the organizers unconditionally.

A massive virtual event was seamlessly delivered by Dreamcast. We inculcated special aspects that boosted the audience engagement like the live chatbox. Platform Features like this encourage each and every participant to come forward and ask their queries and clear all their doubts whatsoever. The interactive lobby also showcased engaging features like games that kept the spirits afloat through the entire event. Moreover, individuals gain valuable insights as well as we’re able to take vital information along with them.
Unquestionably, this virtual showcase turned out to be a huge success. It not only lured in ample amounts of funds for the artists but was also able to improve the organiser’s brand images as well as online visibility. We are extremely proud as well as grateful that Art Matters partnered with Dreamcast to host the most immersive virtual show for their cause.

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