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Tips For Making Successful Hybrid Events In 2021

We all are aware of the fact that the virtual world has seen some major inclination in the last year. Organisations from around the globe have started to host virtual hybrid events at a rapid pace. In such a case scenario, we can surely expect the competition to rise at an unexpected pace. If you are someone who is wondering how to switch from a virtual event platform to a hybrid platform and host interactive conceptualizing sessions, you have come to the right place! Here we will tell you some tips that will help you amplify your hybrid event. It will also help you reach precipitous heights of success. Thus, sit back and continue reading further.

Selecting A Perfect Hybrid Event Platform

  1. Opt for hybrid event platforms as well as providers that have valuable experience. This will help you host an immersive hybrid event without facing any hindrances.
  2. Select a hybrid event platform that facilitates all your virtual attendees with effective data collection features life briefcase and document download.
  3. It would be extremely beneficial if you focus on your organisation’s analytics. Opting for any hybrid event platform that guarantees accurate analytics would be a great move.
  4. Make sure to focus on the attendee experience. This will facilitate all your virtual participants with an effective customer care service.
  5. Opt for a hybrid event platform that specialises in creating interactive hybrid events. Make sure your hybrid event is easy to understand for the virtual attendees.
  6. You can amplify your hybrid event platform by adding interactive features such as live chat box, live audio as well as video calls and so forth.
  7. Selecting a platform-neutral hybrid event would be the best alternative. This will allow all your virtual attendees to access the different features available on your hybrid event with the utmost ease.
  8. Do not compromise with safety and security. Ensure that your hybrid event platform guarantees maximum data privacy throughout the event. Also check these hybrid events faqs for more info.

Event Promotion

  1. When you are planning to promote your upcoming hybrid event, make sure to effectively clear your point. Ensure that you cautiously state all the information about your hybrid event along with its facilities. 
  2. Carefully set the time and date for your hybrid event by considering the different time zones. Moreover, spread a detailed schedule depicting all the necessary information regarding your hybrid event.
  3. After your first announcement, make sure to constantly engage the audience by showing them a small glimpse of the impending hybrid event.
  4. Allow all your participants to freely choose from both the face-to-face option and the digital hybrid event platform.
  5. Do not underestimate the power of social media marketing. Effectively promote all the information regarding your hybrid event on different social media platforms and target more audience.
  6. Try to pitch as many sponsors and partners for your hybrid event as possible. This will help your hybrid event platform to benefit all the profits.

Useful Strategies

  1. It will be extremely beneficial if you include experienced speakers as well as host on your hybrid event platform. They will easily grab the crowd attention for a longer duration.
  2. The use of effective features like chat rooms networking tables and so forth will keep the interaction going.
  3. Make sure to take the time out for test runs and rehearsals this will boost confidence in your speakers as well as host and help you deliver an immersive hybrid event.
  4. Opting for shorter conceptualising sessions will definitely boost the efficiency of your hybrid events. This is so because all the virtual participants joining with the help of a hybrid platform will tend to have a shorter attention span.
  5. If your virtual attendees are from different time zones as well as locations free recording of certain content would be a fruitful alternative.
  6. If you are hosting a hybrid event you can easily play the pre-recorded sessions to cut off unnecessary chaos.
  7. You must opt for a hybrid event platform that offers features like AI Matchmaking and attendee footprinting. This will facilitate your organisation as well as exhibitors in numerous aspects.
  8. Incorporate features like live question and answer sessions, push notification and so forth to extract valuable insights from the participants perspective.
  9. An introduction guide video would be a beneficial feature in order to give your virtual attendees a small insight in the beginning.
  10. Incorporate numerous breaks for your physical participants. You can include coffee breaks, exhibition break, doubt section and so forth to boost up your event performance.

Audience Engagement

  1. Incorporate numerous engaging features to constantly keep your virtual participants excited. This will help you in conveying your point more effectively with the help of your hybrid event.
  2. You can amplify your hybrid event platform by adding engaging features like gamification to keep the participants rejuvenated.
  3. Include live polls as well as live surveys as it will allow the participants to come forward and share the ideologies. This will undeniably boost your audience engagement in no time.
  4. Opt for a brilliant hybrid event platform that assures to use high production methods. This can include mesmerising graphics, images as well as videos. This will captivate the attention of all your virtual attendees instantly.
  5. It is always a good option to partner with energised speakers and hosts because they can grab the attention of both the physical as well as  in-person participants.

During The Hybrid Event

  1. Take the assistance of an experienced production platform that has got sufficient knowledge about video streaming. This will help you in avoiding all the unnecessary network issues during your hybrid event. Here is more on networking at hybrid events.
  2. We suggest you record an ongoing hybrid event. Recorded events can then be provided to all the individuals who somehow missed your hybrid event.
  3. Ensure that your hybrid event platform provides appropriate bandwidth to manage all the traffic fluctuation.
  4. Make sure you facilitate all the virtual participants as well as the in-person attendees to ensure the performance of your hybrid event platform.
  5. Focus on your attendee experience by incorporating all the essential features that helps in upgrading their experience.

After The Hybrid Event

  1. You can motivate all your virtual participants to tune in with you the next time. This will help you promote your upcoming hybrid as well as virtual events effortlessly.
  2. Focus on gathering feedback of attendees post event.
  3. You can offer to provide on-demand content on special requests. This will facilitate all your virtual attendees with a freedom of permission access. 
  4. Make sure to regularly host immersive and holistic hybrid events as this will improve your brand’s image in no time. 
  5. Strategically plan out the pricing structure as it will help you earn reasonable profit from your hybrid event.
  6. Lastly, focus on the key takeaways of your hybrid event. Make sure that you deliver quality content that is appreciated by all your virtual as well as physical participants.


After carefully analysing numerous hybrid events we have summarised 40 tips and tricks that will help you host a successful hybrid event in 2021. We trust that this article will provide you with some valuable information that will help you amplify the entire hybrid event in no time.

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