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How to Live Stream on Amazon Live: Ultimate Guide

Live stream shopping is one of the important pieces of services and features offered by many social sites as well as by eCommerce platforms. In the same segment one of the world’s biggest eCommerce platforms Amazon offers live streaming services. Amazon live streaming features is one of the best to start for any business and retailers all over the globe for increasing sales and brand awareness.

As the world is getting involved with the internet and the fondness of customers with an eCommerce platform is somehow enhancing the need involving live stream shopping. A couple of months ago Facebook stopped its live shopping features, which makes it more important to learn more about it and utilize its features. Amazon live streaming services offer a direct opportunity for customers to directly interact with creators who showcase their products and that too in real-time. But you might have many questions in mind like from where to get started to what are the quintessential things you need to look for.

But, there is nothing to give it another thought.

As, here in this blog we are going to touch all the necessary points that need to be understood with steps and benefits of Amazon live streaming. Let’s get started with the basics first.

What is Amazon Live Streaming?

Amazon live is a paramount feature offered by Amazon over its E-commerce platform. Here, sellers can host and stream a live event where they can showcase their wide range of products and their specifications while interacting with customers. This works as both a promotional and sales tool. Earlier if you remembered Twitch also worked as Amazon’s subsidiary as well they also have an OTT platform called Amazon Prime Video.

What is Amazon Live Streaming

This is just general information as it is not related to anyhow what we are going to discuss further. But one thing which is clear by this is that Amazon has lots of experience in video on demand or working as a live streaming platform and in offering such streaming services. Right now, Amazon live is considerably working as live shopping with many functionality.

Why Is There a Need To Live Stream On Amazon?

Why Is There a Need To Live Stream On Amazon

Well, it is quite important to understand the many reasons, benefits and aspects of Amazon live streaming and this question. Because live streaming is known as the greatest marketing tool for many businesses to boost sales and promote brand awareness. Here we have concluded some of the benefits of shippable videos.

Easy Promotions

Easy Promotions

Promotions are important for any brand in the market as everyone is running behind the sales. Promotions are considered the first step to generating leads as without them how people will know about your product? Live streaming and its videos can be used to get more exposure for your product line. Simply, if you have a store on Amazon, you can use this feature. Additionally, you can involve or introduce influencers with Amazon’s Influencers Programmes and can create storefronts. This storefront can be a combination of many products from different brands. However, I also get credit points if anyone shops products watching your streams.

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Amazon Live Streaming Is Free

Who doesn’t like free? Maybe you won’t like it but the fact is that Amazon offers these features to everyone who has their store over it free of cost. Just like Instagram live streaming and YouTube, you will be able to live stream your event free of cost but it should be shoppable video content.

Viewers Are Already Your Customer

On other live streaming platforms like Twitch, YouTube or Facebook, viewers are primarily looking to be entertained or informed. Trying to sell products can sometimes come across as pushy. On Amazon Live, viewers are already primed to purchase because Amazon is first and foremost a marketplace. This makes generating sales a bit easier.

All these make a bigger sense for you as a brand and create a better opportunity for you to just convince customers that your product is better than others. Moreover, this approach makes it fairly possible for you to easily boost sales and that too with ease.

Your Storefront Stands Out During Big Sales

We all have witnessed how big Amazon sale seasons are and how much people wait for them. These kinds of sales are quite an effective yet powerful way for you to promote your brands with live streaming. Additionally, will make your brand stand out from the bunch of different brands and companies in the same segment. As you are offering a different way of shopping format where they can watch the demos, get proper information and the feeling of more personalisation is always there. However, you can also post your old live streams and some videos in the featured section on your page. These make advantages over all your competitors. So, start using Amazon live and create your own page.

Now, you might get the valid answer and authenticity of why there is a need to live stream on Amazon. But coming to the meat of our blog, how to live stream on Amazon live?

There are no hardships in going live over Amazon as it is as simple as using Youtube or Facebook live streaming. But the only factor is that unlike other social networking or live streaming platforms you won’t be able to go live here on Amazon. As there are some of the criteria you need to be eligible for.

Eligibility Criteria For Going Live On Amazon

  • One of the Amazon Influencer Program’s influencers (with an active Amazon Influencer storefront)
  • A merchant on Amazon using Seller Central
  • An authorized Amazon Store seller in the advertising console
  • Additionally, you have to be registered in the Amazon Brand Registry.

If you are eligible then you have two or more options to go live. They are;

  • Using iOS-only Amazon Live Creator app.
  • Incorporating third-party streaming software

Now we have two options: let’s understand the basic version of streaming on Amazon. So, understand each booth one by one.

How to live stream on the Amazon Live Creator app

Use these simple steps to go live on the Amazon creators app, these steps are simple and easy to do. Have a look;

  • Start with downloading Amazon’s Creator App from the App Store.
  • Log into the application with your Seller Central credentials or Brand Registry credentials.
  • Choose your brand’s product. This will be your topic of the stream.

(As said before you must need to be registered with the Amazon brand registry)

  • Make sure to prepare and arrange all the tools and equipment generally needed for a shoot, like a camera or a phone. And others like microphones and camera stands or others.
  • Now, add the product to your product carousel, which will be shown during your stream.
  • Names are crucial and you have to choose an appealing, eye-catching title.
  • Images create a powerful impact and uploading a thumbnail which is attractive can help you get potential viewers.

However, if you’re doing an online stream on Amazon for the first time you will be able to use the Practice mode to get an idea of how you are going to look. Additionally, you can check all your connections like internet connectivity as well as equipment setup whether it’s properly working or not. Moreover, you can also schedule your stream to get yourself a lot of time to promote it on different channels and platforms. Plus, customers will also get a notification by scheduling the stream, but somehow it’s not required as you have the option to go live right away.

Incorporate Your Live Stream With Dreamcast (Third-party Integration)

If you want to stream your shopping guide or simply an online stream for promotions over Amazon and want all control in your hand for a variety of things like; using external cameras, to control your video about how it looks and other than that you should need to Incorporate third-party streaming platforms as we give. There are many interactive yet user-effective features and functionality you will get with us that will attract more customers.

Dreamcast gives you the opportunity to make your shoppable video online with lots of interactive tools. So, what are those features, if you are looking for such here we have concluded some of them;

  • Worldwide Content Reach
  • Secure High Definition Work System
  • Multi-bitrate IP Encoding System
  • Parallel Multiple Platform Streaming
  • REAL-TIME Archiving
  • LIVE Analytics
  • Customization
  • Format
  • Unlimited Streaming with Seamless Integration
  • Budget-Friendly Solutions
  • LIVE Real-Time Audience Interaction

These are some of the offerings you can get by incorporating third-party integration in your Amazon live stream. But not limited to these only, as you have the opportunity to go for end-to-end customisation from any live-streaming service provider.

Hope you get the complete idea about how to live stream on Amazon live and why to use it. Thank you for reading the blog, keep going live and interacting with more customers to know their behavior and serve them with a more personalized touch of feel.

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