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10 Creative Ways to Leverage Instagram Stories and Reels to Drive Event Registration

In the booming era of social media, and with rising user attraction to networking sites, there has been an increased demand for brands and event organizers to create content on these platforms. Instagram has remained popular, and its usage continues to grow. In the past few years, Instagram has emerged as one of the most important and effective marketing tools for event organizers. Instagram offers many features, including Instagram stories and reels for event registration, promotions, and driving ticket sales can be used. Additionally, by creating engaging content on Instagram, event organizers can attract more attendees and increase registration rates.

In this blog post, we’ll explore 10 creative ways to leverage Instagram Stories and Reels for event registration enhancement. Also, we will unleash the tips, and tricks for creating Instagram Reels for event registration and ticketing.

Top 10 Creative Ways To Use Instagram Stories or Reels For Event Registrations & Ticketing

There are many social networking sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others. However, the popularity of Instagram and its new short video-sharing features in the name of reels is quite popular. Every event organizer should look forward to utilizing all the social channels for event promotions and driving engagement and sales. But before choosing any platform, it is quite essential to know your goals, type of audience and target audience along with goals. For example; LinkedIn is suitable for professional or corporate events instead of music concerts.

Today here in this section of this blog we are going to talk about all the necessary aspects of how to create Instagram stories for event registration and reels also. Whether you’re promoting a music festival, conference, or virtual event, these tips will help you boost your event attendance and create a buzz on Instagram.

1. Appealing Teaser Videos With Instagram Stories

Just like a film’s teaser, try to create a sense of excitement before your actual in-person event. To make a creative teaser video, you can add photos and fun moments or special highlights of your previous events. This could be anything from simple keynote speakers to special guests to a sneak peek at the event venue. Use text overlays or captions to provide more information about the event and include a call-to-action to encourage viewers to register.

2. Use Instagram Reels To Showcase Event Highlights

Reels are popular among youngsters and attract a huge audience base. By creating a thoughtful, appealing, and soothing reel along with good music or sound, you can leverage it as a powerful event promotion tool. Start shooting short clips and edit them with filters, or take cinematography shots and edit them with key highlights of the event. Additionally, by merging many clip shots, you can make an appealing version of it and include CTA to encourage viewers to register.

Pro Tip*: It is not preferable to showcase everything about your events, but leave a space of excitement with everyone and offer information on how much they can enjoy or expect from the event. Also, you can pin your special reel.

3. Put Behind-The-Scenes Content on Instagram Stories For Event Registrations

There are lots of efforts you are putting to create and host a seamless on-ground event or any other including hybrid or virtual. But there are always some fun moments and exclusive content that you can showcase before to the audience to create a sense of exclusivity. Furthermore, you can post interviews of your team for their encouragement or staff footage. Also, use texts and kinetic typography over the video and good # hashtags and captions to reach out to new audiences and attract registrants.

Put Behind-The-Scenes Content on Instagram Stories For Event Registrations

4. Instagram Stories To Promote Early Bird Discounts and Maximize Event Registrations

Create a sense of urgency with early bird registration, while also incentivising early registration to boost overall revenue. There are many people who have already experienced your event in the past or must get attracted to your discounts. Create a series of posts that highlights the deadline for early bird registrations and discounts. Use pleasing visuals and text overlays to create urgency and encourage viewers to register before the deadline.

5. Create Instagram Stories Polls To Engage Your Audience

Polls are one of the easiest ways to create and the probability of people engaging with them is quite higher compared to any other interactive features of Instagram. Additionally, it is a great way to establish a community around your event. Creating a poll is quite simple, just ask a question about your event and give two or more answer options. The question in the poll can be anything from simple suggestions like about which segment of the event you are most excited about to “What kind of swag would you like to receive at the event?” Use the poll’s suggestions and results to enhance your planning and to deploy investigated conclusive decisions.

Create Instagram Stories Polls To Engage Your Audience

6. Influencer Endorsements Via Instagram Reels for Event Registration Success

Traditionally popular yet the most successful and effective way to promote your event is influencer marketing. Earlier celebrities like sportsmen and actors are considered fit for such roles. However, with the booming social media trends, you can make Instagram Reels for event registration with influencers and promote your events and encourage more people to register. To make this promotion strategy work at its best, create short reels showcasing the celebrity excitement for the event and what they can expect in the event with CTA to encourage their followers and reach a wider audience.

7. Use Instagram Stories And Reels To Showcase Attendee Testimonials

Before you buy anything, don’t you? Check their reviews or look for testimonials. In the same context, social proof is a proven way to showcase the success of your event. To maximize Instagram for event registration strategy, showcase attendee testimonials using Instagram stories or simply, or you can use IGTV for that. But make sure this needs to be short, crisp and looks happy and full of excitement. Also, ask attendees to make a short clip sharing their thoughts and experiences of the event. Use captions and impactful thoughts and writings to make your audience more impressed.

8. Create Instagram Reels & Stories for Event Registrations Countdowns

Another most appreciated approach to creating a feeling of anticipation and excitement for the event is a countdown. The countdown can be played anywhere, whether on stories or simply by creating reels. But it is desired to use both, how? Put a countdown on stories about your event registrations closing or deadline. And on reels, film a short clip about your event planning and preparations or behind-the-scenes footage leading up to the event. Caption the reel with the number of days remaining until the event.

9. Leverage Instagram Stories To Promote Exclusive Event Merchandise

A wonderful approach to foster a sense of exclusivity and encourage registration is through exclusive event products. Create posts that feature the merchandise and include a call-to-action to entice viewers to sign up for the event in order to receive the unique merchandise. This will help you advertise special event merchandise using Instagram Stories.

10. Instagram Stories And Reels To Promote Post-Event Content

There is a lot more you can do to promote your content post-event through reels and clips. Also, if you have used a live streaming platform to stream your content over social networking sites, then use it as post-event promotions. Post the short clips of the event highlights or simply the guests and other funny or key moments.

These are not just enough creative ways to maximize event registration through Instagram. If you want to do more, it is always preferable to explore additional strategies. Among the countless features of Instagram, social media streaming is one of them. Utilize it before and during the event. If your event spans multiple days, it is a good approach to increase registration for subsequent days. If not, try to live stream behind-the-scenes preparations for the event. Also, Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook so, utilize it as well via Facebook live streaming services.

In addition to these creative ways, you can simply utilize the Instagram post registration features. Hope this creative idea helps you. Although, there are a few best practices to keep in mind when leveraging Instagram Stories and Reels for event registration.

Instagram for Events Registration Best Practices

  1. Use eye-catching visuals: If you want to use event promotion on Instagram, you need to understand that it is a visual platform. So it’s important to use eye-catching visuals in your Stories and Reels to grab viewers’ attention.
  2. Use captions or text overlays: Captions or text overlays can help provide more information and make your Instagram for event promotion posts more accessible to viewers who may be watching without sound.
  3. Use hashtags: To maximize your effort with Instagram stories for event registration, use hashtags that align with your event and have a wider community reach. This can help your posts reach a larger audience and increase engagement.
  4. Use calls-to-action: Calls-to-action or CTA is essential and quite crucial when Instagram event promotion is specifically used. Because without it, you can’t encourage viewers to take action and register for your event. So always, use a CTA.

By following these best practices and leveraging the 10 creative ways outlined above, you can maximize the power of Instagram Stories and Reels to drive event registration and boost ticket sales. Happy promoting!

8 Best Tips, Tricks, And Key Things To Enhance Creating Instagram Stories And Reels To Drive Event Registration

Undoubtedly, there is always room for improvement in every idea to improve it. So, in that order, we have especially concluded a few best tips and tricks to level up your Instagram stories for event registration or simply any post or reels. So, let’s get started;

8 Best Tips, Tricks, And Key Things To Enhance Creating Instagram Stories And Reels To Drive Event Registration

1. Know Your Audience

Who is your audience, who is your event fan base? Just like any celebrity or product, every brand, event or person has some fan base and their desired set audience. So, in that order first know your audience and their preferences, choices and interests, to create content that resonates with them.

2. Highlight the Values

While you’re making Instagram Reels for event registration make sure to post videos and photos that showcase the value and benefits of attending your event. Try to be more clear with your posts, thoughts and ideas and everything about your post on Instagram for the event promotions.

3. Create A Sense Of Urgency

Just like we have discussed above, always try to be exclusive and give special discounts, offers and something extra. Like with early bird registration discounts, you can create a sense of urgency and drive event registrations and sales.

4. Leverage User-Generated Content

Social proof is considerably the best yet essential tip you must need to leverage. Encourage your valuable attendees and ask them a clip of their testimonial and how much they liked it. Consider featuring user-generated content in your Instagram Stories for event registration enhancement.

5. Use Storytelling

To create a narrative around your event and build excitement, tell your story about how, why and for whom you started hosting this event. Not just that, use Instagram stories and reels to showcase behind-the-scenes footage, highlight key speakers, and provide a sneak peek of what attendees can expect. Stores are liked by everyone and if you narrate it in the most pleasant manner they are going to stick it with them.

6. Promote Across Multiple Channels

As stated at the start of this blog, it is not preferable to only use social networking sites only. Instead, use all the channels as much as possible such as email marketing YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and rest the possible to maximize your reach.

7. Measure And Analyze Your Results

Make sure to keep track of and continuously analyze all the posted Instagram stories for event registration, posts and reels. This approach can help you optimize your content and identify the areas of improvement and help make informed decisions about event promotions.

8. Stay on-brand

Branding is quite an important aspect, make sure you always keep aligned with your brand’s tone and aesthetic. Consistency is key for building brand recognition and driving event registration.

By keeping these tips and tricks in mind, you can create effective Instagram stories and reels that help drive event registration and boost ticket sales.


No matter your type of event, if you’re planning to host one, Instagram is considered the best social networking site for event promotions. So, try our mentioned creative ideas to create stories and reels to maximize the event promotions and take your event registration to the next level. Also, if you want to boost your event audience, always live stream your in-person event. Not just on Instagram but choose to simulcast which helps you stream your event on multiple platforms in real-time simultaneously. If you think this is not enough, you can enhance your event participation and reach. Book a free demo with us to learn about more services from deploying engagement features like social media walls to 360-degree cameras we do all at Dreamcast.

We are a one-stop event tech suite that helps event organizers and brands to host a seamless event that not just satisfies the audience but generates revenue too.


How can Instagram stories for event registration be useful?

Instagram stories for event registration can be helpful in multiple ways, from creating engaging content to reaching a wider audience. As with Instagram stories you can utilize stickers, polls, and countdowns to encourage registration and make it easy for users to sign up.

What are Instagram Reels, can they be leveraged to maximize event registration?

Reels are generally short-form video content that can be utilized to maximize event registration and promotions. To do that, you need to create fun, engaging content that showcases what attendees can expect with relevant hashtags and music to reach a larger audience.

How can you create an appealing teaser video with Instagram Stories?

By using eye-catching visual and pleasing music and short and crisp videos with text overlays to pique users’ interest, you can create an appealing teaser video with Instagram Stories. Additionally, make sure to add a call to action to encourage registration.

How do you differentiate between Instagram stories vs. reels?

Instagram stories are 24 hours based everyday moment updates that disappear, whereas reels are meant to be creative short video content that can be saved and shared with a wide audience. Both serve different purposes and can enhance your Instagram presence in different ways.

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