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Event Analytics – Why Is It Important To Have Event Analytics?

Do you want your events to perform well and have enhanced efficiency? Well, that is possible with rich event analytics. Must be thinking of what role event analytics plays? The event analytics report completely changes the way you spend on your event marketing strategies. 

If you are hosting virtual events and are unaware of event analytics or never used it before, it sounds alarming. As virtual event platforms offer a wide range of features, different kinds of data are collected during the digital event. Where to look for relevant data metrics becomes even difficult to know. Without having insights into which part of the event performed well and which requires attention, you will keep looking up for a platform every other time you host an event. Thus, leaving you in a flux that – what didn’t work out

However, if you do not analyse the digital footfall at your virtual event, accessing the impact of marketing strategies becomes even more tricky. Understanding how attendees are reacting to your virtual events, how they are interacting and engaging at the virtual event is crucial. Without having clarity on the face, you won’t be able to identify the problems your customers are experiencing. Additionally, without having a clear understanding, you won’t be able to make the required changes. Here, the role of Event Analytics comes into play. It is a powerful tool that helps you analyse whether your marketing efforts are fruitful or just going in vain.  

Today, comprehensive virtual event platform offer event analytics features that provides real-time analytics reports. It helps in measuring the event metrics and how the event is performed. Additionally, it helps in identifying impediments to work upon for the next event. 

Importance Of Having Virtual Event Analytics

1. Get Useful Insights

Virtual event analytics not only makes you familiar with the numbers and the footfall but makes you look at a larger picture. The event analytics segments attendees by engagement and networking score. Virtual event analytics offer actionable insights of every segment of the event right from what are the most engaging hotspots at the event, which booth holds maximum interactions, what is the most visited area, which area does not impress attendees, and have the least amount of traffic, what are the key performing areas and so on. Thus, resulting in getting a complete insight into every aspect of virtual events. However, event analytics offers endless possibilities.

2. Analyse strategic patterns with multi-event data analytics

Organisers that host recurring virtual events, multi-event data analytics works for them brilliantly. It helps in identifying and analysing strategic patterns derived from multiple virtual events of the same organiser. It gives a detailed report by analysing all the events consistently, what is working and what’s not.

3. Far-Reaching Event Analytics

It helps in tracking many dimensions and key event metrics like engagement, networking, ROI, session involvement. It helps in analysing how the event performed. 

Must-Have Event Analytics Features In Virtual Event Platforms 

Virtual event platforms comprise many brilliant and versatile features for networking and engagement. Having a comprehensive event analytics feature is a must that collects relevant event data and generates analytics reports in real-time. We have listed some of the must-have features in a virtual event platform that offers relevant event data that helps in measuring the performance of the event.

1. Digital Footprinting

Digital footprinting is one of the most important features that a virtual event platform must have. It helps in tracking which area at the virtual event is most visited and has maximum footfall and which does not excite attendees at all and has zero or minimum footfall. Digital footprinting keeps a track of the virtual attendee journey right from the start till it ends. Right from tracking how they navigated the event to the booths they interacted with, what they shared, downloaded, and liked, each and every move of digital attendee is tracked by this salient feature. Thus, helping organisers in measuring the performance of the event.

2. Detailed Analytics Report

This is one of the most promising features that every virtual event platform must have. It helps in capturing the relevant attendee data by capturing the user journey in real-time. The feature shares the real-time as well as post-event data report with the organiser right from the number of participants at an event location to attend a particular session, no. of attendees who visited a particular booth, and so on. The detailed analytics report generated by the platform helps in measuring the success of the event and find out the impediments to work upon. 

3.  Access Management 

As the name suggests, the feature allows hosts to grant access to a particular segment of event attendees. Access management is one of the most innovative virtual event management features that enables you to keep a track of a particular event area with limited attendees. The feature is quite effective if you are hosting VIP events or paid events. It allows hosts to grant or deny access to a particular event area and make it only limited to VIP attendees.

Wrapping It Up

Having event analytics is a crucial part of hosting virtual events. If you are hosting virtual events, you definitely want to know what is working out for you and what needs to be worked upon. Event analytics gives you complete insights into what works best for you and what is not showing your desired results consistently. 

In the above-mentioned article we have amalgamated why it is important to have event analytics and how it will change our virtual event marketing strategy. We have listed some of the most relevant features of a virtual hybrid event platform that helps in deriving relevant event data that helps in measuring event success and impact on ROI. 

If you are hosting virtual events and not considering event analytics you are missing out on something very crucial. It’s time for you to consider actionable event analytics to pace up your game. Hope the above-mentioned information is useful for you, Happy reading!

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