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How Live Streaming Is Affecting Elections And Governments

Live streaming video has been a change driver for a lot of different industries and naturally, they have become a part of elections and governments. Live webcast for government events is becoming increasingly common as live video is a very effective way of reaching out and engaging with the public. 

Whereas in the earlier days, the only way a politician could reach the public was either through massive broadcasting media such as television or radio, these days they can reach millions of people using a live streaming service for government events.

Along with using a professional online video platform to further their agendas, other forms of digital communication such as social media and email outreach has also become a part of the communications toolkit for almost every political organisation in the world. 

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how live streaming video affects elections, governments, and how to use government events live streaming properly.

Live Streaming Politics

live webcast for government events

The reason why most political organisations use live video for communication is simply due to the massive success of live video streaming in general. According to statistics, live video is preferred by online audiences over every other form of content on the internet. If the government or a political party is not using it, they would be lagging behind when it comes to reaching their target audience and the public.

The features of a secure online video platform allow a political organisation to do more than just reach more people. 

Most of the best online video platforms come with engagement features, the ability to re-broadcast your live streams, and the ability to integrate into different distribution platforms such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, etc so the live stream can be streamed simultaneously on all the platforms.

Consumer-Grade Solutions For Political Live Streaming?

While consumer-grade live streaming platforms such as Facebook Live or YouTube Live can be used to live stream political events, it is not the ideal solution as they only offer the basic features. When it comes to creating a live webcast for government events, advanced features are required to ensure the success of live video streaming for the event, speech, or rally. 

government events live streaming solutions

Other reasons why consumer-grade live streaming platforms are not ideal for political events or business use include the following:

  • The duration of the live stream is limited. 
  • They lack a lot of security features.
  • They do not support white-label live streams.

For organisations that require advanced features and a proper live streaming video infrastructure usually partner up with a dedicated live streaming company that provides end-to-end support for all their needs. This way, they don’t have to worry about the technical details of the live stream and focus on the content. 

Important Features For Government Events Live Streaming

As mentioned above, live streaming politics requires more than just the basic features provided by most consumer-grade live streaming solutions. So, what are the features that are really important when it comes to streaming a live webcast for government events?

government events live streaming

Let’s take a look at some of the most important features of a secure online video platform that can be used to stream political and government events:

1. Website Embedding

One of the most important features of a secure online video platform is website embedding. This feature allows a live stream to be integrated, or embedded, into any website. This not only increases the exposure of the live stream but also provides SEO benefits and increases the traffic on the website of the organisation.

2. Simultaneous Streaming

When it comes to government events live streaming, the ability to simultaneously stream across different platforms is crucial as it allows the event to get the maximum exposure and reach.

A professional online video platform allows the streamer to live stream on many different platforms with only one source which makes the entire process much more simple and effective, especially for professional live streaming purposes.

3. Scalable Network

Another one of the most important features of a good online video platform is a robust, reliable content delivery network (CDN). A good CDN provides many benefits like reducing buffering and lag issues and reaching audiences all over the world with minimum lag.

A live streaming service for government events usually comes with a top-tier CDN as it is expected that the stream would be watched by a lot of people around the world.

4. Security

Security is also very important when it comes to creating a live webcast for government events. Some example of security features of top online video platforms include password protection and geographic and refer restrictions that allow the content to be completely secure.

5. White Labeling

Almost every professional online video platform that is used to live webcast for government events comes with the white labelling feature that allows the streamer to create a live stream without the branding of the platform. White labelling allows the brand or organisation to brand the live streaming content easily with their own logo too.

6. Live Recording

One of the major benefits of using live streaming is that you get to create a video archive of the event that can be later used for different purposes such as marketing and promotion. Chose the best live video streaming platform allow the streamer to save the entire stream and make them available on-demand. This is particularly useful for government organizations and businesses as they usually require a video archive of their event.

Live Streaming Is Vital For Political Organisations And Governments!

Technology is an invasive and crucial part of life for people from all walks of life these days and governments and political organisations understand the power of live streaming and digital marketing when it comes to reaching people effectively.

Keep reading this space to know more about the latest in the world of live streaming and live video!

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