What Are The Features Of A Good Video Platform?

Live Streaming enables brands and companies to connect with the audience in a very interactive way and that’s why having a capable video platform in hand is very important. The best place to start for setting up a video streaming platform is the company’s website. It is the best place, where the relevant content can be shared with a variety of people and can help in increasing the website traffic by gaining more clicks and views. 

Why You Need A Good Platform To Stream Live?

Nowadays, businesses use live streaming video content for training, one-on-one communications, product releases, flash sales, events, demonstrations, etc.

To interact, attract and engage a larger audience base without any geographical boundaries, a good video streaming platform is a must. It helps in gaining more sights of people thereby giving your brand or business the much-desired exposure. Live streaming video content on a good video platform helps in leveraging your brand thereby expanding its reach. A clear and audible live stream is more likely to gain comments and likes from viewers and is followed until the end. 

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Features of The Video Streaming Platform

Let’s have a look at some of the features that should be considered before choosing the live video streaming platform for the website:

1. Ability To Embed Video Content

Embed video content, is a feature which is a very common necessity for any type of video platform. The ability to add video content to the website is an essential requirement for any type of business or a brand. This capability of embedding video content depends on the service provider, so it is necessary to know beforehand if the service provider has this facility or not.

2. Ability To Share On The Social Media Platforms

A majority of people nowadays are easily found on social media networks. Social media platforms help in increasing the reach of video content by giving it more exposure. Attracting and engaging large masses of the audience on social media networks ultimately leads to the conversation between the followers and the brand thereby building a customer-brand relationship, which later results in brand loyalty. It helps in leveraging a brand and increases the number of “likes” and “followers”. Some of the service providers allow you to post content directly on the Facebook Feed.

3. Monetization Of The Video Content

One of the ways to monetize the video content is using the pay-per-view model by implementing video pay-walls. Generally, the incentive for the audience to pay for the live streaming content is more than the non-live content. For example, people are willing to pay, to access a live stream of sports events, remote attendance at a conference, and for events like music concerts, etc.

Though this type of payment model is not only limited to live video content. For example, educational institutions provide monetized video content to people such as seminars and professional courses. It is more profitable to monetize via this method than doing an advertisement on the website, as it may not appeal to audiences. Advertisements can also deter the audience by breaking the overall appeal of the website.

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4. Powerful CDN For The Video Content

CDN is referred to as the content delivery network, which makes the delivery of multimedia internet content reliable and faster for the audience around the globe. Access to a CDN allows you to take your video a notch higher. It can handle a hundred to one million viewers. 

If in case you face any issue in which servers are attacked, the content will remain online without vanishing, if you are live streaming video content with CDN.

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5. APIs For integration

APIs stand for Application Programming Interfaces. It enables custom-built applications and integrations for streamlined operations required by enterprise video platform users.

APIs holds some excellent capabilities, such as creating customized video platforms, developing apps on-demand video content and so on.

While choosing an enterprise video streaming platform, keep in mind to look for a full-featured API, as it eases integration and is of great benefit.

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6. White-Labeling Of Video Content

Since it would be on the company’s website, it is important for the video player to be white-label. The presence of a third-party logo on the showcased video doesn’t make a good impression. Though promoting content on platforms like YouTube has its benefit. There are different goals in mind like branding and bringing traffic to the brand’s website. There are many video service providers which are known to provide such a facility. They allow the addition of the custom watermark, provide color schemes, etc.

In today’s digital era, your online video platform should make your job easier. There are several live-streaming platforms available nowadays, that provide basic and premium streaming services.

Choosing a live video platform can be a tricky task, but it’s not always necessary. Having an overview of the trending video streaming platform and considering the important features of the live video streaming service platform will definitely help you in making your decision.

The best video streaming platform guarantees all the features outlined above and much more. Stream online on the right video platform without any hassle.

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