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Livestream your government events to make them accessible to the citizens with Dreamcast webcasting services on 100% secure CDNs.



    In this day and age, the internet has become the gamut of all sorts of information and knowledge. Plus, along with that, it helps connect the world to things that otherwise would have been a cumbersome task. The introduction of live streaming services, webcasting, and broadcasting in our lives have made every news and information as accessible as it can get. It is not only beneficial for the businesses and companies but interestingly can be used for something as important as the Government of the country. Now, live streaming service for government events has become a thing which helps a common man to understand the various intricacies that go into policy-making and other governmental work. With the advent of technology, one can now see live streaming of such government meetings and conferences and become a well informed citizen of the country.

    And, not only does it benefit the citizens, it inherently benefits the policymakers and members of the government. It helps them influence the minds of the citizens in terms of their propaganda and related things. It also helps to add a sense of transparency which is much needed for everyone to make sound choices. With the streaming of these live government conferences and meetings, the ministers can create a sense of connectivity between the masses and them, leave good impressions and in turn win hearts. From mainstream metros to remote areas in the country, all can benefit from such live streaming service for government events to shun myths and to see the raw and real information. It helps in cutting costs that goes behind such events, helps in reaching out to more numbers and lastly, it helps in creating a buzz and the impact that can change minds by real-time engagement between the governing bodies and the common population of the country.

    Our streaming and webcasting company, Dreamcast is unparalleled in providing business services to broadcast corporate, personal, government, and educational events at extremely cost-effective prices. We have recognized the future of live streaming and are striving to use it to its full advantage and deliver nothing but the best to our clients. Our team of diligent and experienced professionals will ensure that they bring to you comprehensive, high-quality live streaming, webcasting services that will allow you and your brand to reach new heights of success both locally and globally. We also provide complete end to end setup and superior HD quality for all our services.

    We at Dreamcast work hard to provide flawless live streaming, YouTube streaming, IP based streaming and the like among a host of other services that are appropriate for your needs. Dreamcast is associated with various companies and content providers for private screenings, conferences, corporate events, music concerts, educational purposes, government conferences/meetings and the like in all major cities of India like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad. All you have to do is provide us with the prerequisite information and just sit back and relax. Let us stream your content with ease.