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How To Re-Broadcast Your Live Streams?

Live-Streaming solutions have gained extreme popularity in recent years. From small-time influencers to huge celebrities, start-ups to well-established brands, everyone is making use of live events streaming. Streaming events lead to increased engagement, better reach & increased viewership. 

Social media experts suggest that live-streaming solutions reinforce a trust factor among the audience & increases sales/marketing engagements. Surveys show that most users are more likely to purchase from a brand if they’ve seen/been a part of their streaming events. 

However, time constraints, busy schedules & other assorted factors lead people to miss watching live streams. At times there are also some technical faults that lead brands to stall or reconsider live events streaming. It is for these & several other reasons that many brands resort to re-broadcasting live-streams. 

Re-broadcasting live-streams is basically live-streaming recorded events for those of your viewers who might have missed the original live-streaming for their own reasons. The best amongst the benefits of re-broadcasting is that users can choose to re-broadcast to a specific audience as well as specific locations. This practically means that companies, especially multinational ones,  have a choice of live-streaming recorded events to specific locations, in case their live streams go awry or the viewer turnout was lower than expected. 

Some time brands will also employ re-broadcasting if the original live stream contained some useful information or announcement that they don’t want their viewers to miss! 

However, readers shouldn’t confuse re-broadcasting live-streaming videos with recorded broadcasts. There is a raging debate on Live Vs recorded broadcasts, & we hope to clear some of the differences between these two.

Recorded broadcasts are videos that were streamed live in the past, and are now available to watch in a simple video format like all the other broadcast live video on facebook

Re- broadcasting live streams, on the other hand, is streaming a live-video already streamed before, for increased reach & viewership. While recorded broadcasts are live-videos available for viewing online, re-broadcasts involves streaming previously live videos again. Once we have this essential distinction cleared out, we can talk about the benefits of simulated live-streaming. 

Benefits of Re-Broadcasting Live Videos

Benefits of Re-Broadcasting Live Videos

Below we elaborate on a few benefits of re-broadcasting live videos:

1. Increases the no. of viewers:

Live-streaming videos are the best way to secure an increased viewership for your live-streams. Social media experts have already made a big case of live videos drawing an impressive viewership. It makes sense then, for brands to go for re-broadcasting live streams. Live-streaming recorded events help brands gain a higher no. of viewers on their previous live-streamed videos, as well as regaining the lost viewership on the last streaming. 

2. Gives users a chance to redeem themselves:

Since live-streaming solutions involve streaming an event right at the time, it’s happening. There is always a chance of an error taking place, something going wrong for the whole world to see. Though little goof-ups might not bother small brands that much, for huge names, this can bring an entire avalanche of criticism, not to mention distrust & low brand image amongst the audience.

In this scenario, re-broadcasting is always a great choice to save face for these brands. In the debate of Live Vs Recorded broadcasts, simulated broadcasts often have the added advantage of giving users a chance to correct their mistakes & re-broadcast an edited version of their previously live-streamed videos.

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3. Announcements & important content:

Many brands use live events streaming to make an important announcement regarding their functioning, new product launches, new outlets opening etc.

Since these announcements are often one-time in nature, it will be a massive loss to the brands if their live-streams didn’t have the expected audience reach.

For this purpose, re-broadcasting live-streams give you the option to broadcast your previously live-streamed videos for an audience who’d missed out on the first go, to watch it later!

4. Increasing engagement:

Since live videos are a great way to increase viewership on your live stream videos, brands use re-broadcasting live-streams to increase the no. of users even further.

Since re-broadcasts are inherently live videos, though used to stream live-streamed videos previously, any engagement generated on these re-broadcasts also counts as engagement on the originally live-streamed video.
Hence, brands use this strategy to increase their viewership manifold & generate even more engagement. 

If you’ve finally decided to utilize re-broadcasting live-streams, there are a few ways for live-streaming recorded events. When streaming events, you can use certain technical manipulations to kick start a re-broadcast of a previously live-streamed video.

This is best done by tech professionals who are familiar with the intricacies of live-streaming video platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, etc. This has to be done extremely carefully, however, & only by licensed authorities. Any untoward or unauthorized attempts towards live-streaming recorded events will lead to blocking of your accounts, & so this is a crucial point to consider & remember. 

Another way you can utilize re-broadcasting live-streams is through an authorized, efficient & well-renowned broadcasting agency. Broadcasting agencies generally have an expert network of technical professionals as well as digital marketing executives who understand social platforms inside-out. They can quickly help you re-broadcast your previously live-streamed events on these social media platforms through efficient technology & well-learned experience. 

Also, re-broadcasting through a trusted-reputed broadcasting agency practically ensures higher viewership, increased audience reach & all those benefits of re-broadcasting you were hoping to reap. With experts at the helm of operations at these agencies, your re-broadcasting will take place easily & effectively, with little to zero faulty procedures or mistakes. 

So go on, & hire a well-known, efficient & reputed broadcasting agency for re-broadcasting live-streamed videos. Dreamcast India is a well-known, reputed & renowned webcasting agency that helps you with your live-streams on multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, Hangouts, & on your Website too.

Through a well-experienced team of technical & digital experts, we aim to help you reach all your live-stream goals. We also excel in providing help with re-broadcasting live-streamed videos across all platforms, & carry on the tasks at hand with extreme finesse, precision & expertise. 

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