Annual General Meetings

Make your AGMs accessible globally

Dreamcast enables you to live webcast your Annual General Meetings (AGMs) efficiently and effectively to stakeholders around the globe. 



    Advantages of Webcast AGMs

    Holding expertise in webcasting and conference live streaming, Dreamcast provides great Virtual AGM solutions to webcast town hall meetings and private webcasting of live event screening, Facebook, Periscope, Instagram and Youtube Streaming. Previously having worked in Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Jaipur and across India. Dreamcast is an expert in AGM live webcasting with professional standards and specifications.

    Higher Accessibility

    Virtual meeting solutions overcome various difficulties like distance, disability and isolation which are not met in in-person annual general meetings. A live streaming and webcasting of virtual AGM is accessible to your viewers online at the same time.

    Increased Participation

    The interested parties are facilitated through AGM live webcasting solutions to experience the virtual annual general meeting, thereby subsequently raising the level of attendance and participation in the event.

    Record Keeping

    When you know who is watching the live stream, you gain a piece of information that is vital for compliance. Instant recording of factual data and precise tracking of it is done along with the documentation and live streaming AGMs.

    Mobile Device Streaming

    Live streaming Annual General Meetings has compatibility with various types of mobile devices. Mobile accessibility makes it easier for the user to incorporate aspects of social media into AGM live webcasting and also reduces the carbon footprint. These devices include smartphones, i-pads, tablets, laptops etc.

    Decreased Cost to Company

    Another advantage of Live streaming annual general meetings is, the noticeably reduced travel and accommodation costs that the company would otherwise have to pay if they don’t opt for virtual AGM services.

    Apart from seeking the benefits of a virtual annual general meetings live webcast, choosing the right virtual AGM service providers is also imperative. Select a highly secure and the best quality AGM live webcasting service for your requirements.

    Features of Annual General Meetings

    Take a glance at the features we provide in our virtual town hall meeting services.

    • Assurance of Security

      Be assured that your live content is safe and secure. We promise you full privacy and security in regards to your virtual AGM. Trust us to keep your videos 100% safe.

    • Uninterrupted Streaming

      We provide seamless virtual annual general meetings with no restrictions on the shareable content and number of hours of the live video broadcast.

    • Branding

      We provide custom website landing links and personalised logos on your AGM live webcasting with accompanying social media and digital promotions.

    • Multi-Device Compatibility

      Our virtual AGM solutions are adaptable to different digital formats. It is supported on desktop computers, mobile phones, tablets, PCs or any other devices.

    • Monetization

      Webcasting AGM videos are monetized in a simple manner to make it transparent and to produce high-quality video output.