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What Role Has Live streaming Been Playing In Online Learning And Education?

With more and more webcast service and live stream service providers coming up in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, and Jaipur, it is obvious to question its potential in education and learning. There are so many out there who are considering taking up learning and education programs online. In case you are also interested in education broadcasting a try and need some guidance where you can start from, here are a few things you may want to check out.

Live Education Broadcasting

Professional streaming platforms are awesome support when you need to stream live video over your site. The concept includes provision of live education broadcast like conferences and lectures for students all over the globe. As you must be well aware, learning isn’t restricted to physical limits of classrooms in a location. Higher-quality technology can always help in development of 21st century students and learners in the present day digital era. Live education broadcasting is one of those things that can really make this happen.

Education Live Streaming Examples

There are a number of examples that can be used to understand this concept. OTT, for example, is being used across multiple verticals in the education sector. Videos are also gaining popularity in traditional education systems. According to a survey that was done 3 years back, approx. 52 percent of universities were using video streaming service.

Though it is yet to get popular in Indian education niche, but there are a number of schools and management colleges that are on to it. Working in same lieu, MIT came up with Open Courseware Series almost 16 years back. The MOOCs or the Massive Open Online Courses have been making waves since then. Another popular platform is the K-12 classrooms and the Opened that host thousands of videos. Inclusion of video streaming platforms opens up new possibilities for more creative lessons.

It has also turned out to be a great tool for those giving practical lessons like fitness, music, dance, language, self defense, and stuff like that. Needless to say, it has been one of the most beneficial mediums of learning for students as well. The biggest benefit is about accessibility. It is a preferable for several kinds of learners who weren’t cut out for physical classrooms.

In case, you are also planning to start with some educational videos there are a few things you may want to take care of. The first thing is the quality, it matters whether you admit it or not. Delivery is another crucial part of this process. It means using video streaming service that makes use of potent live streaming CDN or Content Delivery Network like Akamal. It is known for rapid and efficient delivery of video to audience across the world.

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