Providing virtual access to courtroom proceedings.

Livestream courtroom proceedings while making the whole process transparent with Dreamcast. A great way to enable audiences to access it online.



    Late in 2018, the Supreme Court allowed live streaming of court proceedings for its audiences to access online. For cases that are important nationally or constitutionally, this is a great way to get the masses to witness them. Live webcast court proceedings exclude any sensitive cases that involve minors, marital issues, sexual assault etc. This step toward providing virtual access to courtroom proceedings makes the whole process more transparent. While there are speculations in public regarding the appropriateness of this decision, people fearing that it would reduce the seriousness of the situation and ultimately affect the dignity of the court;there are some definite pros of webcasting court proceedings.

    Advantages of Webcasting Court Proceedings


    A live stream of court proceedings makes the judicial system more answerable for its job as the increased online attendance brings varying points of view and questions to the table.


    It also allows the whole thing to be properly documented exactly as it happens. This helps in record keeping for referencing not just for the current case but also for any similar future cases.


    The public’s direct online access to court proceedings eliminates any bumps in the communication of vital information that are otherwise present in many indirect mediums.

    Open Justice

    When executed according to the set guidelines and in a structured manner, court proceedings webcasting are an extension of the open court and open justice concept.

    India is moving forward towards a more open and progressive judicial system with this step taken for the public benefit and this demands the best live streaming services for court.

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    Features of Courtroom Live Streaming Services

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    • Security

      We promise you a 100% security and privacy for your live stream video data and information.

    • Monetization

      Your webcasting content will have high quality and the process will be transparent due to our easy monetization of video data.

    • Streaming no bar

      We provide smooth and effortless live streaming without restrictions on shareable content and the hours of broadcast.

    • Device Support

      Our live webcast content is supported on multiple devices like smartphones, PCs, laptops, ipdas, etc.

    • Branding

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    Dreamcast as a company that aims to facilitate effective online communication to the masses for the purposes of fulfilling business goals, educational benefits and the ultimate dream of continued growth, looks forward to the future of live stream services for court.