JLF London is an annual event celebrating literature via books, creativity, diversity, and dialogue.
The iconic event is usually held at the historic British Library in London but due to the on-going pandemic, things had to be done differently for this year’s edition & so Dreamcast was on board to make sure, the event is only greater virtually!

Instead of hosting the event on the traditional summer dates, Teamwork Arts decided to host a virtual event that would last 3 whole days. That’s the beauty of going virtual with Dreamcast.
Dreamcast worked with Teamwork Arts to deliver a virtual event that would do justice to the stellar lineup of speakers at the event including Vidya Balan, Vani Tripathi Tikoo, Nayanika Mahtani, Bernardine Evaristo, Sashi Tharoor, and more.

Some highlights of the event powered by Dreamcast’s Virtual Events Platform included:

The event being Live across 10 different platforms simultaneously.

Quick and easy registration process.

A unique micro site custom made for the clients’ needs.

A direct donation zone that allowed attendees to donate to the free event.

A clean, elegant, and completely custom-designed virtual event that was in-line with the brand guidelines of the event.

Engagement features that allowed attendees to communicate with each other, and the speakers via direct Q/A.

JLF London 2020 was an internationally successful virtual event and received a lot of praise and media coverage. By partnering with Teamwork Arts, Dreamcast was able to bring the magic of literature back by delivering an amazing virtual event filled with great insights, thoughts, and dialogue.

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