ABC Virtual Trade Conference 2021 Powered By Dreamcast

Dreamcast was proud and humbled to host and facilitate the ABC virtual trade conference 2021 on their platform.
ABC virtual trade conference 2021 took place virtually this year. As hosting physical gatherings are nearly impossible in the current times, ABC decided to transform their trade conference into a virtual space. So, Dreamcast was there to take the trade conference 2021 onboard virtually. The virtual trade conference turned out to be a huge success with 24/7 technical support from our experts that made the user journey smooth and seamless.

“ Immersive Real-time event experiences”

The team of experts at Dreamcast closely understood the event requirements and curated a perfect virtual platform by amalgamating the most brilliant enthralling features that best match the event requirements. The dynamic lobby area with a display of video has been crafted to deliver life-like event experiences to attendees. Additionally, the virtual trade conference offered a help desk section for attendees to ask their queries and experience a hassle-free event. The auditorium with a Q & A functionality has been curated for hosting engaging sessions. Whereas Q&A feature instilled help in keeping attendees engaged throughout the session. Thus contributing to the event’s success.

The virtual trade conference hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform received phenomenal responses from attendees and was a massive hit. We integrated every possible feature to recreate live physical event experiences in a virtual world. However, making the event bigger and better!

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