India Africa ICT Expo 2020 Powered by Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

India Africa ICT Expo 2020, a two day virtual event hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform received phenomenal response from attendees worldwide, thus making the event a grand success!

The virtual expo offered a brilliant opportunity to Indian companies to showcase their products and solutions to a diverse segment of global attendees and attract buyers from Africa.

Making virtual expo a global experience!
Dreamcast is extremely proud and thrilled to curate a holistic and immersive virtual exhibition platform by amalgamating the most exuberant engaging and interactive feature suiting the event requirement. The India Africa virtual expo 2020 having 40+ talented speakers was witnessed by 2000 attendees thus contributing to the event’s success. More than 40 sponsors participated in the event and 8 conference sessions were streamed live during the virtual expo. The event delivered breathtaking experiences one has ever witnessed. Thus making a virtual expo a truly global experience!

Key Highlights of the Virtual Expo hosted on Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform:

  1. Multiple exhibition halls for the display of various virtual exhibition booths to showcase product offerings and demos.

  2. Empowered attendees to talk with company representatives, make appointments & request callbacks at virtual exhibition booths to boost networking and engagements.

  3. Enabled networking lounge powered by AI, allowing attendees to find people holding similar interests to network and have 1:1 meetings in real-time.

  4. Auditorium for engaging conference sessions with polls and ask a question functionality to keep attendees engaged.

The virtual expo hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform received phenomenal response and appreciation from global attendees. The products showcased during the virtual expo attracted a wide range of buyers from Africa. The team of experts at Dreamcast closely worked to curate a perfect platform that delivered outstanding event experiences just like physical expos.
The virtual event has simplified the search for yielding better results and a custom environment to engage attendees effortlessly. The briefcase functionality has been enabled during the virtual expo to bookmark the interesting or most awaited sessions, PDFs, company profiles and more for later viewing. Whereas push feedback forms enabled exhibitors to gain the valuable feedback of attendees in real-time before they leave the event. Virtual expo powered by Dreamcast has brought attendees from around the world together to experience a fully immersive and seamless event right from their home comforts, thus resulting in leaving them wanting more!

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