Live Streaming and Digital Archiving at Jaipur Literature Festival’ 17

Jaipur Literature Festival is a celebration held to cherish all the continental as well as international authors and their literary talents.
It is rightly termed as “the greatest literary show on earth”. This tremendous festival is a joyous occasion that empowers numerous individuals to cherish the writing patterns and the literature artworks of a variety of authors. Jaipur Literature Festival takes place at the Diggi Palace in Jaipur. JLF has gained extensive popularity that attracts numerous individuals who love to take part in their mesmerizing events. Nevertheless, for the success of an event, it is extremely important to make it accessible to a large audience. In order to achieve this target, JLF opted for the assistance of Dreamcast.

Our exuberant platform facilitated with the most extravagant features and event highlights enabled Jaipur Literature Festival to achieve this objective and target more audience at a global level. We successfully consolidated the key elements and curated a marvellous platform that boosted the brand values and increased the festive vibes effortlessly. Dreamcast proudly took the responsibility of live streaming on numerous social platforms and digital archiving in a seamless manner.


The event was streamed across 6 parallel feedssimultaneously.

Dreamcast successfully live-streamed on Multiple platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

6 days of continuous streaming with maximum audience engagement with Dreamcast.

Full HD streaming to lure in positive feedback and enhance the audience experience.

1 million+ view by a global audience.

Dreamcast successfully carried out 250+ hours of streaming under 200+ sessions with the utmost ease.

Jaipur Literature Festival was a tremendous 5-day event during which Dreamcast was present to assist them on site. We astonishingly live-streamed the entire event in 5 simultaneous live streams that proved to be a huge success and lured in explosive growth along with the success for the event. Jaipur Literature Festival targeted an extensive population with the help of our live streams that were streamed in high definition on a variety of platforms like the main YouTube channel, website as well as Facebook page of JLF. The number of unique views increased from 12k+ in 2016 to 1mn+ in 2017. Furthermore, we facilitated the participants with an extraordinary element of digital archiving. This enabled long-term preservation of the live streams and empowered the participants to effectively access the information at the earliest. Whereas the number of unique views increased from 400k in 2016 to 500k in 2017 exponentially.

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