Virtual event Hindustan Times Leadership Summit x Dreamcast

Dreamcast partnered with Hindustan Times, the prominent leading industry in media and entertainment.
Dreamcast is thrilled to announce that they partnered with Hindustan Times. Undeniably, this event was a tremendous success. Our virtual event platform saw a four-week long virtual event that brought together numerous leaders that curated a blueprint for India and the entire world.
Numerous powerful and recognisable entities came together and shared their valuable insights with all the virtual attendees. There is no denying the fact that this was a great conceptualising session that fueled a lot of innovative ideas whilst maintaining the solace of individuals.

100% customised and seamless experience

This virtual event was enhanced with the participation of prominent personalities such as Rajnath Singh, honourable minister of Defense, Government of India, Nick and Priyanka Chopra Jonas, actor and producer and even Dr Abhijeet Banerjee, Nobel laureate and a lot more. Dreamcast highly appreciates their valuable time and efforts put into uplifting the entire ambience of this virtual event.

All the virtual attendees were facilitated with the help of marvellous features that made this virtual event a seamless experience. Engaging features like networking lounge and business card exchange, empowered individuals to expand their networking administrations in no time. This allowed participants to reach a global audience and expand their mental horizons.

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