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Key Features Of Corporate Live Streaming

There’s no denying that live streaming video is one of the significant ways of communication in today’s world. Not only is there an abundance of live streaming services for corporate events, but companies use live streaming all over the world for several uses.

Corporate live streaming solutions provide a lot of options for corporates to use live video when it comes to both internal and external communication. 

In this blog, we’re going to take a look at how corporates use live streaming, the standard equipment and budget requirements, and critical features that are important for all corporate live streaming solutions.

Uses of Live Streaming for Corporations

Live streaming is a technology that has a lot of uses. It is, essentially, just broadcasting video in real-time over the internet. It can be used to not only live stream company events but also in facilitating real-time communication within the organization.

Companies often live stream corporate events for several reasons, including:

  • Saving up on travel and accommodation costs.
  • Taking advantage of social media marketing trends using live video on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.
  • Creating a video archive of notable corporate events for other purposes like marketing etc.

Other uses of the live streaming video include webcasts and web conferences. Webinars and webcasts are used by companies to make themselves a thought leader in their niche and web conferences are used to communicating more effectively. 

Key Features

Every live streaming tool for corporates comes with a different set of features. Some might be more suitable for your business than others, but some key elements are essential for all corporate live streaming solutions. Here are some of the most important features that are required in every live streaming solution for corporates:

1. A robust Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Corporate live streaming solutions use a system of data centres and proxy servers that are collectively known as the content delivery network (CDN) of the solution. It is rare that a live streaming tool for corporates will create its own CDN and will normally use the services of established CDNs to ensure reliable, fast, and smooth transfer of data so the live stream doesn’t face any lag or glitches.

CDNs are especially important when you live stream corporate events as facing glitches or lag during a live event is the worst thing and doesn’t look professional at all, which can lead to a bad viewing experience.  

2. Access to Video API

API stands for Application Program Interface, which can be used to create custom applications based on the underlying service provided by the corporate live streaming solutions.

APIs are really powerful as they allow businesses to create their own endpoints while using the services provided by the live streaming solution. For example, a company can create its own app for an event while live streaming services for corporate events power the live streaming aspect of it.

All enterprise-grade corporate events live streaming solutions will most likely provide access to their APIs and it is definitely one of the key features when it comes to corporate live streaming.

3. Security Features

For all corporate applications, including any live streaming tool for corporates, security is an essential and key feature. A lot of sensitive data is usually handled by live streaming solutions, especially when it comes to communications of the company.

Most enterprise-grade live streaming solutions provide excellent security features that make it almost impossible for data to be leaked or hacked.

4. Analytics

Especially when it comes to corporate events live streaming solutions, analytics can play a vital role in not only providing information about the event but also in optimizing future events based on the data.

Proper analytics can also help in making the most out of social media marketing trends, as it is easier to track what is working better. Analytics can also provide critical insights, especially when it comes to webinars and webcasts, which can then be used to optimize the content.

5. White Label

Lastly, one of the major key features of any corporate live streaming is white labeling. White labeling is a feature that is present in almost all enterprise-grade live streaming solution.

While most free live streaming tools usually put their own logo or branding in every live stream conducted on the platform. Enterprise-grade level tools do not carry any branding on the live video and, also, allow the company to add their own branding to the video.


While most live streaming solutions these days provide pretty similar features, it is still important for any live streaming platform to have some key features, especially when it is meant to be enterprise-grade. We hope this blog was useful in helping you understand these features better!

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