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Enable fans to catch missed highlights by Livestreaming sporting events. Dreamcast offers a professional solution to live webcast sports & gaming events.



    India and sports are two entities that go hand in hand. Cricket has been India’s most revered sport for the past few decades and this game of a bat and a ball enjoys mass following and adoration. Along with that, comes Kabaddi the age-old sport that has taken over the world yet again, everyone’s favorite football and many other sporting events. Keeping the love for sports in mind, many live sports streaming services have taken shape and are providing sporting event webcasts and live sports streaming in HD quality.

    Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. in this day and age are all about live streaming and webcasting. Webcast service providers have recognized this as the future of social media and using them for live streaming of sports broadcasting and also live stream of local sports event is definitely the next big thing. Sports live Streaming on Social Media is a newly-fangled thing which enables heavy promoting of such events. Live video streaming for sports, webcasting services help in generating huge sums of revenue as well as helps in strengthening the hold on the feeds of social media platforms all around the world. Without a ray of doubt, one can say that, with this new way of communication, the sharing of knowledge, entertainment through live sports streaming with people from all over the world and even to ones in remote locations.

    The attention span of viewers is a debatable topic and games with long format do tend to lose the attention and interest by the game viewers. Live streaming allows the viewers to watch missed parts as these videos can be achieved and be seen later. This is a great way to watch missed games for all the busy professionals which are only one click and a view ahead. With an option of watching videos on practically every device, it becomes all the more easy for anyone, anytime.

    Dreamcast brings to you live streaming, webcasting services that allows you and your brand to reach new heights of success and add more to the list of accolades. It gives an online consumer an easy and novel platform to easily broadcast their content. The feature of live streaming allows people who are not able to personally attend events to get a chance to witness the events and not miss out on important insights. The sky is the limit for when it comes to using live event streaming, webcasting content. Live streaming services are sweeping the distances around us efficiently and effortlessly.

    We at Dreamcast aim to deliver just the right thing for you and provide flawless live streaming, YouTube streaming, live streaming of sports and the like among a host of other services according to your needs. Dreamcast is associated with various companies and content providers for private screenings, conferences, corporate events, music concerts, educational purposes and the like in all major cities of India like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai, Pune, and Hyderabad to provide full HD quality and successfulresults. Connect with a large number of audience instantly and showcase your event with our accessible services.