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Top 5 Virtual Product Launch Events

2020 has been marked off as the year of the covid-19 pandemic in history forever. This serious haphazard led to a worldwide lockdown that called for some major changes in our everyday lifestyle. Our generation saw some major shifts in our productivity as well as work patterns. But, this gigantic hurdle did not stop organisations around the globe from rendering their top-notch services. Almost each business enterprise from every corner of the world adapted to this new normal and shifted to a virtual lifestyle. With the coming of work from home facility, virtual events have now become a must!

Virtual Events for Product Launches

According to a survey, more than 50% of individuals come across at least two virtual events within a month. Although virtual events have been around the corner for quite a while, we cannot deny the fact that the coronavirus pandemic gave its existence a stupefying boost. From sitting down to plan physical events to brainstorming virtual product launches, the event planners have done a commendable job in instantly adapting to these tech-savvy innovations.

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As we all know, virtual events allow individuals to partake in digital sessions from the comfort of their houses. They are quite budget-oriented and engage the clients in a mesmerizing manner. Due to this brilliant functionality aspect, virtual events are now being utilised for numerous product launches by businesses. These virtual launches allow organisations to target a global audience and spread valuable information about their products or services. With that being said, we must also consider the rise of a new technological feature that enhances the virtual events and takes them to precipitous heights of success.

Yes, we are talking about hybrid events! Undeniably, these platforms can be termed as the new future of events. Hybrid virtual launches permit several individuals to accommodate physically at a given location and create quality content that can be spread to a larger audience virtually. Let us have a look at the top five virtual product launches of 2020 and try to learn more about their distinctive strategies.

1. MG Hector Plus

This brand marvellously utilised the utmost potential of virtual events and launched their Hector Plus automobile in front of a live audience. Unquestionably, this was a great power move for the entire automobile industry of India. With the help of a flawless virtual platform, they welcomed the third member of the MG family in front of more than 7000 live audiences watching their every move.

Their speakers were well-rehearsed and they also successfully inculcated engaging aspects in their live session that kept the curiosity level of individuals high. Their umpteen dedication and enthusiasm made their virtual event one of the best virtual product launch shows of 2020.

2. Apple Inc.

Image source: bloombergquint

Apple was able to create a huge amount of buzz in the audience with their virtual launch in September 2020. This leading brand announced the launch of a variety of new products including the very famous apple watch and two brand new models of iPad. They were able to describe each and every detail with the utmost elaboration and were able to effortlessly grab the audience’s attention.

This brand virtually announced a list of stupefying features that were to be added in their product range including an oxygen metre and the fastest processor in Apple watch.

3. Canon India

2020 saw one of the major virtual product launches when Fountainhead MKTG exuberantly planned out a virtual launch for the famous Canon EOS R5 and EOS R6 cameras. According to the media, the virtual event was fascinatingly captured from two distinctive locations and received a great response from the audience. The virtual launch successfully marked the entry of two full-frame mirrorless cameras along with the top-notch EOS R accessories.


Image source: CN HTC Vive

HTC Corp is a famous Taiwanese electronics company that took the virtual product launch shows to a whole new level. This company welcomed their “Vive XR Suite” and marked the official release of this top-notch product with their very own virtual event. This company is famous for its virtual reality headsets. Thus, their virtual launch was held on their very own VR application. This application permitted individuals from around the globe to participate in this virtual launch as avatars in an immersive space.

HTC launched five different VR applications that have been specially designed to fathom the overpowering challenges of the post-pandemic lifestyle.

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5. Runner

Runner is one of the leading local bike manufacturers in India. Their products are highly appreciated by individuals and are always in great demand. But, the coronavirus pandemic played a drastic role in their product launching ceremony of this brand. Nevertheless, they were able to turn this obstacle into one of their greatest strengths and successfully launched a variety of products virtually on Facebook. This virtual launch was admired by individuals from every corner of the globe. Runner was able to introduce various products from a digital application to a brand new automobile range named Skooty in an hour-long stream.

Additionally, they were able to answer numerous queries for all the potential buyers as well as current customers and received unconditional appreciation for their flawless work. Therefore, there is no denying the fact that their virtual launch was a great success.


Virtual launches are gaining significant popularity, especially during this tedious time of the pandemic. Companies are striving hard to render out-of-the-box facilities and curate a perfect platform to facilitate all their product launches.

Virtual product launch shows are the perfect alternative to physical events because they are not only budget-oriented but are quite engaging as well. There’s no denying the fact that hybrid virtual launches would make the major part of the future events and will eliminate physical events to a great extent. If you are planning to host virtual product launches for your brand, this article would be extremely beneficial. In the above-mentioned article, we have discussed the top five virtual product launch shows that have left the world entirely spellbound.

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