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12 Marketing Strategies To Promote Webinar On Instagram For Boosting Attendance

Webinar is one of the most influential marketing tools, Webinars have been popular in the industry even before remote work took over the world. It has been used for internal and external communication in the organization. If you decide to host a webinar for any objective you will have to promote it so that your audience knows about it. And now you can promote webinar on Instagram or on other channels to get the maximum participation. Ultimately, webinar promotion on Instagram will help you reach a wider audience and generate more traffic for your webinar.

Today webinars are not just a tool that helps you with internal and external communication, but they can be used for various other objectives like promotions and marketing of the product or service, training of the employees, educational purposes, etc.

In this blog, we will learn how Instagram for webinars can be an effective promotional tool. We will explore 12 marketing strategies that you can use to promote webinars on Instagram.

Top 12 Marketing Strategies For Webinar Promotion On Instagram

Here are the top 12 strategies that you can follow to promote webinar on Instagram.

Top 12 Marketing Strategies For Webinar Promotion On Instagram

1. Set Clear Goals Or Objectives

If you want to promote a webinar on Instagram, the very first thing that you will have to do is set clear goals or objectives for it. If you don’t have a clear objective in mind it can become challenging for you to measure the success of webinar promotion on Instagram strategy. Instagram event marketing can help you achieve all your goals and objectives with the right marketing strategy.

For webinar promotion on Instagram, you can ask yourself questions like what is the main purpose of hosting this webinar? What outcome do you desire from this webinar? Is this webinar to generate leads, market products or services, or is it to communicate with your audience or educate them on a certain topic? Instagram for the webinar can help you attain all these goals all you have to do is create a tailor-made marketing strategy according to your main objective. So after you have set clear objectives for webinar promotion on Instagram you will be able to move further for creating promotional strategy.

2. Create a Dedicated Webinar Hashtag

Create a Dedicated Webinar Hashtag

We all know how crucial hashtags are for Instagram. So to promote webinar on Instagram you can create a dedicated hashtag for your webinar. With hashtag webinar promotion on Instagram becomes convenient as hashtag helps you get visible on the platform. Instagram event posts with a dedicated hashtag can generate better engagement.

One of the best Instagram event promotion ideas is to use your webinar hashtag with all your promotional material.

Instagram event marketing with hashtags can include promotions on posts, stories, reels, and bios with a dedicated webinar hashtag. With Instagram for webinars, you can encourage your followers to follow and use your hashtag for sharing their feedback and experience with your webinar. So from next time don’t forget to create a unique hashtag for your webinar promotion on Instagram.

3. Leverage Instagram Stories

For webinar promotion on Instagram, stories are another effective feature that the platform offers. Stories create a sense of urgency among the followers which is why it is an effective way to promote webinars on Instagram. With stories you can use high-quality, eye-catching graphics, you can also use other features that stories on the platform offer like a countdown, music, stickers, etc for Instagram event marketing.

Create an Instagram event post/story that builds excitement among your followers and helps you boost the attendance of your webinar. Instagram for webinars is also effective for boosting attendance because it offers a “swipe up” feature that will allow organizers to redirect their users to their webinar registration page, website, etc. So if you are planning to organize a webinar make sure to promote it on Instagram stories. You can also create highlights of your stories for webinar promotion on Instagram.

4. Collaborate with Influencers

Collaborating with the influencers is another Instagram event promotion idea that can help you in boosting the attendance of your webinar. Instagram for webinars allows organizers to partner with other experts and influencers in the industry. Influencers Instagram event marketing helps organizations reach more audiences as collaborating with other experts in the industry offers you an opportunity to engage with their audience too. Promote webinar on Instagram through influencer marketing and you will be visible to more eyes on Instagram.

For webinar promotion on Instagram through influencer marketing you will have to research and connect with the influencers who align with the image of your brand. You can use them for an Instagram event post in collaboration with your brand to get as much attention as you can get.

5. Use Instagram Live

Use Instagram Live

Just like Facebook live streaming Services now even Instagram also offers live streaming services. With Instagram live streaming Services you can opt for real-time webinar promotion on Instagram. Live streaming services can also help marketers to promote webinars on Instagram. Live streaming is an interactive way of webinar promotion on Instagram. With live streaming you can connect directly with your users in real time you can talk to them, answer their questions and interactively promote your webinar.

Live streaming services by Instagram for events allow organizers to build a strong relationship with the users. Instagram event marketing through live features allows organizers to show behind-the-scenes insights, provide them with some exclusive content and information, etc. Instagram for webinars helps in boosting audience engagement through live-streaming features.

6. Host a Giveaway

Hosting a giveaway is among other Instagram webinar promotion ideas that you can opt for. If you want to build a sense of excitement among the users you can host a giveaway to promote the webinar on Instagram. Asking your audience to take part in some sort of contest and offering some rewards in return are popular Instagram event promotion ideas. You can create Instagram event posts wherein you can announce your giveaway and mention some of the rules that your audience needs to follow while taking part in this giveaway.

Make sure when you host a giveaway on Instagram for a webinar aligns with the theme of the webinar and offers a reward that resonates with your target audience. This will create buzz among your audience and help you reach your promotional goals. Content, giveaways and some other social media challenges can help in webinar promotion on Instagram and at the same time builds excitement among the audience. By using Instagram for webinar promotions through giveaways you will be able to build a strong market presence.

7. Create Compelling Visuals

Creating compelling and eye-catching visuals is the next option that you can go for Instagram webinar promotion ideas. High-quality visuals will help you attract more audience and these visuals will make it easier for you to promote webinars on Instagram. Instagram is a platform that supports and promotes high-quality visuals, it is a visual platform so creating and sharing visuals on Instagram for the webinar will help you gain the attention of your audience. You can create an Instagram event post in a video form by using bright colors, engaging designs, and bold and appealing fonts that will help you catch the attention of your potential audience. Instagram for webinars can support organizers in sharing the glimpse of their events or webinars.

8. Utilize User-Generated Content

Creating user-generated content is among other Instagram webinar promotion ideas. User-generated content is content that is created and hosted by users. You can use Instagram for events that are completely based on user-generated content. In this, you can ask your users to take part in a contest or giveaway and create content around your webinar. The user generated content is a more impactful way of promoting webinars on Instagram. As your users are directly involved with the promotions of your content. You can ask your users to post about their experience by using your hashtag.

You can use different ways to encourage your audience to create content for instance you can ask them to share a video or photo of them while watching your webinar and post it using your webinar hashtag. It is effective because users usually tend to trust the content that is shared by their peers.

9. Run Instagram Ads

Running ads is another way to promote webinars on Instagram and attract more audiences. Instagram for events and brands offers various types of ad formats that include photo ads, carousel ads, video ads, and story ads. All these different ad formats will help you reach your target audience. One of the best Instagram event promotion ideas is to create video ads for Instagram that can showcase what your webinar is all about and what value your webinar can offer to your attendees.

Run Instagram Ads

Running ads is crucial for Instagram webinar promotion ideas because it not just helps in targeting your audience but also helps in re-targeting your audience. By creating informational ad copy you can easily boost attendance at your webinar so make sure you leverage Instagram ads for marketing of webinar.

10. Share Teaser Content

Offering the teaser content of your webinar will help you promote the webinar on Instagram. To pique the interest of the attendees and to drive more engagement and attendance to your webinar you should release the teaser content of your webinar. In this teaser video, you can share a sneak peek of your webinar, some interesting behind-the-scenes, an introduction of the speaker and other members, etc. Instagram for events and webinars is a perfect platform to release the teaser content.

11. Utilize Instagram Reels

Utilizing Instagram reels is a feature that can help you get visible and promote webinars on Instagram. Reels are one of the best Instagram webinar promotion ideas because the platform is supporting short video forms of content. Not just that the reach of Instagram reels is also wider. This means reels on Instagram for events and webinars help you find new audiences.

Create reels that are short, informational, and have the ability to catch the attention of the users. And to create such reels you can use trending music, different layouts, bold and catchy texts, overlays, and special effects, and make sure your reel is of high quality.

12. Follow-Up with Attendees

Instagram for events also allows you to collect feedback from attendees. Organizers can collect feedback in real-time during the Instagram live session or they can collect feedback through a feedback form the link of which they can share either in their bio or in their story. Organizers can not just promote webinars on Instagram they can also collect the necessary feedback from the attendees through the platform. And this makes Instagram marketing an effective way of promoting webinars online. You can share the highlights of the webinar and go live to thank your audience for attending the webinar and making it successful. Doing this will create a sense of belonging among your attendees.

The Bottom Line

Instagram is a social media platform that has a strong audience which is why it attracts a lot of event marketers. With such a strong audience base this platform is perfect for marketing your products or services. This is why we have created this blog that will help you market your webinar on Instagram and help you attract more audience. So if you want to use Instagram for webinar make sure to follow these above-mentioned 12 strategies for marketing your webinar you will surely be able to host a successful webinar. Instagram for events and webinars are becoming a tool that event markets are shifting towards lately.

And if you want to host a webinar professionally with a webinar hosting platform you can connect with Dreamcast. As we offer you a fully customizable platform where you can host your webinar with an ‘n’ number of attendees and with the features that you require.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the best marketing strategies to promote a webinar on Instagram?

Some of the most effective marketing strategies that you can use to promote your webinar on Instagram are using features like reels, swipe-up stories, hashtags, countdown, live streaming, Instagram ads, etc.

Is User-generated content an effective way to promote webinars on Instagram?

Yes, user-generated content is one of the most effective ways to promote your webinar on Instagram. This encourages the new audience to follow your content and helps you boost attendance at your webinar or other events.

How can I create engaging content to promote my webinar on Instagram?

To create engaging content for promoting your webinar on Instagram you can use high-quality visuals, bold texts, and overlays, provide glimpses of your webinar, share behind the scenes, and create buzz through regular posting and story sharing.

Is it essential to create a hashtag for webinar promotions on Instagram?

Yes, it is necessary to have a webinar hashtag if you are promoting your webinar on Instagram as it will give you an overview of audience engagement with your webinar and you will be able to share all the updates with the help of that particular hashtag.

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