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10 Ways To Maximize Your Green Engagement Impact with User-Generated Content

Sustainability has become a crucial factor these days and now more and more event organizers are shifting to a green engagement strategy for hosting sustainable events. User-generated content is a perfect option for generating green engagement at events. With the help of certain digital tools like photo booths, social media walls, games, hashtags, etc event organizers can host a sustainable event and at the same time engage and attract a wider audience.

Most event organizers love user-generated content because it helps them in marketing and promotion of the event. When you allow your users to create content for the event, it makes them feel more connected to the event. In this article, you will learn how user-generated content for events can help with green engagement and sustainability at the event.

10 Easy Ways to Incorporate User-Generated Content into Your Green Engagement Strategy

Here are 10 ways that you can use to incorporate and promote user-generated content into your green engagement strategy.

Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms are a perfect and robust tool for user-generated content. These platforms not just help organizers promote and market their event but also help event organizers to encourage the audience for generating content. These platforms help sustainably build engagement.

With the help of different social media platforms you can encourage your audience to create content for your events on social media platforms, it will create buzz around your event on social media platforms.

Event organizers can host social media contests, ask questions, and host live sessions on social media platforms. Social media helps in creating an interactive experience for the audience before the event. Instead of opting for the traditional way of printing material for marketing and promotions you can turn to social media platforms, interact with them and create user-generated content.

Photo Booth

Whether you are looking for brand activation ideas or a sustainable way to encourage user-generated content for your event photo booth is a perfect option. There are various types of photo booths available in the industry that you can install at your event and encourage your audience to use them. It is easy to integrate a photo booth with a social media wall and social media platform.

You can ask your attendees to use photo booths for clicking a fun and creative picture that you can later share on your event’s social media platform for promotion of your event. You can also encourage your attendees to share their photo booth images online for user-generated content.

Social Media Wall For Events

You can also incorporate social media walls into your green engagement strategy for user-generated content. Social media walls for events help organizers in branding and promotions of the event. With the help of social media walls, organizers can display the content that their attendees share online on different social media platforms.

By integrating social walls with social media platforms and photo booths, event organizers can display the photos of their attendees on the wall, show the winners of the games and that is not it, social media walls can also be used to display live news and updates regarding the industry or anything that the attendees of the events are sharing online on different social media platform.


These days event organizers are looking for different ways in which they interact and engage with the audience and gamification is an effective way to do that. Event Gamification is becoming popular among event organizers for user-generated content. Event organizers can create a sense of excitement and fun at the event by hosting games, contests and offering rewards.


You can display the score, winners, and rewards of the event on your social media wall. You can ask your event attendees to submit their photo with your event hashtag on the social media platform, or tweet about their event experience and all this will help you with user-generated content.

Create a Hashtag

For hosting sustainable events with the help of user-generated content, event organizers can also take advantage of social media hashtags. Hashtag is one of the easiest ways to encourage attendees to create user-generated content. You can create a unique hashtag for your event. You can ask your attendees to use event hashtags while posting about the event online on different social media platforms. With the help of hashtags, it becomes easy to track all the user-generated content on different social media platforms. For creating a sense of community at the event you can display all the content that your users are posting on social media platforms with your event hashtag.

Create a Hashtag

Collaborate with Influencers

Collaboration with influencers is an effective way to encourage attendees to create user-generated content. Now if you want to promote green engagement and sustainable events you should consider collaborating with influencers from your industry who are passionate about sustainable events or who talk about or promote the sustainable event.

By collaborating with these influencers you get a chance to interact with their audience, you can run a social media contest with them or go live and interact with them. You can ask to start a social media challenge with such influences and encourage your audience to take part in it, and as a result, you will be able to get user generated content for your event.

Showcase Sustainable Partners

Now if you are hosting an event you might have some sponsors and partners. If you are hosting a sustainable event with green engagement partnering with other organizers, vendors, and sponsors that supports sustainable events will help in creating an impact among your audience. You can ask your partner to talk about the event on different platforms and encourage their audience for the same. And you can use that as user-generated content while promoting your event.

Live Polling

If we are talking about user-generated content for events how can we miss live polls? Live polls are the best way of generating green engagement during the event because these live polls are completely digital, which will reduce the impact on the environment. There is no involvement of any pen or paper. Plus live polls are effective for engaging the audience and collecting feedback from them. Polls and interactive question-and-answer sessions can keep the audience engaged throughout the event. By integrating live polls with the social media wall at the event, event organizers will be able to get user-generated content for the event.

Live Polling

Share Sustainability Tips

If you are hosting a green and sustainable event sharing tips with your audience regarding sustainability is a good idea, it will have a positive impact on your audience. Not just for the promotions or marketing of the event user-generated content can also be used for promoting sustainability in general. You can share some tips and ideas on how event organizers can reduce waste at their events and how they can turn to a green engagement strategy for sustainability and user-generated content. You can share all this online in a different content form which your audience can re-share and help you get user-generated content. It can also help you reach a wider audience.

Measure Your Impact

Finally, after following all these tips for user-generated content and green engagement it is time for you to measure the impact of it. Tracking what your attendees are sharing about your event will get an idea about the performance of your event. You can track the post, tweets, and videos your audience is sharing online with your event hashtag. It is one of the best practices for user-generated content. This will help you understand what impact you have on your audience.

The Bottom Line

With the help of user-generated content events, organizers can motivate users to take an active part in the event. Event organizers can offer them different digital tools that users can use for generating content for the event such as live polls, social media platforms, social media walls, photo booths, hashtags, etc.

The best part about user-generated content is that it is only sustainable and increases green engagement but is also reusable. Event organizers can repurpose the content for their upcoming event promotions and marketing. User-generated content is a must-have for event organizers as they help them in engaging the audience effectively.

If you want to use sustainable digital tools for increasing engagement at your event you can choose Dreamcast for it. With the help of our digital tools and services, you will be able to host more sustainable events. If you are curious to know more connect with us or book a free demo today!

Frequently Asked Question

What is user-generated content for the event?

User-generated content for events refers to any form of content that is generated by the attendees of the event. The content can be in any form like social media posts, blog posts, story shoutouts, photos, tweets about the event, etc. This content helps event organizers in marketing and promoting their events.

What is green engagement for an event?

Green engagement for the events refers to the strategy of the event organizers for engaging the attendees of the event in an environment-friendly way. This practice is used by event organizers for hosting sustainable events by reducing the impact on the environment.

What are the benefits of user-generated content for the event?

There are various benefits of user-generated content for the events such as increased engagement, credibility, wider reach, cost-effectiveness, authenticity, and re-usable.

How do you promote sustainability in events?

There are several ways to make your event more sustainable for instance reduce paper waste and use event registration and ticketing platforms for registrations and ticketing, choose eco-friendly and sustainable event venues, opt for local vendors to reduce the impact on the environment, etc.

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