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QR Code For Event Registration And Ticketing

Event ticketing and registrations are a crucial part of the event planning and organization process. And now QR codes for events are becoming popular in the industry for this process. The event industry is growing and embracing technology in every aspect of the event. Event organizers are always looking for ways in which they can enhance the experience of their event attendees and make their events efficient. And that is why organizers are adopting QR codes for event registration.

According to Juniper reports “the users for contactless ticketing will reach 468 million by 2023” which means it’s the perfect time for you to switch to contactless ticketing and registration using QR code.  

QR Codes for event ticketing and registration has become a prominent solution for the process of registration and ticketing. If you are wondering how you can use QR codes for events and some tips that can help with the event then you have landed on the perfect blog. We will be exploring how to registration using QR code and more about QR code event management further in this blog, as they can be a game changer for event registrations and ticketing.

Overview Of An Event QR Code?

If you are wondering what event QR code is then here is a little introduction. Events QR code is a unique type of QR code that helps event organizers and planners streamline the process by event registration system with QR code. There is a unique QR code for every attendee at the event. These QR codes are usually linked with the registration and ticketing information of the attendee.

Overview Of An Event QR Code?

The QR code register for the event works more like a digital or E-ticket for the event.  Attendees can scan the QR code with their mobile phones to check in to the event, gain knowledge about speakers at the event, share feedback, etc.

How to Create A QR Code for Events?

Events QR codes are beneficial for the events and that is why event organizers are switching to QR-based registrations and ticketing for the event. If you are wondering how you can create a QR code for your event all you have to do is look for a comprehensive solution or a platform that provides you with efficient service for creating a QR code for the event. Also, this leads to a question that is how to create QR code for event registration. To answer this there is a simple process you can follow. Like by hiring or taking services of a platform that offers you a free hand in creating your QR code for the event. And that is not just for registration and ticketing but also for managing the whole event.

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How Can Dreamcast Be Your Savior For QR-Based Events?

If you are hosting an event and want to take it to the next level with smart solutions Dreamcast is the platform for you. Dreamcast can help you with an event that is completely based on check-ins. We help people add QR codes to all kinds of events like music festivals, trade shows, Seminars, social events, tech conventions, etc.

How Can Dreamcast Be Your Savior For QR-Based Events?

Here is what we can do for your event with QR codes:

  • Check-ins

If you want to facilitate the process of check-in during the event what’s better than QR based check? Your attendees will automatically get a unique QR code after they complete the process of registration for an event ticket. They can scan that QR code at the event venue for easy check-in. The QR code-based registration system can increase the efficiency of your event to host more seamlessly.

  • Access Management

With our QR-based solution, you will be able to manage access at your event. Your audience will get a unique QR code according to their tickets. For instance, if someone buys a VIP ticket in that case they will be able to access all the premium facilities like the lounge area, food, etc at your event by scanning QR codes. Moreover, with the process of registration with QR codes, you will be able to track and manage the attendee activities. This will also help you improve the event security by restricting attendees from entering areas where they are not required.

Like if someone gets a basic ticket and they try to access certain areas that the price of their ticket doesn’t cover they will be notified about access restrictions. This is how the QR code event registration works and makes it effective.

  • Analytics

We at Dreamcast offer analytics for event registration with a QR code by which you will be able to track your whole event. You will get the data that includes all the information like the estimate of footfall, the number of purchases made through scanning QR codes, check-ins at different booths, etc. QR code based registration can help you improve the overall event experience. Since you will be able to get all the data and information, it can help you make informed decisions to elevate the attendee experience. 

With Dreamcast, you can customize the event registration system with QR codes. Additionally, create event QR codes for various purposes such as creating a food menu at your venue. However, other apps, including menu maker, are also available that can easily create a food menu and generate QR codes for your menu. You can also use QR codes for accepting payments, advertising, conducting surveys, gathering feedback, etc.


Best Ways In Which QR Codes Can Help You

Registration with QR codes are the game changer for your events. There are various ways in which QR codes can help event organizers before, during, and after the event.

Best Ways In Which QR Codes Can Help You

1. QR Code For Payments

There are various ways in which event organizers can use QR codes in their events and using them for payments is the most common way. When you are offering on-site registration and ticketing for the event, QR codes can be really helpful for you. Most people these days are going cashless so offering QR codes for making payments for on-spot registrations and ticketing can increase sales.

Not just that if you are selling some products at your event that case also a QR code can be helpful. Additionally, it will help in keeping track of event revenue and online sales.

2. QR Code For Event Check In

Another popular way of including QR codes at your event is by offering QR-based check-ins at the event. If you are offering online registrations and tickets then you should consider using QR codes for check-ins.

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Event QR codes can simply be the process of checking for both event organizers and attendees. Attendees won’t have to wait in queues to enter the venue, they can scan their code to enter the venue. Event organizers will not need a whole team to manage long queues and entries at the event. They can use their manpower for more important tasks. Event QR codes can also be helpful from a security point of view.

3. QR Code For Event Attendance

Event management with QR code simplifies the process helping host to manage the attendance and other crucial aspects. When you offer registrations and tickets online you will have the estimate of people that might have to attend your event and with the help of QR code-based registration and check-ins, you will have the data that will help you in knowing how many people have attended the event and how many people registered. It will keep track of attendance at the event.

4. QR Code For Sharing Speaker’s Information

The next way in which event management with QR code can help organizers in creating an enriching experience for the attendee is by offering them information at their fingertips. At your event, there are more than one setup and speaker. With a QR code registration system, your attendees can gather all the information that they want about the speaker or the event.

You can add printed QR codes at different locations so that your attendees can conveniently scan the code from their smartphones and get the information that they want. You should offer a speaker profile through a QR code as it can be beneficial for attendees who want to know about the speaker or want to connect with them.

5. QR Code For Event Management

The best way of using QR codes is for managing your whole event. With the help of QR codes, you will be able to manage the registrations, ticketing, and check-ins at the event, you will be able to track your audience, you will know where they are entering, which booth they are interacting with, you can also gather feedback with the help QR codes. You will be able to manage all the different aspects with QR code event management systems.

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6. QR Codes For Collecting Feedback

The next way in which you can use a QR code is for collecting feedback. Your attendees can scan the QR code and you can attach the form to it or you can also redirect them to your website where you want to collect your feedback.

You should add printed QR codes all over the venue so that when your attendees wish to share their feedback they can do it easily. It is important to ask for feedback because you will be able to know how your event is performing and what things you can change or upgrade for your upcoming events.

QR Codes For Collecting Feedback

7. QR Code For Event Tracking

One of the best ways of using a QR code registration system for an in-person event is for tracking your event. With the help of a QR code, you will be able to track your event in real time. For instance, you have various booths at your event. All those booths have QR codes for check-ins, in that case, every time attendees check in at any booth you will know.

With the help of this, you will be able to know how your event attendees are engaging, where they are spending most of their time, etc. It will also be easier for you to keep the track of footfall also.

Top 10 Secrets to Choose the Perfect QR Code for Event Ticketing and Registration

We live in an era of a digital world, where nowadays QR codes for event ticketing and registration have become an essential tool for event planners. They streamline event registration processes, improve attendee experiences, and provide valuable insights. 

However, not all QR codes for event registration are created equal or up to the mark. Therefore to make the most of this technology, you need to know the secrets to find the right QR code for your event registration needs. 

1. Select the Right QR Code Generator

Your QR code-based registration journey begins with choosing a reliable QR code generator. Opt for a trusted platform that offers customization options, analytics, and support for various QR code types.

2. Determine the QR Code’s Destination

Decide where your QR code will lead. Is it for event registration, ticketing, or a specific landing page? Clarifying this upfront will guide the QR code creation process.

3. Prioritize Visual Appeal

Ensure that your QR code for event registration aligns with your event’s branding. You can customize the QR code’s colors and design elements to make it visually appealing.

4. Opt for Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR codes for event registration allow you to update the dedicated URL without changing the QR code itself. This flexibility is invaluable for last-minute changes or updates.

5. Test for Scannability

Before finalizing your QR code registration system, test it on different devices and with various QR code scanning apps. Ensure it’s easily scannable by attendees.

6. Size Matters

Consider the size of your QR code. It should be large enough to scan comfortably but not overwhelming. Strike a balance between being visible and being appealing at the same time.

7. Use QR Code Analytics

Many QR code generators provide analytics tools. Utilize these to track scans, gather attendee data, and gain insights into attendee engagement.

8. Include Error Correction

Select a QR code generator that offers error correction. This ensures that even if the code is slightly damaged or obscured, it can still be scanned successfully.

9. Secure Your QR Code

Protect your QR code from tampering or misuse by using password protection or QR code locking features offered by some generators.

10. Educate Your Attendees

Don’t assume that all attendees are QR code experts. Provide clear instructions on how to scan the code and what they can expect upon scanning.

Best Practices for Implementing QR Codes in Event Registration & Ticketing

Here are a few practices you can keep in mind when you’re choosing QR codes for event ticketing and registration. Let’s quickly discuss them:

1. QR Code Design

Ensure the QR code is visually appealing and aligns with event branding. Make sure to test the code’s scannability on various devices and apps.

2. Dynamic vs. Static QR Codes

Using dynamic URLs in your registration with QR codes can be updated without changing the code itself, so you can make changes last minute.

3. Security Measures

Try to employ password protection or QR code locking to prevent unauthorized access or tampering.

4. Educate Attendees

Make sure all attendees know how to scan QR codes, ensuring they are able to participate without any difficulty.

5. Analytics and Data Privacy

Utilize QR code generators that offer analytics tools to track scans. Always, ensure compliance with data privacy regulations when collecting attendee information.

The Bottom Line

QR codes are like a revolution for the event industry, they make the process of event registration, ticketing, and check-ins easy. With the help of QR code event management systems, organizers will be able to offer a better experience to their event attendees. QR codes can be beneficial for both event organizers and attendees.

If you are hosting an event you should implement QR codes to offer a seamless experience to your attendees.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use a QR code for ticketing?

You should look for a comprehensive solution like Dreamcast that offers QR-based services for event ticketing. Using a ticketing solution is hassle free and allows you to create event QR code easily.

What is the difference between QR and barcode?

QR codes and barcodes are the same for the most part but the only difference between them is that QR codes can store information in two dimensions whereas barcodes store information in one dimension only.

Do ticket QR codes expire?

No, QR codes don’t come with any expiration date so they don’t expire. But they can stop working once the QR link that they carry gets deleted or archived.

Why Should I Use QR Code for events?

You should use QR codes for events for registration, ticketing offering seamless check-ins, collecting payments, gathering feedback, etc.

Can I edit the information on the event QR Code?

Yes, most of the QR codes allow you to edit the information that they carry. But that is only possible if you have a dynamic event QR code.

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