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On-ground events have become a significant part of the event industry. But sometimes, reaching a wider audience beyond boundaries can be challenging, so how do you tackle this? The answer to that is with on-ground live streaming. You can break boundary barriers and reach a wider audience with event live streaming.

With live streaming, you can take your on-ground events to the next level. You can add a touch of technology and stand ahead of your competition. Event live streaming can also help with the content management of your on-ground event. If you are wondering why live streaming and content management for the on-ground event is must have and how it can be beneficial continue reading further and you will know it all.

Overview Of Live Streaming & Content Management

Live streaming and content management have become essential factors in the modern-day event industry. Both can help with event marketing and play a significant role in reaching the target audience.

The real-time broadcast of an event over the internet is called event live streaming. Individuals from different geographies can join the live stream and engage with the event. Whereas content management for on-ground events refers to curating, managing, organizing, and storing all the data, such as images, pdfs, documents, videos, and other forms of digital assets related to the event, in one place. It allows event organizers to offer easy access to content to the event attendees. Lately the demand for content management is increasing in the event industry.

Key Features Of On-Ground Event Streaming and Content Management

Here is how Dreamcast offers you the complete solution for event live streaming and content management:

Key Features Of On-Ground Event Streaming and Content Management

In-Studio Or On-ground Live Streaming

There are multiple ways for event live streaming, including in-studio and on-ground live streaming. For example, you can live stream from the studio setup with in-studio live streaming. In addition, in-studio live streaming is a perfect option for webinars, conferences, and events that need a more controlled environment. In-studio live streaming ensures high-quality streaming with a seamless experience for the attendees.

On the other hand, on-ground live streaming refers to the event live streaming from on-ground. It means event organizers will be live streaming directly from the event venue. With the help of on-ground live streaming, event organizers can reach a wider audience and take their event to the next level.

Connecting Virtual & Physical Speakers

With the help of event live streaming, organizers can connect their virtual and physical speakers. For instance, if an event occurs on the ground and you want to reach more audiences and remove geographical barriers, you can opt for hybrid event live streaming. You can connect both your in-person and virtual audience and speakers. Both in-person and virtual speakers can effectively engage with the audience and share their thoughts and ideas about the event.

2-Way Interaction Between Attendees From Different Formats

2-Way Interaction Between Attendees From Different Formats

With live streaming, the scope is more comprehensive. For instance, if you are hosting more than one on-ground event at a time and live streaming both events for your virtual audience, in that case, your audience will not just be able to interact with the on-ground audience and speaker of their respective event. But they can also simultaneously interact with the audience and speakers of other on-ground events. So there will be a two-way interaction between the audience and speakers of both events.

Live Production-Based Streaming

Live production-based streaming is a popular form of live streaming. However, event organizers are shifting towards live product-based streaming for events like product launches, trade shows, webinars, conferences, etc. Live production-based streaming is similar to television broadcasting, except it is broadcasted online. There are multiple cameras in this live-streaming format, and a production team is involved that helps produce high-quality professional live-streaming content.

Studio & Chroma Shoot Integration

Studio and chroma shoot integration are essential to produce high-quality live streaming for events. Chroma shoot is shooting with a digital green screen as a background.

You can integrate chroma into your live stream if you live stream at the studio. It offers various benefits. You can run videos, images, pdfs, and docs in the background to showcase the content while live streaming. You can also use that to have a more professional background for your live stream.

Multi-Language Support

Multi-Language support is another feature that you can expect from event streaming. With multi-language support, you will be able to reach a wider audience. Not every individual speaker understands the same language, so if, through live streaming, you want to reach a wider audience, multi-language support is an essential feature. With this feature, you can offer your attendees a choice of language. It makes it more convenient for them to understand your message.

Live Motion Camera Multi-Feed Integration

If you want to offer your audience an experience with your event live streaming, you can integrate live motion camera multi-feed. Live motion camera multi-feed integration refers to integrating multiple cameras into a single display. It benefits live events like trade shows, fashion shows, football, and other such events. It is a powerful tool that event organizers can use for live streaming, and this will offer an enhanced experience to your attendees.

Intranet Streaming

Intranet streaming is usually popular among corporates and business organizations. It refers to the streaming of content internally on an organization’s network. Intranet streaming is usually used to host webinars, training sessions, conferences, etc. Intranet streaming offers numerous benefits to organizations as they can efficiently train their employee,

and it also enhances communication and cooperation between employees. Intranet streaming also benefits remote employees as they can join important meetings and conferences from their workplaces.

Why is Professional Live Streaming & Content Management a Must-Have?

If you are wondering why streaming or content management is a must-have, below are some of the reasons to do so.

Content Repurposing

Event streaming and content management are must-haves because it helps with content repurposing. You can record your event live streaming session and later repurpose it for social media promotions and marketing, use it for website content, monetize it, or provide your live stream on demand to your audience. There are various ways available in which you can repurpose your content.

Wider Reach

With an on-ground event, there is a limitation to the number of attendees who can participate in the event on-ground. But with on-ground live streaming, you can take your event global and reach a wider audience. There is no geographical barrier.

Enhanced Engagement

Through event live streaming and content management, engagement with attendees increases. With the help of live quizzes, polls, surveys, feedback forms, etc., event organizers can better engage their audience and enhance their event attendees’ experience.

Better Communication

Live streaming and content management also remove communication barriers. Event live streaming allows organizers to communicate directly with their attendees in real time. In addition, it can help with trust building.

Easily Accessible

On-ground event live streaming makes your event easily accessible to a broader audience. For example, live-streaming individuals from different time zones can join the event. And content management brings all the data to one place, which makes it more accessible to event attendees and organizers.

Easily Accessible


Because on-ground event streaming and content management are economical, it is a must-have for events. Event streaming becomes the hassle of traveling, which not just saves money but also time. Additionally, various cost-effective event streaming and content management platforms are available in the industry.

Suppose you are looking for a platform to help you with event live streaming and content management. In that case, you can choose Dreamcast as we offer top-notch features that can help you live to stream your event your way and manage all your event data in one place. So what are you waiting for? Book your free demo today.


Event organizers can look at valuable insights with the help of content management systems.

They can get crucial insights like how their content is performing, how many individuals are consuming it, how they interact with your content, etc. In addition, with the content management system, event organizers can get any information they want to learn about the event.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, event live streaming and content management are must-haves for the on-ground event. It can add a digital touch to your event, and not just that, and it can offer you various benefits like reaching and engaging more audience, creating brand presence, and generating more leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use content management?

There are various reasons why you should be using content management such as for collecting and segregating event data, managing the data, and storing and easy access to the data.

How to live stream on-ground events?

For live streaming of an on-ground event, you can choose a reliable live-streaming platform like Dreamcast.

Which is the best event streaming platform?

Dreamcast is the best event streaming platform in the industry.

What are the key features of a content management system?

Here are some of the key features of the content management system: multilingual content capabilities, creating and editing content, workflow management, content organization, etc.

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