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The Virtual Runway of Luxury Brands – The Best Virtual Fashion Shows of 2020

It is time to face it! The world is not the same around us. The covid-19 pandemic has forced each and every individual to push all their boundaries, be it emotional or physical. The fashion industry also stumbled upon a series of baffling challenges that left them muddled. To be brutally honest, overcoming these hindrances was not an easy task, neither for the designers nor for their extraordinarily skilled team. 

With the ongoing pandemic, hosting a live event to showcase their uniquely amalgamated designs was a far fetched dream. One by one, all the physical events were getting cancelled. This situation left all the fashion enthusiasts in a heart-wrenching dilemma. Designers were striving hard to find out a loophole that would enable them to flaunt their designs in front of the world.

Fortunately, technological advancement was available at our rescue. The tech-savvy innovations allowed renowned fashion designers to come forward and exhibit their perfectly designed outfits in front of a live audience!

Do you want to know how? Well, continue reading further. This tedious situation was easily comprehended with the help of virtual events. Yes! virtual fashion shows made a stunning appearance in 2020 and left the entire world spellbound.

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The Best Virtual Fashion Shows of 2020

Designers, with the help of the event planners painstakingly carried out constant brainstorming sessions and curated the perfect virtual event for their fans. Numerous luxury brands took to the virtual world and marvellously delivered their astonishing designs. With all that being said, let us have a look at all the extraordinary designers that utilised the potential of virtual platforms and rendered the most stupefying virtual fashion shows of 2020.

1) Moschino

This designer took virtual fashion shows to unfathomable precipitous heights of success. He is famous for his recent collaboration with Hudson Bay, they marvellously depicted their striped collection and lured in appreciation from all their fans. He recently created an entire collection showcasing doll size garments that were flaunted on a runway by very unique marionette dolls. This talented designer astonishingly created unique dolls depicting the front row attendees. Not only that, but he also designed a perfect doll version depicting himself. The entire event was streamed virtually. This concept effortlessly gathered the attention of all the fashion influencers and was undeniably a huge success. 

2. Prada

This brand delivered one of the most polished virtual fashion launches for their new collection on Milan Fashion Week. Fashion enthusiasts were restlessly anticipating this extravagant runway walk as it marked the exceptional debut of the extraordinarily talented  Raf Simons as well as Miuccia Prada. Unquestionably, this brand was able to deliver one of the most immersive virtual runways that were loved by individuals around the globe. It gave a sense of personal touch as each and every factor felt lifelike. The speakers as well as the models did a commendable job of delivering the most exuberant virtual fashion show. Additionally, the question and answers section at the end was like a cherry on the top. It kept the audience engaged for a very long time and delivered a heart-palpitating vibe similar to a real-life event. 

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3. Balmain

This extravagant fashion show took place in Paris and each and every piece was designed by the mind-boggling designer, Olivier Rousteing. He effortlessly set all his fans ablaze with the announcement of launching his entire collection virtually. The front rows for his show were stacked up with huge TV screens that extended to the length of the runway platform. It effortlessly grabbed each moment on screen. Special guests like Kris Jenner, Cara Delevingne, Cindy Crawford and Anna Wintour were some of the most popular faces that made an appearance on this virtual show. Unarguably, this was one of the most captivating moments in the history of Balmain and will be remembered by all the fans forever.

4. Collina Strada

This virtual runway show was perfectly amalgamated with a hypnotising ambience facilitated with a Pop of eye-catchy colours and mesmerising sound. Each and every outfit designed by the very famous Hillary Taymour and was presented in an out-of-the-box manner that left the fans awestruck. This collection was perfect for the months of spring and each outfit completely resonated with the overall vibe. The audience was undeniably engaged during the entire time period and this virtual fashion show attracted numerous feedbacks from people around the globe.

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Fashion shows are extensively famous among fashion enthusiasts as these recurring activities showcase diligent designs curated by dedicated designers. Unfortunately, all the live fashion shows had to be cancelled due to the covid-19 pandemic. This left the entire world not only disheartened but entirely clueless. But, virtual events made it successfully to the rescue. Organisers shook hands with skilful event planners and developed the perfect virtual event platform to showcase their skillsets. 

After carefully running thorough research and consulting numerous fashion designers themselves, we have scrutinised our entire knowledge in the above-mentioned article. This article covers the top 4 fashion shows that took place virtually and received immense appreciation from around the globe. Thus, we trust this article would provide you with valuable information about virtual fashion shows and will give you adequate knowledge about their impact over the past year. 

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