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Dreamcast: The Most Trusted and Secure Virtual Event Platform

The pandemic pushed the entire ecosystem of events and organizations to modulate their way of functioning. As all the organizations made the transition from physical events to virtual events of all formats, scales & sizes, data security came into play. When the organizations initially began with the team meetings, catch-up sessions, award ceremonies, etc, not much around data security was spoken about. But as the organizations progressed to hosting their AGMs, Town Halls, Marketing meet-up, etc, where the organizational structure, strategies, revenues, policies, goals, etc were discussed, the data security came into immediate functioning. Organizations became skeptical about the thought of sharing confidential information with other participants virtually.

With the adoption of virtual hybrid events, Data privacy and security have become mainstream. As people started realizing the value of their personal data, they have started scrutinizing Virtual event platforms that abide by data privacy and security and adhere to transparency and compliance. Dreamcast is one of the most trusted and secure global virtual event platforms that keeps your sensitive or regulated data shared during online conferences and events intact and secure. The platform offers robust data privacy measures right from the very first event. Data privacy and security holds the utmost importance to us ever since we started streaming events online. We have been following the said, as well as the unsaid protocols, in order to ensure the events hosted on our platform are absolutely safe and secure. And we feel extremely delighted to share, that Data Security is one of the key USPs of our Platform.

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Measures We Take For Data Security & Privacy

Adhere by Data Privacy and Security Guidelines

We abide by the general rules and regulations of data privacy and security. We give a brief overview of platforms’ data compliance functionality and platform features to the organizers and attendees at the very first step.

We take care of many checks at various levels in order to ensure the virtual platform security, right from curating the entire platform on an SSL Secure connection to ensure that even the entry to the event is made as protected as possible via various methods such as Password-protected login, 2-Factor Authentication, Enhanced security through Captcha, 2 Factor Authentication using the OTP as well as introducing features such as restricted entry to the selective database to ensure that only the desired audience is attending the specific event. 

We Abide by Technical Protocols

Apart from complying with data security checks at various levels to ensure privacy and security at the virtual events platform, we abide by various protocols as well. 

The technical protocols & changes that we took to ensure the safety of data were: WAF at CDN and Server levels, Use of latest stable framework releases, Vulnerability assessment & penetration testing, made sure all the data passes through CDN for extra security layer & the server should follow PCI, HIPAA and SCO Compliance.

Host Virtual & Hybrid Events

Take your events online in a visually captivating environment with World's No.1 Virtual Event Platform

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Reveal Our Privacy Policies at the Beginning

At Dreamcast, we disclose our privacy policies to attendees at the time of registration so attendees do not go off-guard at the time of data tracking during events. Revealing our policies beforehand enables attendees to have trust in the entire process. There are various occasions during the entire event that would require attendees to share their email Id, name, and other details to proceed ahead or have conversations with virtual booth representatives. Trust and transparency facilitate attendees to share their accurate information during the event. Disclosure to policies beforehand enables attendees to trust the platform and prevents organizations from any further hassle. Revealing privacy policies are beneficial for both parties in the long run. 

We Focus on Transparency

Attendees are more comfortable in sharing data with platforms that are transparent and demonstrate how they collect the valuable data and where it will be used. We at Dreamcast focus on transparency that enables attendees to share their valuable data with utmost ease in safe and secure environments. We make them aware of the process of valuable data tracking during the event to generate real-time analytics reports

Stay Up-To-Date with the Latest Digital and Cybersecurity Practices

We at Dreamcast, stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices to maintain the cybersecurity of any event. As technology is advancing rapidly and more and more organizations are leveraging the same, it has become easier for unauthorized users or hackers to get into your system. Thus, resulting in the leaking of confidential information. To prevent any unauthorized users during your virtual events, we stay up-to-date with any new cybersecurity updates and constantly update our platform to fit well to carry out any event seamlessly. We take utmost care and prevent the risk of data breaching for your digital events. 

Host Virtual & Hybrid Events

Take your events online in a visually captivating environment with World's No.1 Virtual Event Platform

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Secure Third-Party Integration

We take every possible measure to ensure your data privacy while integrating third-party applications into the event website. Your security is our top priority. We have curated a perfect platform that enhances your event accessibility and visibility by integrating the third-party platform with build-in security compliance and features. 

A Team of Trained and Experienced Professionals

We hold a team of trained and experienced professionals who have access to valuable event data. They are well trained to not leave any sensitive data just like that and take every possible measure to prevent data breaches. They ensure that sensitive information should not be discussed in common places thus preventing it from unauthorized users. 

Dreamcast is a top-leading virtual hybrid event platform that offers an extensive list of eminent features and best-in-class solutions to host any type of virtual hybrid event in a safe and secure environment. Right from enabling organizers to host virtual meetings, conferences, trade shows, exhibitions, expos, job fairs, AGMs, town halls, webinars, or any other type of event, Dreamcast serves all in a safe and secure environment. It is one of the most trusted and secure global virtual event platforms that adhere to the data privacy and security guidelines and offers data privacy, transparency, and compliance to virtual attendees.

Dreamcast takes a step ahead and implements all the possible security features and regulations like GDPR while handling people’s data in a virtual environment and guarantees a safe and seamless virtual event for attendees.

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