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Dreamcast Alternatives: What Should You Look For?

The event tech industry is evolving at a very fast pace and coping with new technology, trends is what required. In this modern age, the opportunities that the event tech companies like Dreamcast offerings are huge and open new doors of experience to witness. From industries to event hosts, all can take advantage of the benefits of leveraging event tech solutions.

As the event tech market is surprisingly evolving and many companies are attempting to create event tech solutions which Dreamcast is completely equipped with. Dreamcast is a leading one-stop event tech solution provider, in its personal capacity known for hosting numerous national and international events and accolades for many awards, including the prestigious EEMAGINE 2022.

Characteristics Of a Professional Event Tech Solution Provider

Well, every company calls itself the best but can’t be able to prove it. However, we are not those who just say, but those who prove themselves. Top notch-event companies are those that offer wide features loaded platforms and have all kinds of solutions under one banner. Well, we offer all kinds of services including;

All these services and platforms can be offered by various companies. But the end-to-end customisation that suits all your requirements is something you need to count on. We can’t tell you which Dreamcast alternatives you need to go with, but while you are planning, you need to look for some characteristics before you end up deciding which to choose.

Characteristics Of a Professional Event Tech Solution Provider

Every event tech solutions have their own characteristics but the best one is that which have all the necessary features and elements integrated. Lets, look what we we are offerings.

Managing Distributed Audiences With One-Stop Event Solution Provider

This is the foremost point to look at, as it is not a straightforward procedure for anyone to integrate virtual components and technology into an in-person event. Creating a virtual event, hybrid or live stream of your event with details is a task that needs professional event solutions and services.

In order to ensure that attendees have a seamless and interesting event experience. The team needs to have experience working with an omnichannel reality, which means meeting a variety of expectations. Therefore, it becomes a key question to ask or investigate whether your event management platform is capable of making your event unique and for global reach.

Well-Equipped With Hardware And Softwares Events

Most of the event tech solution providers do collaborations for any custom requirement, which might be okay. But keep in mind that not every time the collaboration can work. At Dreamcast we have an in-house team of professionals and all the hardware and software to cater any scale of requirements for your event, both in-person and virtual.

As a responsible event organiser you need to ask the questions as per your requirements for example; if you want to live stream your on-ground event then the event tech solution provider offers multistreaming over all sorts of social channels. And features like;

  • Worldwide Content Reach
  • Secure High Definition Work System
  • Multi-bitrate IP Encoding System
  • REAL-TIME Archiving
  • LIVE Analytics
  • Unlimited Streaming with Seamless Integration
  • LIVE Real-Time Audience Interaction

Similarly, for an in-person event does they offer features like;

  • Advanced White Label Mobile Event Application
  • Event Microsite Builder
  • Online & On Spot Registration
  • Whatsapp Driven Communication & CRM
  • QR Code Enabled On-Spot & Online Functionalities
  • Multi-Format Live Streaming
  • Third-Party Integrations
  • Hybrid Interactivity & Networking
  • Multiple Exhibitor-Oriented Solutions
  • 100% Customised Event Platform
  • Complete Event Data Analytics & Reports

And for hybrid event, look for features such as;

  • AI Matchmaking
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Leaderboard
  • Networking Tables
  • AR Photobooth
  • Dynamic Banners
  • Seamless Networking
  • Standard Microsite
  • Easy Navigation and user friendly interface
  • B2B Meeting Scheduler

White Label Branding

White labelling is not just limited to adding logos, brand colour palette or integration of third-party platforms. As there are many options available with us, you can create and customised user interface, flyers and others as per your requirements.

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Easy Event Registration (On-Spot and Online)

Registration and ticketing is the crucial step which can’t be ignored. By leveraging event management solutions you will be able to offer your attendees pre-registration (online) as well as on-spot registration with ease. Look for digital solutions like zapping, microsites or applications for smooth registration and entry for your audience. For this you need trained staff who are qualified to register the attendees on the same day with a digital solution in real-time.

Easy Event Registration

Additionally, you need to look for a smart solution which eases your work of tickets. And in this modern age making a digital platform for payment and registration is quite necessary. Look for an event solution provider who can help you build a custom platform for your registration and ticketing.

Reports & Analytics

Data and event analytics are crucial for every event host and with the right event management solution provider you can ensure yourself at the end of your event. Data is becoming increasingly important in events, whether it’s for calculating event ROI, understanding attendance rates, or simply determining which sessions attendees found most interesting. No matter whether a physical or virtual event, even a live stream analytics can be recorded and exported in an easily understandable way.

Consequently, confirm that your event management platform can give you access to crucial metrics like qualified sales leads per exhibitor, interaction and contact sharing histories, revenue totals, net promoter score (NPS), speaker engagement, top-performing topics, and conversion/response rates.

Attendee Engagement

It is important to engage your audience both online and in-person. And to create an immersive experience for them it is required for you to add lots of interactive elements. For example; we at Dreamcast offer real-time polls, integration of booth the audience via an web-based platform and you can conduct live interaction with online audience, via chats, polls, and others like group discussion lodge. Providing event live streaming and individual or group video conferencing rooms for an engaging online networking experience to remote attendees.

Attendee Engagement

Scalable With Highly Customisable Offerings

As an event organiser, you should look for an event tech solution provider that has feature loaded and highly configurable equipment and team.

Your event should be easily manageable and convenient for your audience. By integrating WhatsApp automation, giving them 24*7 support systems and the opportunity to track their activities is what enhances the user experience.


It is always preferable to hire broadcasting services or an event tech solution to give your audience a seamless experience. Event industry is changing with new technology and trends and the one that has all the new offerings as per your requirements is what is best for you. No matter which Dreamcast alternative you hire, give us a chance to clear all your doubts and notions. Our team will be glad to be in touch with any queries. Book your demo now and experience all the features.

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