Write for us

Section 1

Write for Dreamcast

We are offering an opportunity for skilled writers who have a passion for writing and industry professionals to pencil down thoughtful, narrative and valuable articles for us. Before moving ahead, thoroughly go through the following guidelines.
Grab the opportunity to get credibility and recognition whereas it will help us to enhance brand awareness and foster connections by putting our message across to relevant industry experts globally.

Section 2

What are we searching For?

We are looking for well-curated quality content that is unique, thoroughly researched, brainstormed, delivers in-depth knowledge, full of informative ideas, and delivers value to the readers mainly from the relevant industries.

Section 3

Content Categories & Industries

We have listed some key categories and industries below on which we expect you to focus while creating a content theme.
However, we are not only confined to these categories listed below. If you have any out-of-the-box ideas or topics that you think might surround these and help in spreading the word and knowledge about the industry, feel free to reach out to us and share your emerging ideas.

  1. Virtual Event Technology
  2. Hybrid Virtual Event Solutions
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Virtual Hybrid Event Marketing & Technology
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Content Marketing
  7. Seo & Web Design
  8. Event Technology
  9. Branding & Advertising
  10. Technology Trends/News

Section 4

Important Guidelines

If you are willing to write down for us, ensure you comply with the following guidelines at all times.

1. Content Originality

Submitted content should be fresh, unique, and original. It simply means the content should not have been published anywhere else earlier. Any sort of plagiarism or Copyscape will not be taken into consideration and may even result in restriction for submission permanently.

2. Content Rights

Once the submitted content is approved from our end for publication, you simply abide by the rule of not publishing the same content anywhere else and have granted us the right to be the owner of the content.

3. Length

We expect you to submit content of 1000+ words. Compromise in content quality in order to stretch the word limit will not be entertained.

4. Format & Characteristics

We expect you to submit the content by abiding by the following guidelines:

Written in British English
Grammatically correct, error-free, and properly edited
Accurate and precise sentences with not more than 20 words in a line.
Use proper heading, subheadings, points, numbering, etc.
Ensure to have a right content flow with the right researched information
Submit the content file in a Google Doc that should be editable

The thought here is to keep the content user-friendly, clean, relatable, and readable that can be understood by our relevant audience without any complexity.

5. Multimedia

If possible, we encourage you to attach images to your content to make it more interesting and engaging.

6. Important Information

It is essential to disclose information to us if you have mentioned any brand/company in which you have vested interest. We are authorized to make edits or remove any information or business mention or any other information from the content submitted if we find it irrelevant or unfit to be published.