What are Hybrid Events?

Hybrid event is an effective way and one of the most powerful tools to host any large-scale event. Hybrid events hosted on an interactive and engaging hybrid event platform help in building relationships with sponsors, attendees, organisers, speakers, exhibitors located in any corner of the world. Hybrid events are indefinitely the future of the event industry. With the advent of coronavirus global pandemic, hybrid events have gained popularity as it resolves the roadblocks of geographical space and limited space capacities, which results in sometimes missing out the most important attendees at the event.


Hybrid events bring the best elements of both the event world together, i.e. virtual and physical events. An event organised in a physical location with a virtual component attached to it that enables attendees to attend the event in-person as well as virtually from wherever they are is known as hybrid events. Hybrid event platform facilitates open communications between attendees and speakers and planners via live audio and video chats, Q & A sessions, Live polls, surveys and more.

There are a variety of hybrid event examples, that is why people are leaning towards virtual event platforms that offer comprehensive hybrid event services. The reduction in carbon footprints, travelling and accommodation costs increased reach resulting in better participation, attendance and engagements, which is beneficial for both attendees and organisers. Additionally, the flexibility of the hybrid event format and the capability of generating better revenues with a greater ROI, makes it the future of the event management industry.

Hybrid AGM

A hybrid annual general meeting, or a hybrid AGM, is an annual general meeting that is hosted physically and virtually at the same time.

Hybrid Conferences

Hybrid conferences combine the elements of physical and virtual conferences and represent the best of both worlds.

Hybrid Product Launch

A hybrid product launch, just like a normal product launch, is an event where you introduce your latest product to the entire world.

IP Based Streaming

Why choose Dreamcast for your Hybrid Events?

Dreamcast, a leading hybrid virtual event platform offers customisable hybrid event solutions that enable small & large-scale businesses to organise their hybrid events as per their individual needs. Brilliant hybrid events services along with interactive and advanced functionality offered by the platform make it easy to arrange hybrid events such as hybrid conferences, hybrid meetings, hybrid AGMs, or any other type of external hybrid event. Attendees can attend the event physically as well as from their own devices remotely. Right from the detailed analytics report to the collection of valuable data for analysing performance metrics the platform manages all for a seamless experience. What’s more, Dreamcast offers a team of professionals holding years of expertise in their domains at your service 24*7 to carry out your hybrid event effortlessly without any error.

Hosting a hybrid event on a virtual hybrid event software enables attendees to have an access to the event remotely at their convenience, who live at a distance and can not travel to the physical venue to attend an event. However, it results in giving your event more exposure by tapping the regional as well as international audiences who generally miss attending a physical event. The platform offers communication capabilities and engagement functionality that enables hosts, speakers, organisers, sponsors, exhibitors and attendees to communicate in real-time via live chats, Q&A sessions and through feedback. Make your event stand apart with brilliant hybrid event ideas and solutions for seamless delivery.

If you have not yet thought about going with hybrid events, we have shared some benefits that might change your mind. Have a closer look at the benefits of hybrid events.

What are the Benefits of Hybrid Events over traditional Physical Events?

1. The hybrid event gives your event the better exposure

One of the greatest advantages of hybrid events is its incredible reach. It gives your brand the much-needed exposure. Events hosted on a virtual hybrid event platform reach a wider segment of audiences internationally. It taps the audience who were never part of a physical event. With the increased reach, the number of attendees attending the event also increases. It means along with the wider reach & better brand exposure hybrid events witness an increase in attendance and participation.

2. Engages the audience seamlessly

Hybrid events offer an end number of possibilities to amplify attendee participation. A virtual event platform that is capable of offering comprehensive hybrid event solutions and engaging features such as live polls, surveys, quizzes, contests keep attendees engaged and deliver valuable and engaging event experiences to attendees.

3. Save a lot on assets

With hybrid events, the cost involved in renting a space with a larger capacity, travelling costs, accommodation charges, and all the other necessary expenses involved in hosting a physical event gets reduced considerably. As hybrid events split up the attendees into two parts, attendees who live at a distance can attend the event virtually without having to book flight tickets and packing travel bags. Whereas space is no more an issue with hybrid events as attendees are already split into two halves and virtual event platforms can fit in as many attendees as possible.

4. Hybrid events offer better opportunities for sponsorship

As hybrid events have increased reach and have the power to tap audiences globally, industry sponsors are more willing to participate in the same as compared to traditional physical events. Hybrid events offer opportunities to sponsors to showcase their valuable offerings to a wider segment of the audience thus giving the brand much-desired exposure. The virtual event platform enables organisers to create virtual booths and facilitate direct interactions with virtual booth representatives via live audio and video chats, Q&A sessions and more.

5. Report analytics and keep a record of valuable data

Measuring the data with physical events can only be done by checking the registrations or the report of the attendee's attendance at the event.

Hybrid events platform keeps a track of the complete attendee's digital footprint from the registrations to till the event ends. What they did, where they went, whom they interacted, what they shared, downloaded and liked, every move is tracked in the database that helps in measuring the accurate ROI and improvising future event experiences. The detailed analysis report enables organisers to plan up a follow-up strategy and measure the performance metrics of the event.

6. Greater ROI

Hybrid events are scalable and do not have any roadblocks such as space limitations and geographical constraints thus the number of attendees can be limitless. However, hybrid events generate more qualified leads and revenue, it results in a greater ROI as well.


What are the differences between virtual events and hybrid events?

A virtual event is an event that’s held online on the web completely. This means there is no physical venue and all the speakers use live-streaming video for the sessions and all the attendees are also online. Virtual events also have interactive features like live chat, Q/A, and polls and are more than just a live-stream.

On the other hand, a hybrid event is a mix of a virtual event and a physical event. The physical event is held usually in a small venue with a small audience while at the same time, a virtual counterpart of the event is held where most of the attendees participate virtually.

Virtual events are very popular these days since hosting physical events is not possible due to travel restrictions but it is very likely that the event industry will move towards hybrid in the future and not completely virtual.

What are the benefits of hosting a hybrid event?

There are a number of benefits that hybrid events can offer. Some of the benefits are as follows:

  • They allow you to increase the audience for your event significantly since almost anyone can attend your hybrid event from anywhere in the world.
  • They bring down the costs significantly. A hybrid event is significantly cheaper to host while providing the benefits of a traditional physical event. This means you can get the same value, if not more, for a fraction of the cost.
  • Hybrid events create a lot of content that can later be repurposed for other things such as marketing and promotions.

Can I host a hybrid event with a free-to-use tool like Zoom?

While it is possible to host a hybrid event with free tools, it would be really hard to provide the experience that a true hybrid event platform like Dreamcast can provide. Hybrid events are more than just a live stream and you need engagement features to create a great virtual experience.

Additionally, hosting a hybrid event also involves integration between the physical world and the virtual world so the hybrid event feels like one single experience. In order to do this, you need the expertise and support that we provide.

Can I customize how my hybrid event would look?

Yes, our platform is flexible and customizable. We’ll work with you to create the perfect look and feel for your hybrid event so it aligns with your event’s vision and theme. We can also help in creating interactive elements of the hybrid event such as games, contests, etc that match the flow of the event and the identity of your brand.

Do you provide customer support during the live hybrid event?

Yes, we’ll be with you every step of the process and definitely when the event is live! Our team will ensure that your attendees get the best hybrid event experience and in the very likely case that anything does go wrong during the event, our team will fix any problems quickly so your event does not have to suffer.

Can I get analytics for my hybrid event?

Analytics and data are vital for hybrid events as they help in understanding the effect of the event in numbers. With Dreamcast’s hybrid event platform, you will have access to all the important statistics for your hybrid event so you can access the real impact of the event on your attendees.

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