Tekla User Day 2020 India Goes Virtual on Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

Tekla User Day 2020 India has gone bigger and better with its virtual edition powered by Dreamcast’s Virtual Platform and delivered immersive engaging experiences to attendees than ever before!

“ A mega scale 2-day virtual event that delivered seamless event experiences”

Tekla User Day 2020 India virtual edition streamed live on Dreamcast virtual event platform. The event enabled attendees to tune in from the comfort of their own personal space and enjoy the mega-scale virtual event that offered everything they loved about TUD every year. With each passing year, Tekla User days have enormously grown in popularity and extended its outreach. The knowledge-sharing sessions, informative content, trainings and variety of new things offered during the conference every year were loved and appreciated by all the participants from years.
With the advent of the global pandemic and transformation of all events to a digital space, Tekla User Day 2020 India has gone virtual with a promise to bring a lot more than in previous years. Dreamcast is extremely proud and humbled to curate an immersive and customised 3D virtual conference venue for a 2-day mega-scale virtual event by amalgamating the most brilliant networking and engaging features. We offered various networking opportunities during the virtual conference that facilitate attendees to have real-time interactions with fellow attendees & the ability to even have direct conversations with the experts from Tekla. The virtual conference comprised multiple training sessions, enabled attendees to ask any of their queries at the virtual booths and key sessions from industry stalwarts that hold the attention of attendees effortlessly. The ultimate highlight of the virtual conference was an E poster room that was designed for special voting.

The virtual conference hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform was a massive hit and received phenomenal responses from attendees from all over the world. The event was streamed Live in 150+ countries and more than 3,000+ participants were a part of the breathtaking event.
Unquestionably, the 2-day mega virtual conference was a grand success with all the appreciation, applause and accolades it received!

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