Dell Technologies Presents ET Digital Warrior Summit & Awards Brought To You By UnWired & Powered By Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform

ET Digital Warrior Summit & Awards hosted on Dreamcast Virtual Event Platform was an effort to appreciate & acknowledge the uncelebrated heroes who helped organisations to keep going & adapt to the new normal in this pandemic.
During the course of the pandemic, digital initiatives have become a need of an hour. The Times of India group took a digital initiative to help organisations and business leaders to adapt to the new normal and navigate through it ever since the advent of the global pandemic. We are proud to announce that ET Digital Warrior Summit & Awards was hosted on Dreamcast virtual event platform. The digital award and recognition event was a grand success and received a phenomenal response from attendees.
The virtual summit aims to acknowledge the unsung heroes who are prime candidates or frontrunners in their specific domain that continually helped businesses to sail through the pandemic and preserve their achievements in the absence of the desired platform. Additionally, the virtual summit and awards event offered awards in various categories starting from The technological innovation awards, The early adopters of technology (pre-pandemic), Retaliation to corona pandemic – Best technology adopters after the pandemic, Best predictors of the pandemic challenges and The best transitions during the pandemic, to the most promising candidates who gave formidable performances in their specific domain during the course of the pandemic.

Dreamcast specially curated customised & immersive solutions for ET Digital Warrior Summit & Awards. Our team of dedicated professionals closely worked for the event to deliver enthralling virtual event experiences to attendees. Right from curating a platform that matches the real-life walkthrough to embedding various engaging features such as photo booth, social wall, dell word finder, signature wall during breaks to engage attendees effortlessly, Dreamcast offers every possible feature to deliver breathtaking engaging experiences.
Additionally, leaderboard have been integrated during the event to motivate participants to navigate throughout the event in the temptation of gathering more points that can be redeemed later. The virtual summit holds multiple auditoriums to run sessions simultaneously. The event received phenomenal participation from attendees thus contributing to the event’s success.
Dreamcast facilitated participants to have free-flowing real-time conversations during the event in a networking zone while replicating the essence of physical events and doing justice to an astral virtual summit. The highlight of the event was a fully customised virtual environment having a dynamic lobby with branding and music suiting the vibe of the virtual summit. All the attendees present during the summit were rewarded with a digital certificate once the event ends.

Key highlights of the event powered by Dreamcast virtual event platform:

Fully customised animated registration page and outdoor walkthrough for the virtual summit

Intro teleportation with video

Multiple auditorium for streaming sessions parallely

Leaderboard, Dell word finder, Photo booth, Social Wall, Signature Wall, Digital certification to boost attendee engagement throughout the virtual summit.

Dynamic lobby with branding and music to match the vibe of the event and create an immersive and holistic ambiance.

An experience zone with multiple booths, a networking zone for real-time interactions, and a resource center.

With the paradigm shift in event patterns, it has become crucial for business leaders to adapt digital technology to keep going. Today, businesses have restructured their business models and adopted virtual event technology. Ever since the nation has been hit by the outbreak of global pandemic technological innovation started taking place. ET digital warrior summit & awards powered by Dreamcast was a step to appreciate unacknowledged heroes who have successfully helped organisations to preserve their achievements in their respective domains in the absence of the desired platform.

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