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Benefits of Using WhatsApp-Based Communication for your Events

Whatsapp Automation is an integral part of the sales & marketing functioning of a business which includes bulk activities like – sending messages, notifications, sharing offers & discounts, etc. It helps in managing large contact libraries.

In the ever-evolving world of innovation and technology. It is quite an essential need for quick and effective communication channels, WhatsApp is what can be helpful to foster communication in any dimension. Today, here is this blog we are going to discuss how WhatsApp for events is benefitting the organizers and businesses in both horizons ways corporate communication or simply during, before, or after the event. So, let’s just begin our journey to know all the benefits, but before that knowing a  bit basics is important.

What is WhatsApp Business Automation for Events?

WhatsApp Business Automation for Events

It can be defined as the use of Whatsapp as a medium for automated conversations with your potential customers.

These are pre-designed sets of replies to the messages which are received from new or existing customers on WhatsApp. One way this automation works is with the help of keywords.

One can easily program them according to their requirements. However, It works in such a way that when a particular message is detected, a predefined response is given as an output.

Top 5 Features of WhatsApp Automation

Here are some of the most prominent features of Whatsapp Business Automation. These will help you in analyzing the importance of WhatsApp for marketing –

  • It comes up with an interactive message template that is far better than standard media templates. It also offers instant reply templates for WhatsApp.
  • Event planners can easily send alerts that are related to direct interaction with the customers etc.
  • With the introduction of the Whatsapp Product Catalogue, event planners can showcase their products & Services. Additionally, customers can browse as well as inspect things they are willing to buy. You can easily add price tags, summary as well as product code for better convenience & credibility.
  • Ease of Payment with Whatsapp. And it follows a strict set of security & privacy criteria which thus requires a unique UPI pin for each transaction.

Benefits of WhatsApp-Based Communication for Events

Why there is a need to invest your precious time & energy in setting up Whatsapp Business Automation? Here are some of the important benefits which will prove this right for your event –

Benefits of WhatsApp-Based Communication for Events

Lower Cost of Marketing

Whatsapp communication can be termed as an affordable marketing channel. It is the best choice for small & growing businesses that are mainly focusing on their production.

Meanwhile, the chances of reading your messages by your target clients are quite high. Whatsapp marketing helps you to drive sales, more conversions, and build personal relationships with your potential customers. It is also pocket friendly when it comes to marketing expenditures.

Global Engagement

It is a very great app for expanding your campaign. It is credible for making your event or service accessible across any part of the world.

Technically, it comes up with the highest smartphone penetration rates as high as 90% in some particular locales. The rise of smartphone penetration in many regions has also accelerated the use of messaging apps as a primary medium to carry out commercial transactions.

Event Ticketing

With the Event Ticketing feature, users can easily book their slots for the day & enjoy the event without having to stay in long queues for hours. It’s just like booking a movie ticket!

Users can easily share their booking receipts over different platforms such as – emails, SMS, or Whatsapp. All you need to do is scan the QR code and enter the event.

There is something unique about this feature. Users can also create a non-transferable personalized ticket with their names & photo of their choice.

With the help of Whatsapp event registration, you can easily get information about the attendees of the event & your data-related activities & conversations are secured & protected.

Sending Reminders

Whatsapp is a very effective channel for taking follow-ups about bookings, appointments, upcoming events, etc. Ultimately it is the information that has to be conveyed to your customer fastly.

Sending reminder messages thus creates a positive impact on the customer’s experience. They tend to learn about which channels you are using for taking follow-ups.

Enabling Push Notifications

Any event update can be easily sent to the audience or user with the help of the new feature of Push Notifications.

It is very convenient for the guests to get any updates related to their upcoming event & attend the event. Recently, with certain additional features like – chat booths, all sorts of user end data is easy to track with the help of different touch points during WhatsApp chat.

Championing Two-Sided Conversations

Chatting is two-way oriented in the case of WhatsApp. It means that customers can easily interact with the businesses.

Simultaneously, customers want real-time interactions with businesses rather than responding to one-sided messages which are being directed at them. Whatsapp addresses all these issues by being the first app to deliver reliable & quality-oriented two-way messaging across the globe.

It serves as a great channel for the notifications like – purchase confirmation, customer support, delivery alerts, etc.

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Keeps Your Attendees Engaged

This feature is especially important for a growing business whose major focus is on boosting sales and reaching out to a maximum number of customers. It thus helps you to build & elevate your campaign with reach elements like – videos, images, PDFs, and much more.

Now, sending offers & discount-related notifications to your users has become accessible with a single click.

In fact, WhatsApp event management works to boost lead generation, broadcasting your messages and connecting with your attendees after the event for their valuable feedback.

Event Management Help Desk

Handling all aspects of the event is a bit challenging task to do. There are a lot of parameters that need to be considered for the effective management of any event.

This is where WhatsApp comes into role. With its event helpdesk, more than 1000 customer can easily interact via Whatsapp Business APIs and gets their response quickly.

From whichever industry you belong to, WhatsApp marketing is a good way to boost your conversions. As per the recent reports, it has been found that the conversion rate has jumped to 112 % if you text any potential customer just after making the initial contact.

Getting Instant Feedbacks

Instead of calling each & every customer for their valuable feedback, you can go with the option of sending all your questions or queries via WhatsApp to your customers. According to recent stats, the open rate for WhatsApp messages is nearly 70% which makes it the optimum marketing platform.

On receiving the feedback, you can get in touch with them in the app only, and that too in an instant time which offers modification options for your products.

Not just this, it also allows you to develop creative questionnaires which reflect your brand as well as enhance customer interaction in a non-intrusive way.

When you are doing event marketing with WhatsApp, it becomes quite easier to get all the details of the user & valuable insights which can be helpful for further improvement.

The Other Side of the Benefits of Using WhatsApp for Events

As a versatile application, WhatsApp for events can utilize in various ways, as we have seen above. Whether it’s for registration, planning, ticketing, help desk, bulk notifications, or more. However, the most important capability it lies in is its real-time messaging capabilities to multiple people. This way engagement to interaction, everything doubles and ensures the best possible experience. In addition to real-time messaging and group chat features, WhatsApp also offers end-to-end encryption, ensuring that messages are secure and private. This can be particularly important for events that deal with sensitive or confidential information.

To know the benefits of any technology before deploying it is necessary. However, knowing the use cases can be more fruitful. In the next section we will going to unleash the use cases of WhatasApp for registration & ticketing in events. 

Real-Life Use Cases: How WhatsApp Has Been Used Successfully at Events

Here we have gathered 8 utmost benefits of WhatsApp for successful events with few in general use-cases of corporates. 

  1. Enhanced Team Collaboration: With WhatsApp for events, team members and other collaboration can be effectively done in real-time, leading to better productivity. 
  2. Streamlined Management: WhatsApp event management capabilities can help different departments communicate with teams about event policies, benefits, and other management-related matters in a fast and efficient manner.
  3. Effective Training and Development: WhatsApp can be used to deliver training materials and conduct virtual training sessions, making it easier to deliver necessary skills and knowledge.
  4. Enhanced Customer Support: WhatsApp communication can be used to provide customers with instant support and timely responses, enhancing across-the-board customer satisfaction.
  5. Better Sales and Marketing: Event marketing with WhatsApp can be a powerful tool for sales and marketing teams to communicate with customers, share product information, and promote sales.
  6. Quick Crisis Management: WhatsApp communication can help companies communicate important information to teams quickly during times of crisis or emergency during or after the event.
  7. More Effective Performance Management: WhatsApp can help provide regular feedback to employees, set goals, and monitor progress, leading to improved performance.
  8. Better Communication for Remote Work: WhatsApp can be used to communicate with remote workers, making it easier to share files, provide support and feedback, and stay connected.

Best WhatsApp for Events Deployment Practices

Undoubtedly deploying any technology in the event is a hustling task and to ensure a smooth and successful deployment following best practices is essential. Here we have concluded the few important best practices you need to learn. 

  1. Plan Ahead: Planning is a crucial aspect of any event’s success. Before you deploy WhatsApp for events, identify its use cases, determine who will be responsible for managing it, and set up any necessary integrations valuable.
  2. Train Your Team: It is crucial to have a team who knows how to troubleshoot any issues, that arise at any point in time, as well as they should know how to use it appropriately.
  3. Promote Adoption: Encourage attendees to download and use WhatsApp for events by promoting it through event marketing materials, social media, and email communications. You can also incentivize attendees to use the app by offering exclusive content or promotions.
  4. Customize Your Setup: Tailor your WhatsApp communication channel setup to meet the specific needs of your event. This can be ranging from setting up groups and broadcast lists. Also, configuring settings such as message notifications, and integrating with other tools like event management software or CRM platforms.
  5. Establish Guidelines: Rule and regulatory guidelines are considered important. Issue clear guidelines for the use of WhatsApp for events, including rules around group chat behavior and response times.
  6. Monitor and Evaluate: Keep an eye on how WhatsApp is being used during your event and evaluate its effectiveness afterward. This can help you identify areas for improvement and make any necessary changes for future events.

By following these best practices, you can ensure that your deployment of WhatsApp for events is successful, and that attendees have a positive experience using the app.

Summing Up

The introduction of Whatsapp Events as a business tool is phenomenal. With its highly engaged user base and communication capabilities, it has all the potential required to become one of the most powerful customer interaction channels in the market & especially for those businesses which had a global presence.

With the help of marketing with WhatsApp & starting your campaign with its catalog feature attracting customers is not a tedious & laborious task to do.

You can easily add more than 500 items to your catalogue and get good exposure at the global level. It is a golden opportunity to reinforce your brand & establish healthy relationships with your clients.

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